APEX Distillate Cartridges

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Distillate based cartridges, compatible with multiple power sources Subject to availability - see netacare,org/ReserveAhead for current availability

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NETA - Northampton
80.0 miles away, Medical, Storefront, ADA Access, Debit Card, Delivery, Pickup
  • .5 gram
APEX Distillate Cartridges Product
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Heavenly Haze is great, as is Grape God Bud. Not too impressed with the Sour Diesel but overall great product.

I've tried just about everything at NETA. The Apex is my favorite. It's fast, clean and easy to work. 1-2 hits and I'm good. I have chronic pain from a botched operation, severe depression, CFS, nerve damage. The CBD 1:1 is now my favorite daytime, and Platinum Cookies is my favorite for night time. These 2 products make my day livable. Thank you NETA, you are the best!

I purchased my first Apex Rempen last month. It was blue dream, for daytime use. I do mostly indicas, and a few hybrids, for severe neck, back, leg, hip, and neck neurological pain. Also have, Damaged nerves. I have six herniated, bulged and/or broken vertebra, and I'm not a candidate for surgery. I also, have severe fibromyalgia, to the point you can actually see it, from very far away.. invisible disease, my ass!!! Its clean and easy, safer too.. They call it a ten times pen, yet I got double the usage. Bonus........ It Works quick, and they, concentrates and distillates, work better than bud for severe, nonstop pain. My opinion. And, I've done both. Worked well enough, I bought another one, and a second variety to try.. so, I give it two thumbs up. If you are looking for great taste, like flower gives you, its not the best, but doable. I'm sure their flavored varieties, taste better. Product is excellent. I'm very happy I spent the money to try it. Tough spending that much money, on new products. Glad I did. A favorite now. Try NETA. Concentrates are top notch, along with the Apex Rempen.. It will always be part of my meds now. They work that good. Very clean and quick too. Classy...not messy... Very thankful for NETA, and their service, and great products.. Apex, has a WINNER here........ NETA, Northampton....great place. APEX REMPEN, 👍👍👍👍

One hit will set you right and you'll be turning your pen til your next session. Really heavy duty. Best delivery system yet:)

A pure cerebral lift and then you melt into the furniture. Heavenly Haze is manna from heaven! A little goes a long way. So go slow or you will be crawling at a snails pace. Great for muscle aches and pains!