Diamond OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 17%, CBN: 1%

A diamond is something that is truly invaluable so how can you really expect this strain to be anything less? There is nothing ordinary or normal about the Diamond OG, which is quite apparent from its effects. It is a very potent, long lasting strain. It relaxes the entire body instead of just the mind. This allows you to fall into a desired state of laziness. It can also make you euphoric and lazy which means it is perfect for a lazy day off. The strain looks beautiful due to its sparkling condensed buds, which also have a very strong aroma. It is quite effective against muscle spasms as well.
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Best of the best strain i smoked in a while the high stays for a long time dosnt make you to lazy you can still coupe and fell good and do your daily routine

It's like smoking a diamond & excellent OG a sweet flavor

I give it 5 it's very tasteful and I enjoy the highness

only had diamond OG shake ...and it was one of the strongest strainsI have ever come across...5 stars for sure! y dispensary only had Diamond OG shake for a few months then never restocked it...i would always ask for it when ordering just to make sure they didn't have any because very few of their other great strains did not compare to the Diamond OG...I think sometimes I felt it was too strong..

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