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26.6 miles, Recreational, Medical, Delivery-Only, Debit Card
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Minimum Purchase Amount: $99
Delivery Fee: $0.00
EDT During Business Hours: 1 to 4 hours

Order at Duuber dotcom Same Day Delivery, must be over 21. You can also email us at info@Duuber.com Any payments are in exchange for our awesome Luxury T-shirts only. Any free Marijuana or Cannabis gifts included by the driver are neither being advertised nor promoted to the public. Free Delivery.


Order at Duuber dotcom Same Day Delivery, must be over 21. You can also email us at info@Duuber.com Any payments are in exchange for our awesome Luxury T-shirts only. Any free Marijuana or Cannabis gifts included by the driver are neither being advertised nor promoted to the public. Free Delivery.

Operation Hours:

11:00 am - 8:00 pm
11:00 am - 8:00 pm
11:00 am - 8:00 pm
11:00 am - 8:00 pm
11:00 am - 8:00 pm
11:00 am - 8:00 pm


07-26-19: "Blue Dream" is a local favorite. This legendary sativa strain is a perfect daytime high.
04-20-19: Mimosa by Symbiotic Genetics is a Sativa dominant cross of Clementine and Purple Punch. I am having it with my breakfast ;)
04-20-19: Blue Zkittles strong physical effects and uplifting mental high make it a perfect end-of-the-day strain for folks contending with stress.
03-14-19: Jack Herer - named after the famous cannabis activist, this sativa dom strain is a cross between Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk. Legendary!
02-08-19: 30mg CUPCAKES!!! nom nom nom nom
01-18-19: "Lemon Haze" - Uber Grade is a sativa dominant that will be my pregame motivation for shoveling snow this weekend!

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15% OFF everything VETERAN'S DAY SPECIAL! Use Coupon Code: VETERANSDAY
Pelham , NH

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Pelham , NH
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The shirts look really cool and perhaps a great service but they probably won’t accept you if you are a visitor. You pretty much must be an MA (or whichever state applicable) resident, doesn’t matter if you have an address to deliver to. I marked a 4 out of hope that they’ll accept me in time and because the website still looks sweet and the shirts look cool and generally people have good things to say. Another reason I gave a 4 is because they were responsive to reviews on this site. I do hope I get approved.

Love these dudes

Very impressed. Great quality. First time ordering, thought it was to good to be true but they exceeded all expectations. Will be a returning customer. Recommended to everyone

I had put in my information for approval weeks ago. I got the first approval with in hours. however, when it came time for the approval from an administrator, I have been waiting. I had sent emails to ask about my waiting time but that was over a week ago. I feel like this was a shame and I would like everyone to know not to waste their time

Dispensary Response: We tend to not approve out of state ID's, which you had. Plus your ID looked a little bit fake so you didn't get approved. Also your kind of a jerk in your emails you sent us..... so there's that.

I loved my experience with Duuber. I am actually ordering through them again today. I signed up at 4am and was admin approved by 11:00am. I placed an order for 8 cookie t shirts at 11:30am. They said they would give an ETA but I believe the only ETA I got was they would be at my place in 4 minutes at 3:00pm. Not a big deal because they clearly state they just give a wide time area and you need to be ready. The driver only had 6 cookie t shirts but did everything in his power to correct including offering replacement items. Tried out the cookie t shirt that night and it was delightful. Would recommend, nice people, quality t shirts, I would order on your day off to ensure you are around when the driver is ready.

Grabbed a large Gorilla Cookies tee shirt yesterday. I spent several years in the SF Bay Area- their UBER tee shirt quality is right up with the best they have on the West Coast. Highly recommended.

Placed an order last night at 7pm, driver emailed me to say "I am busy, lots of orders, don't know when I will be able to make it to you. Would you mind if I came first thing and I'll bring a cookie". Replied back saying that I would be awake, tomorrow doesn't work for me. The driver never responded to my email and never showed up. VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. They could have at least messaged me back and said ya know I'll try and if I can't how early are you leaving/how can we make this work? ANYTHING would have been better than nothing at all. I was spending $120, I know that might not be much but a sale is a sale. I am extremely disappointed and left high and dry with no t shirts. I emailed duuber and the driver letting them know how disappointed I am and I will give them a few hours to make it right. DONT ADVERTISE SAME DAY DELIVERY IF THE DRIVERS ARE ALLOWED TO DECIDE WHO THEY DO AND DONT HONOR THAT GUARANTEE TO. If I don't hear back soon I will NEVER use this site again. Really really disappointed because they seem to have the best selection of t shirts. If they rectify the situation I will come back and post another review. OH EVEN BETTER THEY ARE CLOSED TODAY. So I am doubtful that this situation will be rectified.

