Mary Jane's House of Grass

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2525.1 miles, Recreational, Storefront, ADA Access, ATM
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8312 E Mill Plain Blvd , Vancouver, WA, 98664
No hours available - Open soon!
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Mary Jane's House of Grass lost a customer. I purchased 2 vape cartridges; as the employee bagged the product she told me one bag was taped on the side, but nothing wrong with it. I didn't question, and I should have said I would like an unopened bag. After arriving home, I found the taped bag had an entirely different cartridge, (1 gr cartridge, with supposedly 1/2 gr in it) and it was barely 1/3 full. I immediately took it back. They asked me if it worked. I said I hadn't even tried it, because I wanted a replacement. Cartridge was taken to the supervisor. Employee came back and told me because it worked, they could not exchange it. I said I wasn't even sure if there was a 1/2 gr in it. I was very disappointed by there decision, as I had spent $100's of dollars there just that week. I might add, I'm 65 years old, a medical patient with arthritis.

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