DinaChem Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Dinachem is a 65% Sativa 35% Indica strain made by crossing Dinafem and Original ChemDawg 91. Its appearance is nice, with tight buds that are eye catching green with plenty of crystals, and very little leaf. The odor is a mix and match between lemons, pine and gas. It has a very rich taste, with a slight lemon undertone to the fuel and pine. The strong high is that of a body and head buzz, but that will not give you couchlock. After smoking, feelings of happiness and upbeatness are common. Medicinally, it is used for pain, nausea, stress, loss of appetite, and occasionally depression. The after effects are some eye and mouth dryness, and occasionally a little dizziness for some users. This is especially a good weed for sitting back and relaxing with friends, or to calm down after a long stressful day.
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Great strain. One of my favorites. Very easy to grow. Incredible potency and i mean it. When grown organic its aroma will fill the house after your first toke. Tastes great too. Really, there is nothing negative to say about this strain.

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