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54.7 miles, Recreational, Medical, Delivery-Only, ADA Access, Pre-ICO, Debit Card
Hours Today: 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Closed
Minimum Purchase Amount: $100
Delivery Fee: $0.00
EDT During Business Hours: 30 minutes to 4 hours

420 Grow Gods New England welcomes and services all 420 enthusiasts. Hassle Free Registration: To register, please text a copy of your valid ID or MMJ showing DOB and Delivery Address to Next Day Delivery Only Place your order via text by 3:00 PM and get it delivered the next day! . About Us: Locally owned and operated since 2015, associated with 420, the premier medical marijuana caregiver's delivery service in New England. Find us on the world wide web.


420 Grow Gods New England welcomes and services all 420 enthusiasts. Hassle Free Registration: To register, please text a copy of your valid ID or MMJ showing DOB and Delivery Address to Next Day Delivery Only Place your order via text by 3:00 PM and get it delivered the next day! . About Us: Locally owned and operated since 2015, associated with 420, the premier medical marijuana caregiver's delivery service in New England. Find us on the world wide web.

Operation Hours:

9:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 7:00 pm
9:00 am - 7:00 pm


03-15-19: 2 ounces for 500 through the end of the year 4 halves, or 2 wholes. Have it your way.
12-14-18: 1/8th of White Gold Shatter 175.00
12-14-18: Flower Sampler 175.00 Mix and Match half Four different 8ths
12-14-18: The Clear is Here 93% THC. Clear Day/Herb Pharmacy Cartridges are in stock. 70.00 each or 4 for 250.00 or 5 for 275.00
06-08-18: Free 100mg edible with the delivery of any 1/2.
08-25-17: Mix and Match Ounces delivered any way you like them eighths, halves, or quarters, for $325.00

5 Clear Day/Herb Pharm .5g

Original: $350.00Sale: $275.0021% off
Get 5 Clear Day Cartridges for 275
Expires: 12-31-2019
Get 5 Clear Day Cartridges for 275
Expires: 12-31-2019

Sampler Flower Pack

Original: $240.00Sale: $175.0027% off
Choose any four 8ths of flower to sample. You can try every strain.
Expires: 12-31-2019
Choose any four 8ths of flower to sample. You can try every strain.
Expires: 12-31-2019

AllBud Specials

100% off
Free 100mg edible sample with every order.
Expires: 12-31-2019
Free 100mg edible sample with every order.
Expires: 12-31-2019

AllBud Specials

Original: $125.00Sale: $100.0020% off
"900mg Edible Sample Pack" which includes 1x100mg Caramel,1x200mg Crispy treats, ...more
Expires: 12-31-2019
"900mg Edible Sample Pack" which includes 1x100mg Caramel,1x200mg Crispy treats,1x200mg Slutty Brownie, 1x200mg Loli,1x100mg cookie,1x100 pastry
Expires: 12-31-2019

2 for 5

Original: $650.00Sale: $500.0023% off
Get any 2 ounces of Flower delivered for $500.00 2 ounces or 4 halves, get a gr ...more
Expires: 12-31-2019
Get any 2 ounces of Flower delivered for $500.00 2 ounces or 4 halves, get a great variety and value.
Expires: 12-31-2019

Saturday is Shatterday

Original: $240.00Sale: $200.0017% off
4 grams of shatter for 200.00. Dab all day.
4 grams of shatter for 200.00. Dab all day.
200mg Slutty Brownie image
BHO Shatter image
Clear Day/Herb Pharmacy image
TKO 1g image
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Every time I called these guys they answered the phone with great attitude, polite & professional. Not to mention the flowers they have/ top notch. Why go anywhere else when you can sit back and wait on your order like Pizza Hut... Great job Guys not easy to please everyone, but keep up the good work for those of us who appreciate what you guys do.

New patron to this service. Very proffessional with top shelf flower and edibles . Customer service was great and delivery was prompt and the drivers were very nice. Would recommend for anyone looking for top shelf meds. Slainte. The scottsman

I had an outstanding experience with these folks. Delivery was on point. Most importantly to me, the quality level was up on the top shelf. This was some of the best weed I have ever smoked anywhere (Denver, Vegas). Good guys committed to serving the cannabis rec. community.

Excited for my delivery!

