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32.1 miles, Recreational, Medical, Delivery-Only
Hours Today: 12:00 am - 12:00 am Open
Minimum Purchase Amount: $200
Delivery Fee: $10
EDT During Business Hours: 15 minutes to 4 hours




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12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am
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10 Packs of Marshes 100 MG Gummy Packs --- 300 Total

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10 High Vibes Chocolates -- 500 Total

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Get 10 Full Size Golden Owl Cartridges for 500 with a Free Pen included!
Get 10 Full Size Golden Owl Cartridges for 500 with a Free Pen included!
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Ordered a few grams of shatter from you guys. Looks/smells/taste amazing but ended up loosing a good amount of the citrus farmer due to the low quality wax paper. Besides that everything else was great! Even got a free cart and pen!!

I ordered from them once and got two cartridges. One of the cartridges was defective. I even brought it into a vape shop and they confirmed it wasn’t working. The next day I emailed and asked for a replacement. No response and a complete loss of $60.

Dispensary Response: We never received an e-mail from you regarding this issue. Please try again to reach out to us. The last thing we want is for you to be at a complete loss of $60 dollars. Please call us so we can fix this! We have not had any opportunities to fix this situation and would still like to fix it.

Amazing service amazing bud

Aka The Highest Prices

Dispensary Response: We buy the best products we can obtain // the best products available on the entire market. Part of this process involves paying increased sourcing prices compared to the competition. We in turn must pass the added costs on to the consumer; however, when we pay for the best product in sourcing (even if the end consumer pays more), we are able to guarantee that our customers get the best cannabis products available in their hands and have a joyful customer experience thanks to this (even if the cost can sometimes work out to be higher than cheaper options).

I have had multiple orders with The Highest Shelf and will continue to give them my business. I highly recommend them because of many factors their speed of delivery, their quality product and their friendly and amazing staff. They care about the customer. Highly Recommended. A+

Awesome the best thing that could ever happen s/o “delivery”

Highly reccomend....Nothing but good things to say. The one time I had an issue (small one at that) they more than made up for it. Always kept updated on delivery times and great drivers

These guys are awesome first time dealing with them quality flower the Chernobyl was great good prices and prompt delivery thank you mark

Dispensary Response: Thanks a lot !!! We look forward to working with you more in future.

I tried to order 1/4 of organic GDP and a half of mowie wowie off their menu on Allbud. They contacted me back and told me they were out of the Mowie and would I like to get a 1/4 of something else for the same price and would I meet them in Framingham. I live on the other side of the state. They state that they deliver to all of New England however I was told that my minimum would have to be $450 and it would take at least a day to put the order together. I just wish delivery services say upfront what their true delivery is about. I'll stick with my regular. The far western part of the state needs more delivery options.

Dispensary Response: I am sorry that you are in the furthest corner of the state and we could not get to you in under two hours. I’m sure your neck of the woods will be the hub of cultivation in no time.

Excellent service. I ordered a small quantity (4g and 1 pack gummies) and no problem for me to get a delivery with no minimum/fee. The bud was EXCELLENT! (got Pineapple Express and Purp Diesel). I loved the Pineapple Express. Thanks so much :)

Dispensary Response: Thanks a lot ! We look forward to working with you again in future and continuing to amaze you with our top shelf flower selections.

Excellent service. Quality flower at a better rate than the local dispensaries. Worth the wait. As a first time customer I will be back.

Dispensary Response: Thank you !! We hope to deliver the best flower around. If unsure what’s the best, just ask !!

Great quality Gelato, excellent driver Jay, will be back. Thanks guys!

Driver kept me up to date on arrival time- and flower is awesome. Def recommend.

Met my driver for the first time and he was great good job guys Quite prompt 12:15 was 12:15

Had a little mishap but they MORE than made up for it. They actually care and it shows

Super great customer service! I was going back and forth for while yesterday with the number at the top, I wasn't sure if I was gonna be around when they said they'd try their best to get it out to me but if not they'd definitely get it to me today. They let me know yesterday they weren't going to be able to get it to me and said that they'd definitely get it out today and they did! They even updated me to let me know when they were going to be at my house. Super nice people, I really recommend this service :)

I’ve ordered from Rick a couple of times. Always really great service and exceed my expectations. I’ve used some other services in the past and they just aren’t as customer-caring. Definitely recommend.

