Legend Extracts Disposable Vape Pens $24.99 0.6g

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Introducing LEGENDS EXTRACTS disposable vape pens! LEGENDS goes above and beyond to source top-quality source materials And uses only American-made Lead-free vape hardware For a top-quality vape experience. 0.6 grams/pen (600mL). No chemicals or additives in our products, with all distillates independently tested. STRAIN GRANDDADDY PURPLE, BLUE ZKITTLES, SUPERGLUE, SUPER LEMON HAZE, WEDDING CAKE, JACK HERER, MAUI WOWIE, BLUE DREAM, BLUEBERRY, TANGIE, BLOOD ORANGE

  • .5 gram
Legend Extracts Disposable Vape Pens $24.99 0.6g Product
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