Would give zero stars if I could. Have ordered from them for awhile and this business has gone downhill. Completely unreliable. This last time tried to place an order for 2 days straight...no response. On the third day i contacted them again and they blamed me as they said my message from 4:45 pm THAT DAY was 'after hours' ignoring my 2 prior days worth of messages. My mistake trying them again.. This was after my order before that..which took almost 2 days to be acknowledged and filled without apology. The owner Jack promised compensation for my missed order but never did follow through. He doesn't give a damn about customer service...or his clients...flippent attitude..pretty much if you don't like it go somewhere else. Service sucks..but driver's are wonderful though. Too many other companies on this site that have great products, prices..and dependable service. Go elsewhere

Dispensary Response: Barb, Sorry for your trouble with our service. I did review your text lines, and it does apear that you did not received the best service on May 27th. The It then and it appears you did not order at all on June 1st, you simply left a critical text claiming you could not trust us because the driver did not leave any complimentary items as promised. Then on June 11th at 5:30pm you text only once, that you wanted to place an order and had been trying to reach us for dayswith no response, but that was followed by some derogatory coments. That was your after hours inquiry. When I reached out to you the next day, I was subjected to abusive and inappropriate communication which lead me to appologize for not meeting your expectations and then advised that if your current service provider failed to meet your expecations in the future we would be availble to make it up to you. Your response was again abusive and inappropriate. I again apologize for my staff an I not being able to meet your expecations, but everyone who knows us, know we go above and beyond to get it right and if we dont we go to the ends of the earth to make it right.

This was such a revelation. Simple sign up process, with a same day delivery. This is the professional discreet service I have been looking for. I have used a couple of other services that offer same day but deliver the next day or longer. Grow Gods made a deliveries less than 4 hours after ordering. I was blown away by the selection and even more impressed with the products. Free edible with my order was a pleasant surprise. They offered information as well as product and services. This was the first time someone took the time to speak at length with me about the various products and their effects. If I could give more stars I would, I waited until my second order before posting a review to make sure they were the real deal.

In a month when they open shops in MA all these sites will get less traffic. Prices are High and Quality is questionable. I've ordered Several QP's from these guys and now they raised there prices again on that. Some of the Flower was good, but overall it was dry and was not either cured or dried properly. The smell for most is just grassy which says it's not being dried correctly. I exchanged some really bad weed one time and it took 4 attempts for the guy to show up. i stopped ordering from them at that point. So either grow your own or wait until the shops open and you can see what your getting. These prices don't reflect the quality.

This guys have at good flower and wax and the candys

I mean they delivered, and gave me 2 free edibles, the edibles didn’t do a thing and the flower (True OG) was weak, i got a half oz and i regret it, i could have gotten better bud off the street for 50 bucks cheaper, waste of money, stop advertising the strains you have, they don’t smell or smoke as they’re described. I can’t stand getting mediocre weed for inflated prices, smh. Save your money

Grow Gods has an excellent variety of cannabis flowers. Fresh, great variety, top-grade. Second, it is a delivery service; they send your medication through the mail. The prices are in line with the prices I paid in another state from which I moved to New York. In my first business dealings Jack, the owner of the company, was courteous, helpful in regard to particular strains' abilities to alleviate my particular symptoms, and prompt. My first orders came promptly -- none overnight, but within a couple to at most a few days. After I made a number of purchases there was a period during which it was difficult for me to reach GG but too long a story for here. Communications resumed. I've also stocked up on several strains, so as of May will not be ordering for quite a while. But for those who order smaller amounts monthly, the company hopefully delivers promptly with no communication hitches. Postscript: I've tried only one edible, a caramel, and didn't notice much effect. I get strong edibles from another company.

Great medicine. Fast delivery. Great prices. Great guys. How can you go wrong?

Very satisfied experience. Will continue to do business with. Thanks

Excellent product, good drivers... they really try their best to get you your meds. quickly and safely. I love that you order through your phone or Allbud and within a few hrs you are usually all set... on Holidays it may take longer but they still show up. Overall a 4 out of 5 for 420 Grow Gods !

Great service and absolutely wonderful products. Never really tried an edible (that I can remember) and it was fantastic. Planet Earth in 4K felt like 7K ... Looking forward with doing more business with this company in the future!!!

Great service. Ordering is easy and they take good care of their customers. Owner is always quick to respond to any questions. I suggest asking for a delivery time frame when you order since they don't seem to provide one upon confirmation. No biggie, though. The flowers are fantastic, but I wouldn't recommend the edibles. I've tried both the brownie and the gummies and they had no effect. Drivers have all been professional. Just recently discovered 420GG and I've become a big fan of them!

Consistently delivers great flower. My only gripe would be sometimes they are very late. However, the area is constantly battered with unexpected traffic so its no big deal. Great service!

