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Order anytime! 2-3 shipping! Best qualities period.


Order anytime! 2-3 shipping! Best qualities period.

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12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am
12:00 am - 12:00 am

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See how they have to bash another company in order to advertise for the same mid? That alone should say more about this so called business. HS has the same quality as their competitors, worse customer service, and price gouging for mid products. Either travel for supply or stop smoking but no need to order from this business front again. Couldn't even get decent communication or my number was blocked after spending 100s of dollars. Karma is a bitch though.

Dispensary Response: To contact us, we have a chat box on our site that you will get a reply on. We usually answer most questions pretty quickly. We are not bashing one company. We are bashing the entire black market. Unfortunately, in this situation, we have people buying strains from black market companies being told they are a certain name and % when in reality the foreign grow MOB actually only named the strain as a number and as it gets stepped on in the black market supply chains, names change on the product and percentages are made up. We are only trying to help you by giving you safe medicine access from white market sources.. sure this costs more! But you get what you pay for! At least you know your product is safe, free of heavy metal, fertilizer, propnanol, myclobutanil, plant growth hormones and the host of health problems that you could suffer from that! Smoke the black market poisions that others sell if you want but we have done our job by blowing the whistle and letting everyone know the risks to black market supply chains and buying falsely labeled and marketed products. We are the best. Some just are not our target consumer; we are more pricey; higher quality; very busy; safer; tastier; more thc; everything better! YES THIS VIP SERVICE COSTS MORE THAN THE JUNK ONES OUT THERE LIKE GROW GODS and we sadly can not give VIP service to everyone who spends $100 bucks on ocassion but we try!

Very cool and always try to help you get what you ordered!!! I was a jackass im sorry... GOOD PEOPLE!

Dispensary Response: You are awesome Buddy ! It is ok to be upset sometimes when a product shows up defective Thanks for always supporting us :) It was nice finally getting to know you on the phone :)

Was gonna order but read all these other reviews and you guys sound like scamming fags! Suck a dick and get a 1 star rating. Learn to make your customers happy. You shouldn't piss people off retards

Dispensary Response: We are sorry you are reluctant to order. We had a rough start to the year as we had to unexpectedly change locations and menus due to unforeseen events. At current, things are running smoothly. We offer regular shipping with no minimum order size to allow you to try before you buy in case you would like to start small before ordering more.

Ordered multiple times, usually an issue with 75% of orders. They don't send the items invoiced and send crap cbd products. Refused to refund when their CA warehouse closed As of 4/10 the company is offering to send the proper items. The review will be updated once the company fulfills their promise

Dispensary Response: 1) not cbd— cbd is 45/oz here 2) after the fire we switched to bulk flower packaged the way other companies here do to fill orders but understand this is not what customers want as there’s reassurance in facility packaged product that is not grown by a organized mob like our competitions flower 3) we have updated our menu daily to reflect this 4) the rebuilding of the warehouse that burned is unfortunately a long process 5) you will be sent the products you requested as soon as that process is done 6) I understand the disappointment in not being able to order professionally packaged products from licensed cultivation centers 7) we apologize that this has affected you as we totally agree with you that it is much better to get professionally packaged products from a licensed center than black market bulk flower where the seller claims it is organic and lab tested and grown in house when in fact none of that is true 8) we are working on solving this problem this week so every time you order a Big Mac you get a Big Mac 9) We appreciate you ordering from us repeatedly for year after year and will make sure we figure this out with you Jen- you will be the first we call when that menu is back! No more fish filets in lieu of Big Macs !

Previously had good experiences. Not sure what happened but it’s been a few weeks since I ordered and paid and can’t get a response other than vague “it’s on its way.” Okay, when? Hundreds of dollars spent means customers are owed more than that. Also, the response below is wild - guess they have some good sativa?

Terrible service, will arrive weeks being bought

Dispensary Response: We had a some delays in the company though all is restored now. Thanks for bearing with us. We understand it is quick and east to assume the worst in someone / us even when we have been nothing but good business to you time and time again. Please forgive us as we did not expect the problems and delays of the last week. We extend extreme gratitude to everyone who stayed faithful in our service and desire to do honorable business as opposed to accuse us of trying to steal or be “shady” the one time we experience a major issue and delay. You will be ok! We will never want to steal your valueless money and we will always be the best, truest, most legit, and truly one of a kind and unrivaled by any and all entities. Point blank period to eternity and beyond. We are simply the greatest and we appreciate you for being a part of this greatness. With extreme greatness comes ocassional hiccups; just a part of seriously pushing norms and boundaries. It honestly hurts that we do not have the trust where you can trust us after we have been repeatedly honorable on our deals with you. Once again, thanks again to everyone else who supports and trusts us to the end. We are living legends. With legendary comes greatness, with greatness comes pain! We apologize that we are not perfect 100.00% of the time.

So far so good. Product has arrived more faster now ah days, sucked before because of covid19 delays. decent flower. Typical prices. Will shop again when I see different strains

I use to use these dudes but the old management burned me and some people I recommended to them with bad product and even though I showed them pics of how bad it was their solution was to try and upgrade me to higher price product!! The delivery dude is super kool thus only reason for the 1star

They barely reply then act like they’re doing you a favor when they do reply lol. Price are high and the quality isn’t all that. Try it yourself to see . Two stars because of fast shipping

Dispensary Response: I am sorry you feel that way! We have switched to a automated ordering system via our website. This allows us to focus on dispatching orders on time and allows customers to order 24/7 from a computer or any smart mobile device. We agree, quality did decline lately. There was a rise in wholesale industry prices. We needed to buy more expensive product and subsequently raise prices in order to maintain our quality standard but instead we decided to maintain our price standard with rising industry costs and buy product for pricing that we always have even though the product for that price in the industry's quality had declined. We have now acquired the best possible product that exists, it is simply unbeatable product. The price unfortunately reflects that but at least we are in fact back to being the HIGHEST SHELF. Simply the Best!

Fake weed they do not have what's advertised its a rip-off scam read the reviews you've been warned! ZERO STARS.

Dispensary Response: Not entirely sure what you are referring to here. We have some of the finest product that exists in the industry period that outdoes basically any and all dispensaries. Try it for yourself if you don't believe us. It is our commitment and goal and mission to permanently have the best possible product that exists. We are obligated to search long and far and go to extreme measures to ensure that the product you find at the New Highest Shelf is simply the best and that this statement is not up for debate. Thank you!