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RemPen Vaporizer Cartridges (No AU Limit / No Med Limit)
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Strain-Specific And Blended Varieties Compatible With Multiple Power Sources. 2x: $25 3x: $40 5x:$60 (No AU Limit / No Med Limit)

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NETA - Brookline
3.6 miles away, Medical, Storefront, ADA Access, Debit Card
  • 1 gram
RemPen Vaporizer Cartridges (No AU Limit / No Med Limit) Product image
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Too thick and no flavor. Hard to smoke with cartridge without clogging up. Not very happy with it and wish I could return the 2 xtra ones I bought that won't be used

The propylene glycol used in all these mixes made my throat super sore, and I'm a cigarette smoker. Couldn't even hold it down. If you know PG doesn't bother you, no worries. If it does hurt you, NETA in Northampton gave me store credit for the two carts and battery. They were so friendly and nice about the return, and after I mentioned PG as the source, they said a lot of people have had the same problem. So... unless you're an ecig pro who knows 100% PG is no problem for you, avoid.

easy to use, 3 heat settings for the pen, and fairly discrete, but every single cartridge I've gotten burns my throat after just a few inhalations. I end up coughing it out even at the lowest heat setting for the pen.

It is made from plastic and tastes like plastic. It contains Propylene glycol nasty taste and affects. Got really bad headaches and nausea! Not sure why they carry this :(

Regarding the labeling of a cartridge with content, The Rem slim cartridges I've bought have small label sticker on the inside. Just peeled it of and stuck onto cartridge.

Scraped off the name to make it more stealthy- great for that little bump of pain relief- convenient and a pretty good stylus, too!

what does 2x mean? What does 5x mean?

Tremendous! I just have 1 concern: Why isn't the "cartridge" labeled at all ? It's important, especially as a patient, to always keep meds labeled for both ID & Dates-of-manufacture, lot #, etc. A small laser-printer could work.

This is the ideal for me. Easy to use, goes a long way, portable.