The Highest Shelf & Rick rule.I had a small issue with a previous flower delivery {small amount of shake in an Oz}.Rick said would be taken care of on the next delivery.He did ,replaced the shake with twice the buds,thanks Bro,also Jeff his driver made my delivery a priority which was appreciated.Highly recommended

While they may be a little bit unresponsive, they are a great service. I love these guys.

Dispensary Response: We Love you to and hope to do better !

I've been using highest shelf for a while now -- over a year. Great service, decent-to-great flower, tasty edibles. Prices can be a bit high, but the service is wonderful. Great communication, usually same-day delivery (I've gotten in it under an hour before!) and within whatever window is quoted. I had a few small issues with flower quality a while back, but they always take care of me on the next delivery and overall the quality has been quite good. Overall, A++. I don't even think before using Highest Shelf, and it's been quite while since I've even considered a different delivery service.

Phenomenal service, absolute first class flower. Cant speak highly enough about them. Have tried a few services and these guys are far and away the best. Great communication from start to delivery, good selection and too top it all off even got through to me in the worst of the roads the last few days. Thanks

Ice may have kept me from getting my delivery, but thee people tried and were exceptionally nice. I will order from them again.

This guy's herb is so fucking good.

Great communication...will definitely use again

Delivery arrived slightly later than I had expected, but this seems to be an issue with any delivery service I’ve used. They kept in contact with me even confirming the price ahead of time. Even included a great gift (I assume to make up for the lateness, which worked!) Will definitely continue using them in the future!

Excellent service. Helpful communication & on-time delivery. Local sativa flower was really premium and I'm fussy! Will definitely order again!

I signed up and got a delivery within 2 hours! great job

Very easy process! Kept me in the loop all the way into delivery!

Excellent communication. Had an issue with the first order (not even Highest Shelf's fault really, think more along the lines of "manufacturer defect" or "handling"). Anyways, I informed him of the issue and he texted back that he'd address the complaint during the next transaction in a fair manner. Well when re-up rolls around, dude checked my texts and kept his word without any prompting on my part. He made me whole. And to top it off he told me he'd be at my place in 15 minutes and was legitimately there like 15-20 minutes later. Maybe it was a slow day, idk, but still--when was the last time someone told you 15 minutes and actually arrived 15 minutes later? Very rare, right? Anyways, I recommend.

Highest shelf are a solid staff. They provide an easy way to enjoy ur fav flower. Delivery is handled in a very polite n professional manner. Love the menu selections. Have had a mishap once but was taking care of upon next delivery. I like a company that stands by their products.

I have been a return customer for a little bit now. I've never had any issues with delivery or product before, which has been fantastic. This weekend I placed and order and one of the items I was ordering wasn't available (before delivery) and was able to switch it out. Delivery has always been on time and prompt. And when I mean prompt, I mean they arrive on the dot. I placed an order for a cartridge and a Jupiter Joint and actually received two Jupiter Joints for not having the strain I originally wanted. These guys rock, seriously! 10/10 service and product!

Well I hate to say it but it wasn't a great experience. I am a repeat customer and despite the recent reviews I gave them a try again because my previous experiences had been so great. The flower looks great but only one bag was labeled so I am trusting the unlabeled bag is what I asked for. The order was short one cartridge which is also okay but they should have let me know. Instead of the Gummies I ordered I received 4x55 Medibles. The box doesn't match what the inside container says (there is a label over the original box), and I can't find any reference anywhere (Marsh's or MCR labs or anywhere else for that matter) to indicate these are legit. They only have a one star review. AND I was overcharged for what I did receive.I wish these guys well but wow... I feel bad. The driver was awesome though, despite the experience I'm glad I tipped him. But I won't be back...

Had a good experience with these guys...

First time using this company. Great product, delivery driver was very nice. I am out of their normal delivery area, but they were able to accommodate me. After reading some of these reviews, I was hesitant to try them, but they get a 5-star rating from me!

Dispensary Response: We aim to be the premium delivery service. To anyone who feels let down, you MUST contact us so we can make you happy to the best of our ability. Its just one of the things we must do to ensure that we are your best option. When we screw up, we own up.

These guys are awesome. The dude who runs everything (Rick I think?) is relentless in his efforts to make the customer happy, and 9.9 out of 10 they knock it out of the park. They recently went through a driver shortage, and it's definitely reflected in the comments below, but I can confirm that these guys are fully staffed and back in business. Product is great as is the service.