Dispensary Response: You placed an order for West of Springfield an hour before we close at 8pm... we had just fired our Springfield driver like the day before and had to send a driver from Boston to Springfield for you which is a 3+ hour drive. You ended up getting your order the next day I think. Yes we are closed on Sundays. After the driver made such a heroic effort and did come through for you AND gave you a free cookie for the delay I don't think it's fair to give such a poor review.

These guys are great. Always good, always fast, always cool. Best prices for delivery too.

Ordered the Fire OG 8/1. Good to go. So glad I found this place. Looking forward to ordering Edibles, driver said they make them on the weekends.

I have ordered from them a few times. Always reliable.

Waited two days and haven't been approved. Did everything i needed and still nothing

The Best In The Biz!

Love you guys!!!!!!!!!

Not sure why all the negative comments I've just started using this service over the last few weeks and the deliveries have always been within the 4 hours and the quality has been really good better than anything I normally get locally.

Took 4 hours for delivery. I'm high and happy! Will repeat!

Been using duuber for about a year now! I have tried 5 other sites and none keep me as happy as duuber does! The quality is always top shelf, customer service is excellent ( always get a response very quickly ) the drivers that I have had have all been great! And I have always received my order in great timeing! They are also very flexible and when I have asked for specific times they always come through for me! I recommend to all my friends and family and they also love duuber! Keep up the great work!!!!!

Be cautious of good reviews. They sell MIDS. They don't sell high quality bud.

These guys are really not convenient. I've ordered from them 4 times hoping it would work. They had an average delivery time of 6 hours and a lack of communication the entire time. The bud was incredibly average but a premium price. I would only use them if you're really desperate. I'm done with them. Good luck.

Customer service is shit not worth the overpriced weed.

I always get killer stuff from these guys. Not sure why all the bad reviews. Maybe it's there competitors leaving bad reviews? I dunno but I LOVE these guys!

Nice shirt for the donation is it Italian made .

Bud extry dry. Never again.

Delivery is always great, fast delivery and good communication and customer service. Bud is 3 out of 10, they harvest too early and the trichomes (which gives you high) don't have any energy at all. All the trichomes are clear, they have to wait until it turn to white creamy color. The taste is terrible, some buds contain seeds which means trash, all the energy went to seeds and don't give me any high at all. I spent $800 on this site, they gave me great weed (I'll give 10/10) at my first order, however it gets downgraded from my second order and getting trash.

Ordered with them for over a year but lately they've downgraded. Expect to wait 4+ hours for your delivery. Quality is standard at best. I've even had a couple experiences where they came without the strand I bought, so i had to settle with leftovers. It's frustrating because they use to show better customer service and respect for their product.

So first timer and they were solid. Ordered a little before 9 and got my T-shirt before 930. Thanks dude! Maybe it’s where I live but I’ll def try it again. Super convient and dude who dropped it off was cool. Pink sweater girl appreciates it!

Took about 3 hours. Got a few emails from them along the way. An email that he was 30 min away and to meet him out front. The weed is bomb. So excited. Definitely will repeat!

DO NOT DEAL WITH THEIR WEBSITE! These people are not trust worthy. I signed up for their services and sent my id. When I forgot my password and needed it reset, I went to the website thinking it would be possible. There is no link at sign in to reset the password. I emailed them requesting that my password be reset. They responded like confused potheads asking me what my order number was... ummm...what??? When I replied saying that I needed my password in order to place an order, they ignored it. Over the course of a week I sent four more requests for a password reset, they simply ignored my requests. When I called the number listed on the internet, it went to a voice mailbox that is full. There is no number to call, no manager to speak to, not even an office to go to. If they decide to provide bad service or no service there is no recourse for your trouble. DO NOT DEAL WITH THEIR WEBSITE, unless you want to risk loosing your money or time or both. They are not reliable or ethical people.

So do I need a medical card just because u are both med and rec establishment?

I have to say the delivery is nice and the one t-shirt I got was definitely satisfactory. That said, the second order: I ordered at 5pm, thinking the latest it would arrive is 9pm as they advertise they don't take orders after this time. By 10pm, I had not even received an ETA from the driver, only an automated response from the site. 5 hours. Common guys, even pot heads have better things to do than sit around waiting indefinitely for 5+ hours. I never received the confirmation ETA...I canceled the order. Beauty of capitalism, I'll try somewhere else. I recommend readers do the same unless they don't value their own free time. Edit: What's worse? Absolutely no attempt at an apology or rectification of my dissatisfaction. Just said "Ok"

Good service and they accept 💰 cash and credit cards 💳

Great service ordered first time at ten got it by 1:45pm cool dude del cool t shirt south shore Ma

I used DUUBER July 4 of last summer I had a bad experience I don’t know why, well I had to use them again one week ago and it was An A+ phenomenal completely diff experience. A+ T-shirt A+ gift . 4stars based on cartridge T-shirt .60 is steeeeeepppp

Alright so I just got my T-Shirt and man do am I thankful. This place is in the works to be something great. I was very frustrated with the set-up process and I almost gave up but they gave me some help in fixing my issues. The product delivery was great and informative. Just wish the prices weren’t high but I understand, everyone’s gotta make a living. Thanks!

