Guava Chem Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 21%

The Guava Chem strain belongs to the Guava family, of marijuana strains, which have the distinct properties confined to the Guava class of Marijuana. This strain is a cross between Tres Chemdawg and Chem 4, which, themselves, are formed after multiple crosses between the Afghani number 1 and Dawg strain. It is a light-feel strain which is preferably consumed during the day. Guava Chem is known to be indica dominant with a THC level up to 21.5%. However, its effects build up if you smoke it for a longer duration, without taking a break. Patients who choose the Guava Chaim usually have symptoms such as extreme pain, anxiety, and stress. It has a positive effect on patients, leaving them happy and energized. The properties of Guava Chem will make the patient giggle and increase his or her creativity as a bonus. It has a citrusy taste with a rather sweet aroma.
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Made me uplifted, happy, & relaxed. The flavor & scent was a sweet citrus pine. The light green chunky buds had amber pistils with fine white trichomes. Nice Hybrid from Pearl Pharma.

Glorious! Great for pain!

Great daytime or nighttime strain! Gets rid of pain, fatigue and anxiety.

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