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190.0 miles, Recreational, Medical, Delivery-Only
Hours Today: 12:00 am - 12:00 am Open
Delivery from: Hoboken, NJ
Minimum Purchase Amount: $0.00
Delivery Fee: $8
EDT During Business Hours: 1 to 8 hours
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2-3 day shipping! Premium products! Order anytime! 2000 items. All legit all from white licensed sources. Best selection. Strain accuracy and potency tested unlike any of our competition!


2-3 day shipping! Premium products! Order anytime! 2000 items. All legit all from white licensed sources. Best selection. Strain accuracy and potency tested unlike any of our competition!

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12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am

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These guys SUCK. They ONLY steal your money. I am STILL waiting for my order, which was ordered 1.5 MONTHS ago....

Dispensary Response: This game has blessed us with far too much and too many good people to ever want or need to steal from anyone

Customer Service @ Highest Shelf June 2021: “Yes unfortunately we cannot work for free. So there’s a mark up.” “There are shipping. Employee. Marketing. Web cost. Problem-solving costs (?). Legal costs. That’s where the e-markup comes from...OK great. Anything else I can help with?” “We are an automated Shipping company not here to strike (conversation with) random folks…Just in fulfillment...” **“Your minimum here is now $200...” **“...and I think I would ask to just stop ordering honestly it’s not worth all the messages I get from you.” **”... sorry we really only have time to provide this level of service for orders over 400-500 we have too many orders.” **”...all of the messages finally got to me so now I guess you know how it feels.” Remember… Do NOT ask about tracking info. - your item will arrive - stamped - in a flimsy envelope / zero security measures. Do NOT inquire as to why they’re selling product on “sale” that expires the following week. You’ll get responses like above. Arbitrary minimum spend update mid live chat “Your minimum here is now $200...” HUH?! Biz operating costs passed directly to customer, hence 200% price it! Free advice: use permanent marker, not ballpoint, when crossing out original price tag.

Dispensary Response: Sorry you were offended James. I think our Cs got pushed over the edge by the number of messages we were receiving from you every minute. We apologize that we ended up overwhelmed and frustrated with your requests to the point of unprofessional responses. We apologize! Our staff being human can so sometimes be pushed over the edge with a certain number of calls or texts. We are working on hiring virtual assistants who are more patient in this regard.

Highest shelf Leaving my emotionless review here. Expected 2-3 day shipping. Ordered Monday around 4:30. Received confirmation of sent Zelle payment. Was told “Will ship early tomorrow because post office was closed.” Rick then introduced himself and said he’ll be the one helping me. Tuesday morning came, Rick said he would be shipping. After multiple texts I got an update at 11:26 pm saying it was shipped. Wednesday at 10:40 am I got sent a meme and a smiley face saying “it’s coming”. Thursday came and I found out that my package was never sent thru the chat on the website. After a few calls and texts that went unanswered, On Friday at 1:52 pm, I was told “I have the package in my hand and will be overnighting it now”. Then was told they had to Rebox and rush ship it. I was then guaranteed to have my package by Saturday before noon. And then showed me a picture of my package. I was offered compensation in the form of a joint. After that I was told I would receive proof of the package being sent. I did not receive an update. After exchanging some unpleasant words, i got a tracking link. Monday i should get my package

Dispensary Response: Hey Aaron. Sorry we totally over promised and under delivered. I thank you for being understanding at the end but that doesn’t excuse our failure. We are glad we could upgrade the shipping and a free joint but owe you more and we also owe the company and everyone a full revamp of our shipping procedures which will be done by Wednesday. Everything will be overnight at that point for every order. I apologize for this and thank you and your fiancé below who explained to us how we need to start overdelivering and under promising instead of what we did here. We will get more organized.

Ordered on Monday that I needed for today. Package hasn’t even been mailed even though the site says 2-3 days and the communication I was having VIA text has now stopped. Maybe clarity can be provided around processing times... Haven’t heard from anyone since yesterday & when I did it was just excuses & pictures of my package...that still has not been mailed, that I need for today. It’s even crazier because it says they are based out of a town that literally is 15 mins from where I live. Really disheartening that we were already apprehensive about being scammed & that’s how it feels. Unfortunately we will have to dispute the charge with our bank in hopes of getting a refund since the communication we did have has stopped, & we needed the products today for an event. Under promise & over deliver, set up a site that captures payments,try Shopify, because then tracking information is automatically sent to people so they feel more comfortable & lastly, after looking at some of these other reviews please do not as a business comment under a customer having an issue with your business without solutions. I read another response that shocked me. Be solutions oriented & communicative so your customers won’t have to feel like they got left out in the cold with their orders. There’s no way that money is meaningless because if it was you wouldn’t have started a business & saying that to customers is unprofessional

Dispensary Response: Hey sorry to fail you and Aaron. You guys are both good people and it is a shame we let him down like that. Thanks for talking some sense into us and explaining how you think online business should be done in a way where you over deliver and under promise. This is our goal now. We are revamping shipping by Wednesday to overnight everything. Thanks for helping us get better. We owe you beyond this order but either way salute to both of you for hanging in there and still supporting us after everything.