Excellent service all around. From the easy ordering process, friendly driver , and top quality medication. They have me a free edible and the delivery time was about 1.5 hours. Today was my first time and they will definately be getting my business!

Excellent company to go thru. Informative and respect the consumers privacy. I just signed up yesterday and they got me going asap. Love it. Thanks to everyone at 420GG

420 GG all I can say is Thank You.

Good company that Cares about it's customers, Worth Ordering !

Grow Gods seem very professional , top quality and easy to use

another great delivery, quick easy and top quality. and I am writing this before I sample the meds. ( I would guess most people writing reviews are either angry or medicated )

Reliable friendly drivers and good products.

Purple Truth is the best smelling flower I’ve ever encountered!

Minus stars... Warning: do not waste your time here!! I have ordered several times.. He never gives you a delivery time!! We have in times past spent hours waiting for no delivery

I order here all the time. Service is prompt, friendly drivers, and always satisfied. The flowers are awesome, just read the descriptions on them. You always have a variety and a no hassle transaction. Not like back in the day of waiting around for you hookup. Just order and an hour later it's at your front door. Will always recommend this firm.

These guys are always top notch. Their new private reserve strains are off the hook. Great flower, free edible, and great service every time even on Sundays. Thank You.

Very disappointed, after mutiple calls, emails, and text I have still not got a response. They are very quick to take your money, but when you have a problem with the product they are nowhere to be found. The edibles are borderline false advertisement unless I received a bad batch somehow. I ate "250mg" of edibles which should have left me medicated all day but instead I felt barley anything. Although I can not speak for flower all I can say is do not waste your money on the edibles. Very disappointed

Dispensary Response: This is the first notification of your disappointment. I am not sure who you were calling,texting, or emailing but it was not us. We guarantee everything. So if you would text or email me, I will give you a full refund or exchange for something else. Please text. 508-847-6776 or email growgodscentral@gmail.com,

First time buying and there was a slight struggle with communication, but everything was sorted out and my delivery ended up coming with extra stuff! Friendly driver and a great selection. Definitely recommend.

A+ service! First time using these guys, definitely won't be my last!!

Edibles were ok. Had a brownie, rice Krispy treat and a blondie brownie. They had an effect on me, which is more than I can say for any other dispensary. Def not 200 mg though. I had not had thc for 2 weeks prior to eating one and i didnt get much for effect. I also had silver surfer flower. This stuff was strong, but in a weird way. 2 hits had me off for like 2 to 3 hrs, but it was a weird high. Stayed in my head and made me very spacey and dumb like i never felt before. Also tasted a little strange, could just be the strain. Was not a huge fan of it. Though, they were on time. Waited for me to arrive and over compensated me for not having items I originally ordered.

Always reliable, always friendly, always same day. Sometimes the cheaper cartridges don't work, which can be frustrating, but they always fix it.

Customer service on a return has been fair. They do want to make customers happy. Just did not work out for me

I've ordered from these guys several times - they're always prompt, always courteous and they're always on point with the accuracy for my orders and the quality of the flowers. The edibles are great, too.

Ordered from them 3 or 4 times and they were on time but I didn't really like the flower. The sour diesel didn't really taste or smell like sour. The second time I ordered the Amnesia IT WAS AMAZING! Then I got the Nova Og and Critical mass but when ordering I said I wanted to 2 dense indicas because I'm not really into the culture or knowledgeable about the different strains. The critical mass is more fluffy then dense an the Nova Og taste harsh when rolled but was dense. This last time I ordered Reggie and Jack Herer not satisfied...the Reggie was as expected but the Jack is dry and flaky. This is a great place but they don't have enough good strains to just get anything. Overall this is a great place if you are knowledgeable about strains and know what you want.

Amazing service, 5/5! These guys deliver super fast and are ultra discreet. Great pricing, and above all GREAT products! I've been using 420 Grow Gods for a few months now, and really have no need to use any other service. This team is miles ahead of any other delivery service I've used before: they are always on time, courteous, and again very discreet. Super happy with all the flower and edibles I've gotten from them, flower is cured perfectly and is high quality - not the seedy crap you might find at other places. I love their 4 x 1/8ths specials, it lets me try 4 types of bud for a great price. I will never wait in line at a dispensary again!

