Caribbean Dream Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

The Caribbean Dream strain is a hybrid with indica dominance ranging between 70 to 90%. Due to the rarity of its rich fruity taste, many analysts have awarded this strain with the A+ grade. This strain spreads around the room rapidly and creates a pungent, sweet smelling aroma. The yellowish green composition spreads out easily when broken or grounded. The strain is prescribed to patients who have been diagnosed with anxiety disorders, depression and pain. It takes effect shortly after being consumed, wearing off quite slowly. One of the positive influences of this strain is that it is psychoactive in nature and takes the patient into a euphoric state. In addition to relieving pain, it makes the person feel drowsy. This strain spreads in the room rapidly and creates a strong aroma, which, as described by the patients, is pungent and fruity.
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Well this is very nice Strain, when I brought it home my Wife could smell it in my backpack! Very strong smell and if you don't toke on the regular I could see this a couch and Movie day Sunday weed but I work in sales and this Strain helps me get through the long days and deal with people. Seems to help ME relax with my anxiety and also the buds make good butter and Wax.

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