Green Crack Marijuana Strain

Sativa Dominant Hybrid 65% Sativa / 35% Indica

THC: 15% - 25%

A perennial favorite, Green Crack is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was bred by inbreeding Skunk #1. Green Crack is usually sativa-dominant, but there's also a less popular indica-heavy version of the strain. Green Crack got its name from Snoop Dogg, though it's also known as Green Cush or simply Cush among smokers who prefer not to reference cocaine. This highly addictive strain is massively potent, with top THC levels reaching 24%. It has a sativa/indica ratio of 65:35. The high is decidedly cerebral, with a big mood boost and a jolt of energy. This strain spurs creativity and helps patients get things done. It's most effective in treating anxiety and depression, along with ADHD, PTSD, and migraines. Green Crack has a sweet flavor with tropical and citrus notes. The buds are dense and tight. Dry mouth occurs frequently, while dry eyes, dizziness, and paranoia, happen less often. It's most common in the Pacific Northwester, California, Arizona, and Colorado. But it can be found almost anywhere else with relative ease. It's one of the most popular strains on the black market for this reason.
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I'm not a huge Sativa smoker but I had to try this one. It really is "uplifting" like all the reviews say, and the taste is a nice fruity flavor with some tropical notes. Grown by Bold Cultivation here in AR, and they did a fantastic job with this one. No leaves and the cure seemed good. I've given BOLD some lower reviews but they have really gotten a lot better lately. Osage has gotten better too but I think BOLD has made the most progress. Another cultivator had an 1/8th on sale for $25 the next day and as much as I like this strain i didn't pick it up cause it couldn't be as good as this one I already had.

OMG 😳 Green Crack is one of my all time faves! A bowl and a cup of coffee and I’m ready to start my day!!! And I’m a long-time user with a HIGH tolerance. But there’s something special about Green Crack that helps get you going, with a smile, and keeps you going pain-free for hours. Don’t be put off by the ironic name. After partaking of this pungent herb you likely won’t feel insane energy or be thinking scattered, crazy thoughts. Instead, if you’re at all like me, you’ll feel rejuvenated and focused on the tasks ahead of you. And happy about doing them. 😁

This is a classic sativa, woaw man !! The smell was completly new to me, Like it smells like nothing I've ever smelled before, the citrus aroma is the most apparant, but with a nice sweet and an undertone of earthy spicy, I didn't get it at first but it does smells like extra sweet green mango, however the taste is more piney, sweet but when I was done exhaling I had a nuance of rotten mango. The high lifts you up for hours, with nice creativity, happiness, basically what you can get from a sativa

Green Crack is one of the cleanest sativas I've ever had. Good for waking up at up at dawn cleaning your entire house. Not recommend for anyone who is sensitive to getting paranoid. In dispensaries it is usually given a different name like Green Goddess, Green Goblin, Green Cush, Green Queen,etc .The phenotype that i like has a strong citrus smell and a slightly harsh smoke. It can be moderately difficult to grow although some phenotypes can have a 55 day flower period. (short for a sativas)

First time to try Green Crack, my Chiro of all people, suggested it to me for neck and shoulder nerve pain. Man, this is the bomb. Not only has my pain eased off tremendously, but a really great feeling like, happy, sexy, tingly and full of energy and at the same time, focused. This stuff covers a lot of my problems. Going on 2.5 hours now and still feeling waves of greatness. A happy, great feeling all over inside and out,,,,on top of relieving severe pains. Who wouldn't want this???

the THCMV sample I tried had nice dark green, neon green & forest green hues. Good Potency/bud structure & Nice sweet citrus skunk aroma & aftertaste. Major improvements in my ability to function & be concious/coordinated. Positive trajectory initiated. I prefer it in a short chillum w/ e-lighter, in pipe w/ solar toke, Spliff w/ tobacco or Royal/juicy-j/zig-zag Blunt wrap. Numerous times when I was having trouble breathing, this sample allowed me to again.

Green Crack is a really good energetic high. I use it a lot before class in college or to study. I would say the effects are focus, energetic, euphoric, creative, uplifted and happy in that order. It's one of those highs that comes down pretty quick and you don't feel all shlumped after. I would definitely recommed this for studying or partying. If you really wanna have some fun smoke this and drink some monster or red bull with it for a hella good time!!!