Va butta should be banned from buying anything ever again. Va butter bitch

My first experience wasn't the greatest. The person I spoke with via text answered all my questions I had, seemed like a nice guy but the menu specifically states that they had Space Ape CO2 cartridges for $75 and that it is for 1 full gram of oil. The product was delivered very fast, but was disappointed to see the 2 cartridges I ordered were only 0.5 gram in size, rather than the 1 gram as advertised. When I texted them back to make them aware, I was told Space Ape only comes in half gram sizes? I wouldn't know this as I have never used them before (Space Ape brand that is) and I informed them that had I knew it was only going to be a half gram for $75 I never would've ordered. He told me he was sending his driver back to refund me my money, which was fine. I don't want to give this dispensary a bad review because of my first order with them being not so great because I realize these things happen. But I feel the menu really needs to clearly state actual price for the actual size(amount) of product you're paying for. It's not $75 for 1 gram of the oil, it's $75 for 0.5 grams. Please make sure to clarify prior to placing your orders so you won't be disappointed as I was.

A hassle-free experience! They will take the time to tell you anything and everything you need to know about your medicines. Always (re)stocking a plethora of products to suit any taste. On time deliveries with well informed, polite and happy dudes! I could not be any more satisfied with 420 :)

delivery was prompt but the quality of the flower was super low. very dry but sufficient in taste. not a strong high and definitely not a lasting high. good variety in flavors. but lacks in quality. they also got my order wrong never received wedding cake!! (sad)

Dispensary Response: Sorry to hear that you didn't get the correct order. The Wedding Cake is the lights out indica and I'm sorry you missed it. I am not sure why "you" felt the flower was not up to par. i know you never gave us the chance to make it up to you. I am sure we told you that the flower is guaranteed. If you were not happy you could have called and gotten an exchange or refund. I know I wouldn't keep smoking something that doesn't work especially when it was 7 grams or more. I also know that using the dabs and concentrates at 90+% THC ruins the flower at 18-24% THC experience, by increasing your tolerances to a level that make flower ineffective.

Fantastic service! Fast inquiry response! Prompt, on-time deliveries! Did I mention fantastic service? These guys are knowledgeable, professional, and take time to explain your medicines. They also pay attention to your choices, and will offer items that you may be interested in. You'd be doing yourself a disservice not giving them a try... Thanks 420 GG!!!

Been using these guys for a couple months now and they NEVER disappoint. Always very informative,. Very fast delivery, and go above and beyond to make sure you're pleased.. Fantastic flowers too..

The service was excellent and the strains were excellent! I give these guys👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽Up!!!

It's been a year since I started with this whole process and 420 grow gods. I have been to a couple dispensaries and tried a couple other services. initially the dispensary thing was sorta cool because it was new etc. But they tried to chase off the delivery guys and that didn't do anyone any good. I'd hate to need RSO and have no other option than to go to a dispensary every day because they limit you. The other delivery services I looked into either took weeks to respond or came across a little on the sketchy side. No time for that. I have more or less used 420 exclusively for the last year. My first call was on a saturday and I was all set within a few hours. Has it been like that every time since.....no it has not. There have been mistakes but considering I call them every week the occasional hiccup will happen. And when they do Jack has always taken care of it as soon as he can. It's no easy job Jack has. We(patients) can be awfully needy, picky and whiny sometimes(yes trolls i include myself along with you). I don't expect perfection, I'm still just really glad this is possible but it seems like Jack and 420 try to get it close.

Great same day service. Delivery guy was helpful when setting up my first delivery. Showed up right on time and product was fresh. Will definitely use again.

whoever's talking crap is just Hatin very awesome meds maybe you should research what your body likes sativa / indica or hybrid. can't stand straight idiots.

2nd time I ordered even tho the first time I did it it was fine but but this time around it wasn't the greatest I got my flowers a day late and I the wrong bag of flowers to was told that they were in route to me at 12:30 and it's only a 45 min drive and they didn't get to me until little after 4 so it took 24 hrs for me to get my flowers not cool and not a happy client

Dispensary Response: Wilski65, not sure who you are, as you did not call to resolve this with us. 12:30 to 4 is not 24 hours. Your review on Feb.4 also drew 1 star and said "awesome flowers ordered at 1 and got it by 5. That got 1 star? I am sorry that we are not able to satisfy your needs. We will try harder.

First time ever and it was made easy and painless. Couldn't be happier. Honest people and delivery person was very nice, informative and polite. You definitely have a new customer!

First time ordering from 420 Worcester, and the service was great! Registration was simple and fast, all through text. Placed my order around 4 in the afternoon and got the delivery at around 8:40pm. I was notified earlier on that there would be a delay due to a break down, but they more than made up for the delay by adding a little extra to my delivery free of charge. The flower was in great condition, nothing dry nor flaky. Good service and good people!