First time and I'm impressed. The driver worked even though I changed spots. Communication could've been better, but it was my own fault so no big deal. Absolutely recommend.

Fantastic first-time experience. This team is clearly committed to customer service and quality products. I love both of my shirts and cant wait to order more.

They came through quickly but their communication is a little frustrating.

Very, very pleased with the purchase. Easy to sign up for their website. Same-day delivery (when ordered before 9pm) is fantastic! And the shirt is everything I wanted it to be. Driver was really nice, too. We hadn't heard from them for a few hours about their ETA and I contacted their email because I was worried something was wrong (we bought online instead of on the phone and my internet is spotty). They assured me everything was alright, apologized for the delay, and threw in an extra shirt of a smaller size for free. I didn't even really need the apology. I was just happy everything was alright. So extra stuff? Amazing customer service!!! They have a repeat customer. Will recommend to others.

Gotta say, quick turnaround for t-shirt order - super friendly, quick to respond, will definitely order again

Always reliable, killer product, definitely an A+ for Duuber!!

Ok these guys are awesome. At first I was a bit skeptical. Once I placed my order I got immediate email confirmation and then communication continued via short email messages. Delivery was seamless and friendly and the Girl Scout cookies are ridiculously good.

i have had nothing but great experiences with Duuber and their staff. I have been ordering for months and plan on continuing.

They never answered me!!! Horrible they clearly aren't professional

Been with duuber about 6 months now, I tried 1 other company and decided its not worth trying to shop around, duuber is the real deal. Duuber has a level of professionalism other services don't have. I love my driver, he's awesome. Most importantly I LOVE the sugar cookies!

Glad I opened an account on Duuber! Great products....Great service!

Quality product, quick service and decent selection. Always very responsive and I really like my collection of safety orange t-shirts. My only complaint would be the disconnect between credit card ready and cash only products. I have a feeling this will improve, but until then I really enjoy and recommend the service.

Dispensary Response: Thanks man! You are absolutely right about the credit card side, what you can always do is put a note in the "Note" field of want you want and if something is available listed in your area we will make it happen for you. We will be improving everything as we mature. Thanks again!

Good communication and no complaints thanks

Ordered 2 cartridges and it was on point! They came at the exact time they said they would arrive and kept me updated through email! Thanx duuber, I'm definitely ordering again!!!!

Had a great experience! Lots of variety, and can't wait to try some more strains!

I wouldn't order here because I've read the response to reviews . The person responding is highly in professional. You don't respond with defensiveness you respond with solutions. To many complaints on shorty product. I can use a credit card at several places, that deliver in the same time frame. Get rid of this guy who's in charge of your online inquiry's.

Dispensary Response: You never ordered from us, or even reached out to us, yet you gave us a 1 star review. If we were take your advice what kind of "solution" should I propose to someone who gave us a bad review without ordering from us? On this allbud website there are tons of vendors who go and leave bad reviews on their competitors, trying to make their competitors look bad. It's quite common. Our competitors have been known to give away free product in exchange for a good review to try to bury their own bad reviews. Here is a Pro-Tip: The reviews with a pot leaf next to them are the most reliable. Give us a try before you post a bad review of a service you've NEVER used.

If you want mids and a blank T-shirt this is your place.

They say call the number, no answer. They text back saying they can answer questions via "text". I ask a simple question, no response. Their only other response, days later, was "we take orders on website on$100 minimum" Which had nothing to do with my questions AND directly conflicts with the information posted on their site. Whoever these "people" are, they are clowns. Gettin info is like pulling teeth. You've been warned, if they try any funny business give them a smack down these are nothing but clowns.

Dispensary Response: Wow. Sorry you feel that way. As you can imagine the phones get busy and we don't exactly have a call center over here! The duuber dotcom website is self explanatory and our text directed you to our website where we take orders. We don't take orders via text or phone, you have to order on the website. We also take emails at info@duuber.com The phone is there for the old folks but make no mistake WE ARE A WEBSITE lol

I am a real DUUBER customer and will tell you I only order from them. Lil more expensive than some of the other places but they are all nice guys and I am always happy with the product. Thanks guys

Dispensary Response: Thanks Josh!

i ordered today for first time . I am very satisfied i was contacted right away after placing my order and it was delivered to me in about 45 min! the weed was fire and awesome shirt to. Will def be ordering again soon

I have been a duuber customer for months, I have not once had a bad experience. The gift is always top shelf quality and is always at least .1 extra up to .3 extra and I have never recieved any shake at all! The communication , product , and people are the best I have experienced by far and I have tried a few others in the area. I would recommend anyone to try duuber for them selves and experience what I have every time (over 16 orders) I have not once had a negative thought about duuber. Thank you guys for making it an extremely comfortable experience and I think you will be in business for years to come, you guys 🎸 rock!!!!!

