Primus Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid 90% Indica / 10% Sativa

THC: 21% - 27%

Primus, or “Primus OG,” is a heavily indica dominant hybrid (90% indica/10% sativa) strain created through a three-way cross of the infamous Trainwreck X Arcata X 303 OG strains. Primus packs a long-lasting euphoric high that is both energetic and relaxing without being too overwhelming in both mind and body, despite its indica dominance. The high begins with an immediate onset of a happy creative lift that boosts your mood and leaves you feeling insanely happy and at ease. As the high builds and builds, you'll become more and more relaxed before settling into your seat with a slight sense of couch-lock. Because of these effects and its powerful 21-27% average THC level, Primus is said to be the perfect choice for treating patients suffering from conditions such as chronic anxiety, appetite loss, depression, chronic pain, and muscle spasms. Primus has a super sweet flavor of fruity pine and a touch of earthy woodiness upon exhale that's slightly pungent. The aroma is very spicy and sour with a fruity overtone that's accented perfectly by pungent earth and pine. Primus buds have round and airy dark forest green nugs with bright orange hairs and a coating of super sticky sweet resin droplets.
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all time top 5 no doubt!!! you gotta try this!!!

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