Replaced Cinex with this one. I really like the clarity in the high. Its a bit energetic so look out. Doesnt give that parinoia feeling that some people get when smoking sativa. Today i got a new green crack from a different grower and see consistency from the strain. its delicious tasting and smells very unique. Buds are very tight with alot of red hairs. I would recommend it to anyone who prefers sativas as I do..... 19.7 THCA .6 CBD 21.6% total

I just got an ounce of Green Crack from Go Green and it is fantastic. A very good representation of the sativa leaning version of this strain. Very clear headed, enlivening and mentally stimulating. As with most "gray market" flower it needed to cure a bit longer but I am doing that. Just one day of breathing has already boosted the aroma and flavor. I like that just 1 or 2 hits and I am fine for an hour or so before I feel I would like another hit.

There's a few strains I've gone through I say it's my favorite but Green Crack is definitely one of them. I love the smell & the tastes. The unburned flower smells like watermelons to me. Very melon & blended citrus smell but very faint. Just a great sativa for anytime of the day. Quick story..smoke with a friend before I left Cleveland TN & noticed I was still high in 485 traffic in ATL 2 hrs later. Now if that doesn't day much then I'm done lol

I picked up a gram of this as BHO, processed by Viva, grown by ATF Farms. Pesticides used include Trilogy, Neem Oil, and Kaligreen. It was dabbed with a quartz banger through a multi-perc, multi-chamber, multi-diffuser bong. It was harvested 8/01/16, processed 9/17/16, and consumed 12/31/16. The high is full of energy, without the obnoxious muscle spasms that some strong sativas can develop. Definitely a strain I will be back for.

I got this from DD (Eva farms) and was pleasantly surprised. The name kind of matches, I guess, I mean I never smoked crack, but this hits the head well and speeds me up. I must have looked like a crackhead the way I was running around the house handling the honey-do list. I paid like $30/eighth which was straight, I did have to drive out to Miller's Marijuana in Porter to get it at that price though.

Green Cush became famous when Snoop dog fell in love. Hence green crack. I’ve smoked many different grows of this strain and it grows well outdoors. The flavor is sweet first and other fruity flavors come through with different grows. Either way the flavor is classic and enjoyable. A very happy cerebral high. Great for stress, chronic pain and headaches. If you haven’t had it, time to give it a try🤪

for a 73yr old man i can't say much other than it's a boost to my creative mind set. Graphic work, music or just mind travel or talking to my guardian in heaven,Sativa is the way, and green crack gets the day going with energy for me even with my c.o.p.d . Me at mindscape imaginarium is why i've got to have it. damn good for my joint pain. over 40yrs, i don't think about it and that a + that's me.

This is a one great strain. I was scared to try with all the reviews talking about I cleaned my whole house painted it etc. this is not going to get you stoned looking like a zombie. Very focused and easy going Lift. Cool headed really nice effect. I don’t have a huge tolerance but this was great. Had 5 or 6 hits and enjoyed the control and no stoner look! I can recommend fora lift

Fantastic Strain and a Fantastic High! Use it for Chronic Pain,Neuropathy,Arthritis in my spine,after 10 years on OxyContin 80mg,Percocet,Fentanyl Green Crack beat all pain medication for relieving pain. Clear headed high with a Jolt of energy and you feel happy and without an anxiety. If your feel Blue the Green Crack will do! If you in a lot of pain then try this strain.

I knew better but......I tried to save a buck. Bought a top shelf of Green Crack in the past & it was a really good Sativa (4 out of 5 stars). When i had this chance to pick up the bottom shelf of the strain i did so & needless to say i paid for it. High was short lived & the bud was a bit on the dry side. Always remember you get what you pay for in life.

Def. one of my top 5 favorite sativa strains. I've had this strain a shit load in socal. The bud is tight dence nugs and bright orange hairs. flavor wise it's super sweet and has a mango fruity taste. The first two hits are flavor and the end is no flavor I noticed. The high is very uplifting and euphoric. It's my cup of coffee in the morning!!:)

I tried this bud last night and could definitely feel the Sativa. As a Virgo, the Sativa makes me go into OCD overdrive. I could feel the indica as well and really wanted to go to sleep but stayed up sweeping my porch...Sativa also makes me chatty patty so that kind of sucked. Otherwise, I was grateful to have it. Very good strong buzz.