I have ordered from these folks a few times now. Always satisfied. Weed is fire!!!

Ordered with credit card from duuber and less than 3 hours later stoned and happy! A little more expensive then some of the other shadier guys, but reliable service and killer product. I don't mind paying $20 more just for peace of mind that they will come on short notice. I also love that I can use my credit card.

Horribly overpriced, horrendous product, I get 20% thx ozs for $120 and carts for $10 never buy form here they just wanna be a fake dispensary and rape you

Dispensary Response: We refused to deliver to this guy because of his attitude when calling and texting us constantly. Now he comes on once a month with this nonsense. $120 for oz he says... He's never been a Duuber customer.

edit 7/27* The rating reflects how I feel as a whole, a biased review would be 1 star. You don't deliver the highest quality product in the area, your product is in the low end of the middle range, not terrible but not amazing. You do have some of the highest prices in the area, period. Most places deliver in 2-4 hours from order, not a thing to boast about. Just what is expected. Lol credit cards, you also charge a delivery fee and at one point had a sales tax so.. hurrah? The blank t-shirt is nice, if only someone had mentioned that. Sucks first time I hear about it is in response to a review. I laugh at your insinuation that not paying your outrageous prices will get me shoddy product delivered 6 hours late from a driver who looks like they will rob me. Completely false. You guys charge outrageous prices for average products, delivered at average times, from average people. Nothing you do justify's the price. Your whole model depends on people being to scared of legal repercussions to email dispensary's themselves. If you dropped the "gift" shtick no one would consider you competitive. Enjoy it while it lasts because you wont be able to keep this up once actual stores open. You already lose the fight if people just take the first step of emailing ANYONE else and asking if they will deliver. *hint for readers* most will.

Dispensary Response: Thank you for the honesty. I am glad you like our ordering process and drivers. I believe the star rating should not be based solely on price alone, which seems to be the case with your review. There is more than just the cost of product involved, there is also the service. We deliver high quality product right to your door in 2-4 hours from when you order. Thats pretty impressive. You can also use a credit card which is convienient too. We can send a blank Tshirt with no logo at your request, just ask. You get what you pay for in this world, and we are high quality service unlike some of the others out there. Looking for solely the best price alone will have you meeting with some very sketchy and unreliable people out there. Why chance it? Us the best!

I have ordered 10 times never a problem!

Quick, painless and easy process from start to finish. The staff is professional, helpful and friendly along with having great product and choices.

First time ordering from Duuber and I had a very plesent experience. Will be ordering again in the soon future

Rock solid communications and delivery service.

A+ very kind people!

This has been the best! No more dealing with flakey people, the duuber crew is a godsend

Duuber is awesome! The service is great, not only is the quality good but the drivers I've met so far are always super nice and discrete. If your looking for an extra t-shirt and a stellar free gift, these guys are the way to go!

Super friendly team and strong communincation. Very fast delivery!

I got some "rockstar" this wkend that was not anything that I would have expected. Being that I was driving I didn't crack it open right away but when I complained there was no response to fix it or even try to.

Dispensary Response: Sorry you didn't like "Rockstar" my friend. We do have a no-returns policy. I tried "Rockstar" myself and liked it. I didn't get any bad feedback from anyone else. But again, I am sorry you did not like it bud.

Awesome service and totally legit. Cool shirt and loved the free gift. Will be ordering again.

These guys are Wicked Awesome! Fast delivery,A+ Selection, Reliable!! prices are a little higher than other new delivery services like High Speed,But High Speed has been extremely unreliable, on occasion(and yes more than once)myself and others have had to wait as much as 5 days to get our orders!!!

Fantastic experience with these guys. Received my t-shirt (love the design!) in just 30 minutes after placing my order. Great communication throughout process. Couldn't be happier with included gift. Will definitely be ordering from again!

Just got my first order today. I didn't know things like these exist and ordered online. 100 percent legit and satisfied. Will be buying again. Thanks duuber!

Killer weed! Easy to order off there website and was here in less then 2 hours. Thanks goodness for Duuber! I bought the Sour Diesel and gets 2 thumbs up!

This is by far the best site out. Amazing customer service. And the best quality t shirts I've ever had. Response time is extremely fast. And they are extremely reliable. I recommend this site to anyone looking for quality!!!!!