Very Slow Delivery!!😖 Quality was 🔝 Notch!! Should have been Compensation for the Untimely Delivery as Mentioned!!😖

Dispensary Response: All orders are out within 12 hours in 99 percent of order cases as they should. There had to be a error delay with your shipment. We will do everything to minimize waits but the alternative if you shop anywhere else is to use products from grey or black markets. Our competitors on this website sell you black market flowers with pesticides not permitted in legal industries and vapes that risk major health issues and edibles that are less than half of the 500 mg potency they claim. None of these products are the strain and percent they claim; these growers do not even pay for testing of the product and grow strains labeled by number not name. We use use Legal and licensed factories who even pack our products. The wait is worth it as your safety is now first and you are not smoking unsafe vapes, fakely labeled and pesticide ridden flowers with made up names and %’s

Good stuff!!! Would definitely recommend.

Great experience. I ordered a few products. Delivery a bit slow but quality, packaging was top notch. I will order again and highly recommend Highestshelf. They were also very efficient in accepting Crypto currency. I had originally thought them as a scam as I had been dealing with other producers mistakenly, incorrectly, attributing their scams to HS. I apologize. If I could find that former harsh review I'd delete it. Highestshelf is ok; they deliver what we pay for. Perhaps the biggest reason for looking at reviews is to make sure the site is reputable; that's why I do. So to anyone who is cautious, Highestshelf is real and will work diligently for us buyers to get what we're paying for; highly recommended!

I got my order today Shipping was a bit slow but I sincerely apologies for doubting yall. Will be buying from you guys again

Dispensary Response: Assuming we scammed you of a minuscule amount of meaningless money because we are a web ordering platform is a little bit unfair. We have never stolen from anyone and we will never whether it is a tiny amount of money like your order, one thousand, ten thousand, a hundred thousand or even half a million dollars, a full million etc. Its just money and is essentially worthless. We do not value money highly enough to commit theft for it. It is paper that is now digitally printed on spreadsheets. It is not possible to serve the volume of orders we have by being on the phone all day and we have found that the online ordering and pay process works well on the automated highestshelf website and leads to the most accurate transcendence of information regarding the order, totals, address, etc. Thank you for web ordering and paying correctly. Anytime you do that you can assume the order is SENT. There is no reason to assume to opposite; especially if we were too busy sending orders to be chatting with our lovely customers such as yourself on the phone. Trust me we would love to but when we do we end up being on the phone chatting for sometimes hours with customers about essentially small talk ... orders must be sent ! We can’t be chatting.

I recieved my order today. Thank you. My apologies for doubting.

Dispensary Response: No. Your order was shipped and sent after you used the automated HighestShelf website. Please enjoy it when it comes and order again anytime on the automated website. Shipping times are behind right now, I think that is well known on this website right now. You ordered and you paid. Your order was sent. We ship after you order and pay but it is likely we will not be texting or by the phone to chat when you call. We need to dedicate all energy to sending orders. Anytime you order and pay, its on the WAY! Order details are best taken down online.. You were not scammed. No need to assume the worst. No lesson learned. Order again anytime. We are a automated website ordering system. We spend a lot of time working per day and unfortunately taking and sending orders works best and most accurately by using the online ordering system. We have chosen not to focus our energy on being on the phone all day. Hope that is ok ! Order away on the website anytime you like ! You will never get robbed. We don’t do any of this for money. It’s just paper. No one here would rob you or fiat paper.

Excellent product. Sometimes there are delivery hitches. Back in early 2020 there was a 2-week delay on one of my orders. They compensated me with an eight-ounce of free bud. In August 2020 they sent the wrong strain, I went bonkers, then talked with Rick, we got it all straightened out, and he compensated me handsomely for the inconvenience. Their prices are high, but the flowers always top-rate. They are so beautiful (you can see all the details of the leaves and trichomes; they could pose for photographs of the plant), and extremely fresh. I have never been disappointed. There was one strain I had an adverse reaction to but I found that by mixing it with another strain it helped medically. I discovered they had Jack Herer, a strain rarely found in the Northeast, and I bought a full ounce of it from them - it's the best strain I've found for depression and invigoration for focus. I wrote a negative 2-star review; I can't seem to erase it. Ignore it: this is my real opinion.