Went back after some time off. Smooth, painless experience, but this is the second time in a row they stiffed me on whatever special deal they had running. Still - I ordered a thing, I got a thing, can't complain about that.

Smelled strange. Smoked up with some buddies and we were all tweakin. After I was off of it, went through withdrawals. Avoid this.

Dispensary Response: Please contact us -- Which strain did you order?

How are the folks still in business when there are soooo many good, reliable alternatives. Read the reviews and it is obvious that this is a company to avoid.

Dispensary Response: Hopefully we can remediate this situation and be one of the reliable partners you seek.

Was the best delivery in my area then quality went way downhill. My most recent order was delivered later than he said but the gummies were good and bud was fresh.

Dispensary Response: We strongly appreciate your feedback. We WANT TO KEEP THINGS UP HILL. We also really value the above 1 star review from the consumer who has had experiences with most relevant services in our sphere. The fact that he says it is amazing that we are still in business is not taken lightly and we are doing everything we can to fix every problem that has emerged with our growth. If this means hiring consultants, we will. All we know, is that we will not let any of you down. We value all of your feedback despite how tough it is to read a lot of the recent comments.

Ordered product based on the website. Near delivery time, I was told they didn’t have the product to fill the order. I suggested cancel and refund. I was convinced of an alternative product with a guaranteed delivery time the following day. It never came and nobody answers the phone, responds to texts, or provides any info to follow up. I’ve paid with no product to show. DONT BUY FROM THEM? Purchase at your own risk. I’m still waiting.

Dispensary Response: This order has been delivered-- We apologize for the inconvenience and settled the situation with you and completed your order. Those considering placing orders, please disregard the message of this review due to providing an inaccurate expectation for what happens when you place an order here. There is no doubting that we have an immaculately strong track record of delivering every order placed. In fact, we may have the strongest. It is simply what we do, and what we do best. Thank you!

Ordered two days ago at 9:30 AM via their website paid in full via credit card. I had to request an eta on day one and was told I would receive the order the next day because I am outside the normal delivery route. On day two again no notification so when I contacted them now my order is being delivered the next day again. Day THREE and the delivery time I was promised has come and gone and nothing, no text message, no email, no order, etc. This is now at the point of being ridiculous ... very disappointed bordering on feeling completely ripped off. If something isn't done soon I'll be disputing the credit card charge at my bank.

Dispensary Response: This order has been delivered-- We apologize for the inconvenience and settled the situation with you and completed your order. Those considering placing orders, please disregard the message of this review due to providing an inaccurate expectation for what happens when you place an order here. There is no doubting that we have an immaculately strong track record of delivering every order placed. In fact, we may have the strongest. It is simply what we do, and what we do best. Thank you!

Been buying from these guys a couple months now. There was only one time where my order was messed up but they reached back out to me and made good on it, and then some. Good people, good products! I recommend

I’m a new customer. That being said there was a slight issue with the first delivery, but they more than made good on it. The following evening they immediately sent out the correction and something for my trouble. The quality of their products is great and the driver I dealt with was great. I would recommend them to anyone.

Dispensary Response: Thanks ! We have really tried to turn our product quality as uphill as humanely possible -- Also, we honestly just got a litttttle tooo big for our BOOTS and that's why we were understaffed and disorganized. To be truthful, this eats us up from inside and we have been losing sleep thinking about how we will efficiently meet your demand because despite the negative feedback lately, we simply love you ALL!

The crack heads keep coming to my door I don't smoke jums so what they knocking for ! Haha


I ordered and was given less than i paid for and they promised to make it up to me by adding in more next time. I never received that and not only that but the strains in my mized ounce were all the same and absolutely not worth the price.

Dispensary Response: Hmmm, maybe contact us so we can fix this? I am bewildered here to be honest and absolutely hate the thought of ripping anyone off. On a second note, contact us ASAP --- It's never too late!

Love The Highest Shelf! Their bud is always top quality and fresh. The variety of cartridges keeps my girl happy too.

5 stars absolutely amazing 😉

Dispensary Response: Lets get it! Thank you! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

Quality downhill

Dispensary Response: We are so sorry to hear that people are feeling this way and have been working around the clock with sleepless nights to address all recent complaints. We would like you to reach out and claim a free half oz as a result of your experience. Anyone else who has been recently disappointed is also encouraged to reach out for a free top tier strain to show you that we are living up to our name still. We apologize for our recent mistakes!