Damn! This will get your day started. Veteran smokers this will leave an impression I stumbled upon the strain in a slim vape pen. I gave it a try.. Its one of my best favorite purchases. Green Crack has my attention, now to find the flower?! This slim pen is Excellent for micro dosing. Certainly one I don't want to be without

It's not brilliant it's not rubbish just average I've tried the indica dominant and the sativa dominant I preferred the indica but I wouldn't call it green crack more like purple when the temps go down looks gorgeous as the frost shows more on purple, the high was ok I prefer heavy hitting ones that why I prefer the indica 1

Mild Gasoline + a strong dose of citrus / lemon blast ya the moment you take an inhale or open the jar. This is a gorgeous strain coated with a heavy, blissful layer of frost on each bud. Cerebral AF. Perfect for crushing anxiety as well as socializing @ party / dinner gathering / trivia night / etc. Highly recommended 💨

Not My favorite strain. I'd say it was more anxiety producing than action producing for me. Just an overall restless feeling that I don't enjoy. It hits very fast and hard, and is super heady. I kinda get why it's called crack actually...🤪 Me, I prefer downers so not going to be my go-to.

Awesome strain! Gives me energy. Very uplifting. Depression and anxiety erasing. The name sounds intimidating, I know.. The highs not crazy or anything lol don't really understand why they named it green crack.. 🥰💚 but this strain really makes you feel better and happier. Def recommend 💕

I really like this strain, I get lots of work done around the house. It has a great smell and taste. Highly recommend if you want to focus on a task. One of mine was waxing furniture with a container of oil, a cloth and freaking q-tips. I didn't have the munchies and zero couch lock.

I've had delta 8 green crack and even delta 8 isnt nothing to play with. As soon as i see it available at the dispensary I'm going to try the real green crack strain but so far I liked the Terps in it. I even have a fridge magnet of this strain I saw at Spencer's one time

Amazing strain, the energy and stimulation you get with this strain is UNBELIEVEABLE! Because of Green Crack I have not used my Xanax if 4 months. Great anxiety and depression reliever for day time use. I can imagine why they call it green crack lol.

I use this in the morning of my days off. It's perfect for motivating me to get shit done. It's a mostly head buzz, but I do feel the occasional tingle in the body. Added bonus that it doesn't give me the munchies but it does give me cotton mouth.

As advertised, this one can pack a punch and is not my favorite due to the rush , but it seems to be popular as an extract for vapes or edibles so I’ve tried it different ways, and tend to prefer this in a vape than as the bud itself

My all time favorite, love the smell, taste, and the high from it!!! Have always loved this strain!!! So far this is the only strian that gives me a good long high that doesn't give me a nasty feeling afterwards as well!!!!

This time I tried the buds of the green crack. This has been great no matter how I partake. The citrus scent gives this strain away every time. THC is still in the upper 20s%. A little CBD helps me with the paranoia.

Hands down the best bud I've had. Sativa dom this green crack from therapeutic Health collective is the highest quality meds I've ever come across. They never have anything but elite shelf buds. Yum yum this gc is FIRE!!

Totally love it the buzz is so good it’s so.Intense for sativa really really hit your head really good and leaves your body so relaxed that after an hour you’ll be nodding away. Not for Working or being out in Public ⚠️

This one is a special case sativa dominant strain that has no terpinolene. Most hazes and jack herrer derivatives rely on terpinolene to give that day time buzz, but that terpinolen this strain doesn't have the classic

I LOVE IT!! The smell is what grabbed me first! I could smell that all day! This is not for the first-timer. Very potent. One great thing is that when it leaves, it leaves clean. I will always buy some if it's a round!

Quite a favorite. Up there with Jack Herer and Strawberry Cough. It’s a great wake and bake, a little chill feeling, though leaves you motivated to get things done. Great strain. Don’t pass this one up. 😎🌱🍭

Just like has been said this is a great day time strain. Expect a quick invigorating onset smoothing down to a nice clear-headed buzz that lasts for a good long time. This has become one of my favorites.

I've literally never experienced a strain like this before and I LOVE IT. Helps with my ADHD, gets me off the couch, gives me motivation, and keeps me feeling like I woke up on the right side of the bed.

I went in to TREE HOUSE CLUB, Awesome Bud Tenders , I ask about White Girl's GREEN CRACK. Damn three hits That's all she wrote, A very very nice young lady help me with my order.

Don't know what the fuss is about but I was not that impressed by the quality of the product has great taste but the so called high ain't there man sorry GG #4 much better

The Green Crack is amazing! Perfect healthy substitute for my ADD. My boss has been loving me since I started smoking this because I can't stop being productive!