Very disappointed recently. We have been customers as financially consistently possible, and the service and product is dissipating quickly. We bought a vape set-up, and the cartridges are not working. I even contacted the manufacturer. We would love to continue to give you our business, as would colleagues of ours. We like local! But changes must happen. This is medicine, not just a simple product.

Much more expensive then the quality of bud would indicate, took 22 hours to deliver, and the bag did not have the full order. Attempted to return the order as it was not what I wanted but the number stopped replying. Very disappointed with the experience :(

Dispensary Response: Hey there, we contacted you in response to your message offering to deliver the part of your order that we forgot to include and charge you for free or charge. We have not heard back from you from our last two messages.

Will fulfill order, but BEWARE... I ordered a mixed strain Oz and got four Qs of literally the same nugs. Why give bud strain names if they are not different? Also the strains are mediocre! Weed snobs will be furious--flower and carts are far from top shelf. If you just need a smoke and don't care Abt quality then beware of the high prices & the LONG waits (can be 12+ hrs and sometimes they cancel after making you wait all day). Find an alternative to Highest Shelf if you can.

Dispensary Response: Could you please contact us so we can review and exchange your order -- You should have received four completely different strains of your choice when ordering a mixed ounce.

Slow delivery and not the best bud. Will take my business again when their bud is as good as it used to be.

Dispensary Response: We apologize for the slow delivery times this weekend. Our team was short staffed this past week and we are currently working on alleviating this problem today.

My family and I have been ordering weekly for over a month now. The customer service isn’t what it used to be. My last order of flowers was 1/2 shake...very dry. I know they vacuum seal that and I figured it would have been nice to be given a heads up on the quality of the bud and an option to change it. Their drivers are phenomenal and super nice. I just wish my bud was in better condition. Burns hot bc of it. Reliable, but we’d love to see improvements. We have friends looking and can’t decide if we should recommend them or other local businesses. Hoping for improvements bc they could be amazing. Edibles are good, huge selection...BUT my bud was BONE DRY.

Dispensary Response: We apologize that you were not satisfied with the flower. We are currently reviewing our flower sources as a result of your complaint.

Ordered for the first time a little too late and did have to have next day delivery which was fine with me. Messaged next day to confirm delivery. Where I was responded to quickly Delivery did take a little bit but found out I was far outside their area. Allbud says they were closer so I was confused but still happy to get my delivery 👍🏼 I will use this company again! Their customer service was great as I experienced a little hiccup but it was addressed quickly!

Dispensary Response: Thanks for working with us! We look forward to helping you out again.

I ordered at 1pm. It’s 10pm and still no delivery. I received a text from a driver at 745 saying 2-3 hours yet no luck. Not the best experience thus far

Dispensary Response: If you place a new order, we would like to offer you a free 400 mg chocolate bar to help make up for this utter disappointment. Our fault!

Great vapes. A bit pricey, but the delivery was convenient and on time! Thanks.

Dispensary Response: They are great vapes! We wanted to let you know that we usually have a 7 for 300 special that helps lower the cost per cartridge substantially.

Literally could not have been an easier more pleasant experience! Responded to a text message in a minute and delivered in 30 minutes, at 9pm! Seriously could not have been easier. The owner personally delivered so we could have same day service, talk about good customer service! We will definitely be ordering again.

Dispensary Response: Thank you! We are so glad this worked out so perfectly. (If only every delivery was this smooth!)

AMAZING SERVICE They were very helpful with any questions I had very professional no trouble great product I would highly recommend to anyone to use them :) thank you guys!!!

Dispensary Response: Thanks Smart Budder ! We will look forward to helping you out again!

It's been 5 hours since I placed my order and I've had no contact with anyone since the initial phone call confirming my order and total. I understand it could take 5 hours for delivery according to the site, but at least provide updates. Update: 24 hours later and still waiting. Was told 6:30 PM at 6 AM this morning.. it's 7:35 and I'm still empty handed. Definitely not a good first experience.

Dispensary Response: Hello- You asked us to come after 6:30 as that was the time that you typically return home from work -- We do not have enough employees to be there on standby in your town at that time but rather planned to come within reasonable time after 6:30 and we did.

My friend recommended The Highest Shelf (I think she read about it on reddit). Love the simple/cute webpage and really love the calling cards. I was won over when I saw Jamaican homer. I ordered 2 banana kush cartridges, a pen/charger, and 1/2 platinum bubba kush. Top tier customer service. A gentleman called me within 10 minutes of my order and offered to answer any questions I had. I changed my mind about what I wanted after I placed my order, and then had problems (on my end) with Venmo, plus I requested the freebie they are offering today like three times (so I’d consider myself a nightmare customer). He was super helpful and just genuinely patient and nice, which I really appreciate. The pbk buds are enormous and fluffy and were packaged in a few vacuum packed bags. The banana kush tastes like a ripe banana and feels really euphoric. The free gift w/purchase over $275 (Jupiter joint) definitely got me to spend more and was worth it- it’s going to last me awhile. Delivery guy friendly and kept me updated on his location. Really happy. Will recommend to friends and will order from again. #babylon2long

Awesome business and service. Always prompt, polite and gives updates in regards to arrival. Has great flower as well!

These guys are professional, responsive and deliver on time. Flowers are great quality too. Will be ordering again

Literally found this group this morning, sent a txt, ordered, and now have flower (and ice cream!) sitting here all in around 3 hours. Very responsive group and professional service. For reference I'm about 30 mins north of Boston. Purchased an oz of flower. Flower was vacuum-sealed and came in 1-3gm nugs throughout; overall weight on point as well. No shake here at all. Quality of the flower was great, nicely cured product on the level of what I normally purchase privately. Prices are probably pretty high for most "experienced" users, but the service is unmatched in my opinion vs any other delivery group out there. I might not order from them every time due to cost but I'm going to keep my eyes peeled on their selection as the quality certainly surprised me.

Had my first experience with this dispensary and I'm very happy!

I want to order but the minimum keeps going up, best flower I've had on the site but I can't afford it lmao good stuff tho guys

Dispensary Response: We are open and can accommodate your order regardless of size within the realm of what's possible. We feel obligated to take care of anyone we have worked with previously.

Never tried the flower here, but concentrates have always been on point.

Dispensary Response: Thanks Vince! We're also always impressed by the constantly improving extract quality !

The dispensary staff member I have interacted with is professional, knowledgeable, friendly and extremely conscientious with communication. Top notch. Highly recommended. I'm always left with a smile and positive feelings.

Dispensary Response: Thank you so much! We appreciate patients like you who are stand up people and who leave us with positive feelings from our interactions with them as well!

A bit delayed on this review as I ordered two weeks ago, but I found them to be excellent. Customer service levels from the dude on the phone/text and the driver were exemplary. I called to confirm they had the edibles I wanted, texted my info, and from there I had hourly (or better) text updates on the status of the delivery. The delivery guy was friendly and professional, not sketchy at all. As others have said, I am fine paying a little more for high quality products and high quality service. Will use again.

Dispensary Response: Thank you for your review! We hope you return to order! We try to deliver the best customer service that we can and it means a lot to us to hear that you were satisfied by the level of service we provided.

A bit pricy. bought 1/2 GG and 1/2 RK, with delivery costed nearly 500. But, the quality of the product is fantastic. recommended.

Dispensary Response: I have reached out to you to inform you to deals we can run for you in the future - I encourage you and others in this situation to ask for custom specials and/or try specials such as mixed ounce specials. We also want to point out that if there is ever a time we don't have a specific deal you are looking for, just ask! We want to make all of our regular patients as happy as plausible.

Excellent Customer Service. I tried the 9lb hammer @ a walloping $90/g. A bit of an exorbitant price, but I must say it is a very nice Indica concentrate. I really wanted to give a lesser review, because of the high prices here, but I just cannot. The service here is stellar and I was kept informed throughout the process. The delivery man and this service have set a high bar for others in terms of customer relations. Just lower the prices if you can, that is really all. Thank you.

Dispensary Response: Thank you Mooky! We seriously would like to thank you for your review. We are also impressed with the constantly increasing quality of shatter. Please know that we would like to offer you a free gram of shatter with your next order. To lower the price of shatter, ask about deals available by grabbing a slightly higher quantity.

Super responsive and professional customer service. Quality of flowers and edibles is absolutely top notch. Worth every penny.