I'm usually more of an indica smoker. This green crack was a pleasant surprise! I have a nice head, energy and I felt my depression lift! I highly recommend.

I'm no longer on my Ritalin due to this strain. I don't get the stoned feel like some other strains. Very clear headed. Definitely one I keep on hand.!

This has become my morning go to. For me it is like 2 advil and a cup of coffee. It is a clear headed high with a boost of energy and pain relief.

It keeps me awake and alert. Under its influence I've had less pain, and been very positive, creative, and thoughtful. This is the stuff that I need.

It's ok....not one of my favorites but still overall good smoke. It has a pines, tree type taste. Good strain for people with a low tolerance.

Super heavy sativa head stone. Slaps you in the face, neck and chest with a sledge hammer. Go easy on this one...two hits and you're cooked!

Classic! This was the first strain I got at a dispo back in 2008. Was nice finding it around 20%. It stays around for a reason.

The high was great bought 2 grams the first was nothing but "seed's" and stem's the second gram was better but still had alot of stem's

Excellent cerebral head but it can be a little paralyzing initially. Mellows out into a great buzz sometimes. Best if used sparingly.

This strain is 1 of my top 3 ALLTIME favorite strains! Super potent! Grade A++! Always fresh and top quality! Green relief is #1!

This herbs the best , no wonder Snoop enjoys it . l took 3 nice pulls off my glass, felt like I was on a rocket heading for Mars👍

9/10, I able to do house work. Without pain and without crying! Love this strain! The whole house shines and everyone is happy.

Made into a space dust in Maryland with over 40% THC with the weed combined with the wax coating. Very intoxicating indeed !!!

FELL IN LOVE. RARELY CAN FINISH A BOWL. I see there's other green crack.. Must try.. Also Green Queen is another favorite.

Big beautiful thick resinous buds; great scent, great taste, great effect. A classic strain done well! GG's are awesome! !!

This is an amazing strain, it helps my fibo pain and really lifts my mood. Would make this one of my top five favorites.

Love it! Really gets you going and motivated. Nice buzz and great as a daytime strain. Also helps relieve any pain.

Nothing goes with coffee like green crack. Definitely my daytime favorite. Great for an afternoon boost as well.

Have a cold, works great! More energetic but mostly in the brain..good studying strain for you learned group.

This strain for me was satisfactory. I loved the aroma and taste but the desired effects were not up to par.

I have tried the vape for this and it helped me focus much better. I think the brand was cru that makes it

Very energetic and creative and cerebral high. Unlike any strain I have tried in terms of energetic buzz.

A very nice smoke, Hey, if it is good enough for Snoop Dogg. It surely is good enough for you. lol.

Green Crack is such an UNbelievably good strain! Its A++! The appearance,taste,& aroma is 1 of a kind!

Extremely productive high. I'm just totally wired but not messed up like coffee would mess me up.

gr8 head high.......feeling relaxed..but not burn't out.Stays with ya for a good while...:):):)

Serious head high. A little will wake you right up and make you happy. Great daytime strain.

I very smooth great taste of GSC and cherry ...... very motivating and intense high ....

One of my all time faves! It has a good flavor... and an excellent energetic kick!!!

Good strain to smoke with your friends, and works well for stress and anxiety.

As a vet this strain is uplifting euphoric. Great for ptsd. GCrack is the shiznic.

one of the better day strain around great buzz no fog just getting it done A+++

I thought it smells like cocaine now my neighbour thinks I was smoking crack.

Of the ten strains I have tried, this one works the best on my nerve pain.

Amazing buy this now! Tastes and smells amazing definitely top shelf bud

It's so smooth, smell is great. DEFINITELY a sativa and wicked potent.

Not for me. It doesn't produce any effect that I can find useful.

Anytime you sweat after one hit is a great sign of good herb.

great color, aroma, smooth smoke! Definitely one of my tops!

Very srong strain but also short lasting like Sour Deisel.

Did not really do the job. Thin smoke and bad aftertaste.

great for getting things done around the house. good high

great strain,exceptional fresh,pungent buds,a real winner

I just happen to be smoking it now and it is farout!

Love The Taste Sweet.. Definitely a lil Cerebral..

Very tasty bud very happy head high overall 8/10

Love me some green crack! Great for motivation!

Excellent condition of the day the clean.

Classic delicious potent strain! #Flavors

Green crack is good stuff really like it

One of my preferred sativas

I need this in my life

Beautiful feeling.

best of the best

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