Dispensary Response: Thank you Cloak! Since then, we have doubled the potency of our patient favorite "KING SIZE CHOCOLATE BARS" and even added PINTS OF ICE CREAM! #whatatimetobealive

Great customer service, very flexible and fast delivery with good flowers, but expensive in comparison to other dispensaries in the area.

Dispensary Response: Our products are tested for potency, organic, and pesticide free, as well as indoor grown - Regardless, please ask us about custom deals we can run at almost any time. We want to make everyone happy! If you like the customer service and the delivery and the quality of products.. seems like all we need to do is lower the price a little to make you happy and frankly, we are willing to do that because your SATISFACTION IS OUR OBLIGATION.

expensive but dope concentrates

Too expensive, have spent $500 here and for now I won't be spending anything else until prices come down to reality. The quality is great, but I pay $45 for an eighth from competing services with the same or arguably better strains/quality. I hope The Highest Shelf is able to stick around as no one is going to be willing to pay these high prices for long.

I've only tried their edibles, but I've been quite happy with them. At least as importantly, they've been prompt, polite, and discreet, and 100% professional. A refreshing change from some others I've tried doing business with, and I'm willing to pay a little more for that.

$150-60 quarters ($120-130+$30 delivery fee). No actual pics.

Amazing group, driver very receptive and after an issue on a order on 12/15 (which was understandable for the date) highest shelf came through big time on my last order, not only getting me fire product, but everything I needed for a long trip to Vermont for work. Also made an exception to meet me at a pre determined time as I had to be on the road right after we met. He not only accommodated the request, but kept me updated throughout, making sure to confirm everything a few times to make sure it was perfect and even threw in a bit extra for the trip...... Great guys all around. Old school mentality, good business men and great caregiver's.

Honestly the highest shelf is great, after an initial issue with my first order on 12/15 (obviously a lot going on that day). They went above and beyond to make my next order a fantastic experience. The flower was amazing and the bears and worms did the trick.

Easy to order from. Best service yet. Tried 5 places.

Great product but price is just to much for me u can get almost same product from others at almost half the price

Used once pre-Legal. Min was $70. Product was fine and they had very good communication. Prices are very high compared to most on allbud. They were much cheaper before 12/15.

Excellent customer service and quality of products. Ordering from the Highest Shelf was a very positive experience. They were able to deliver same day, the time I requested, and kept me updated throughout with text messages right up to delivery.

The Highest Shelf is beyond amazing. Tried them for the first time yesterday, and I've never seen better customer service. I'd been kinda unsure about trying a delivery service, but wasn't having great experiences with the storefronts which are inconvenient for one thing. Figured I'd give it a try...initially placed an order with a different place, but they shut down due to the snow. Completely understandable, but still quite a bummer. Figured I was probably out of luck, so I was psyched to see a positively-reviewed dispensary that was open for delivery despite the crappy weather conditions and even worse road conditions. Turned out to be start to finish excellent service. They kept me posted on changes to the timing of my order and were even apologetic that it came later than the initial ETA. It was a blizzard and the roads were a ridiculous mess, so it seemed like pretty fast service to me. Pleasant, easy interaction. Great quality product. Start to finish, awesome experience. It'll take me a while to get through my current supply, but this is where I'll be going when I need more. As others have said, pricy but worth it. Highly recommend.

High quality product. Absolutely best interaction I've had with a caregiver. Super professional and friendly. A little on the expensive side but worth it!

This kid is a class act and is honestly one of the most respectable people I've dealt with through this service. A+ my brotha

Great product, great service, on the expensive side but you don't be disappointed with the quality. Delivered within the promised window and was on point. Very satisfied customer... Highly recommend this service.

Great product, great delivery! Guy keeps you updated if he is going to be late which is great customer service!

Everything went smoothly, good communication and high quality medicine. Would recommend to my friends.

Can you email me for a question? Thanks man!!

Product is exactly how they advertise it...very very good, deliveries could be better with timing but so could all deliveries, can't really complain at all, Driver was super friendly and had change so grade A in my book

Satisfied first time buyer. I'm amazed at how easy it was to get high quality products (Ace of Spades, Blackberry Kush) delivered to my home. The HS driver was super friendly and communicated well throughout the day. Delivery times vary, so be prepared to be flexible. He showed up at my door about 7 hours after ordering. I didn't have to sit at home waiting because he kept me updated with his ETA. I got a free gummy with my order, which I thought was a nice gesture. Will definitely order with HS again.

Finally got my first delivery from these guys yesterday. It took a couple days for us to coordinate a time that I would be around and they could make it out past 495 but once we sorted it out everything was good. I can tell the past couple days have been pretty crazy with Dec 15, and the guy told me they were trying to get more drivers. I don't blame them for that. They are pretty good communication-wise and the dropoff was easier than getting chinese food delivered. I saw the reviews saying they were delivering light, and the driver even told me they were making an extra effort to address that. Weighed it myself and it was slightly overweight, so I don't think they're intentionally stiffing anyone. I got a couple extra goodies for being a first time customer and having to wait a couple days for my delivery which was nice. The product looks good (ace of spades). I haven't tried it yet but it smells dank. All in all I would go with these guys again. If you're in their area though I have no doubt they will try their best to make you happy.

Overall good interaction, was the busiest day so I expected the time to be a little off and I was helped before long and walked away with some good flower that I cooked myself into muffins and so far have had 3 great nights of sleep and helped with my sore muscles from the snow and cold

Used them twice. First time they were pretty late but it was expected given it was December 15. Second time they were pretty prompt and very communicative about the ETA. The product is top notch though and super friendly staff. My one suggestion is that the price of delivery should be added to the price listed on the site so customers know exactly what they'll pay. Regardless, very happy!

Terrible. Said they'd make it the day of and include an extra gram as a first-timer. Instead they showed up the second day and instead of getting an extra gram, I was shorted a gram from my original order. That's -2g and +1day, which I am not happy about.

Dispensary Response: Hey there! :) We're not sure exactly what happened here but if we had to guess we would have to take fault as we were extremely busy this last week and it's possible mistakes that would never normally be made, were made. We truly encourage anyone who is unhappy with any aspect of their order or service big or small let us know. This is not only so that we can fix the one individual situation but so we can also take steps to correct our actions to make sure similar mistakes are not made in future. We never want to leave anyone disappointed. It means a lot to us that everybody is left very happy or happier and if you are not, we want to do whatever is in our power to fix that. In this case, we definitely think we owe you an eighth of flower and a couple other knick nacks for disappointing you on both our product and service. We offer our apologies for now but hope to hear from you soon. Please reach out to us my friend so that we can do our best to make ammends.

They were busy so it took a while for the delivery, but the service and goods were great.

You guys came by and righted a wrong and I respected that very much thank you

Dispensary Response: So sorry that you're unhappy. Please reach out to us for a goodie bag on the house.

First time buyer. Great to deal with and will use them again. Can't wait to watch a movie and relax on this cold snowy night.

First time buyer. It took a little while for the delivery but I can certainly understand the delay given the crazy demand this business has seen in the last few days. Driver was great and kept me informed of his eta throughout the trip. Tried chocolate for the first time and wow what a great product. Will most certainly work with these folks again

I am a first time buyer and pretty much user. I cannot attest to the quality of the product because of this. But the service was fantastic. With the law passing they are clearly slammed and he wasnt able to get to me last night but he worked within my limited schedule today and met up with me. Very friendly and communicative.

Great service great quality ....that pineapple chunk is some serious fire ...and Rick is very cool people!!!!

Very communicative

Today was my First time working with Highest Shelf and.... I LOVE THEM!!! I tried Pineapple Chunk and Jack Herer. Words can't explain how happy i am right now. You Won't regret it working with HIm. Just a sweetheart about everything. Made my first time the Best experience Ever. I will never go anywhere else for my Meds NEVER!!!

Hoping to meet up again at some point it was a great experience

Great guy to work with. Friendly and punctual.

Nothing but great things bout my experience. Friendly service. Fast and easy communication and i had to wait around a lil but thats because thankfully they were willing to drive a lil further south and the medicine has been nothing but great so far.

Number one for real so far I've tryed like 7 strains all good not one complain RICK YOU ROCK 🚙🚙🚙 DELIVERY ON POINT EVERYTIME 🌱🌱🌱🌱 BEST FLOWERS ON THE SHELF😏😏😏😊😊😊😊

Hands down the fastest most convienent, worry free delivery service. He kept me updated without me even asking!! I was a first time customer, and was offered to be placed in front of the list. The driver was extremely friendly and in no rush he took time to show me the flowers and couldn't be any nicer. I HIGHLY recommend 'the highest shelf' to any patient who needs there meds delivered!