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RemPen Vaporizer Cartridges (No AU Limit / No Med Limit)
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Strain-specific and blended varieties Compatible with multiple power sources 2x: $25 3x: $40 5x:$60 (AU Limit: Limit of 2 vapes total, per visit. Applies to RemPen, RUBI, 500mg APEX and APEX ONE cartridges only. / No Med Limit)

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NETA - Northampton
80.0 miles away, Recreational, Medical, Storefront, ADA Access
  • 1 gram
RemPen Vaporizer Cartridges (No AU Limit / No Med Limit) Product image
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Awful. Bad taste, weak hits. Local store has no limits on these because no one buys them.

I got buddahs sister tonight and I love it the taste is amazing the smell is delightful and it’s just so smooth. Very relaxing calms my axienty and makes my head feel clear and my body mellow. I would recommend this product

What is the difference between the 2x, 3x, and 5x?

thank you for the tip on unclogging. I am once again a happy "puffer"

I'm glad these carts are made of plastic. I always feel bad tossing out the nice metal carts. When you first get it, the concentrate needs to be mixed a little. Just shake it hard it your hand, screw it on and toke.

Good simple way to take some hits on the go. Overall, the Rempen is ok. It feels cheap - no button and thin cheapo plastic mouthpiece. Plastic reservoir, not glass. Sucks that the dispensary doesn't have any options. Trying to figure out how different the effects of different strains are when used as oil through the Rempen vs, dry flower. Any experiences on this? It would make sense that the effects are slightly different--the temperature is different and the refining process probably changes the ratio of terpenes and I feel like this is probably better for you than smoking and is less of a production which is helpful sometimes. The cartridge I'm currently on (the 1 to 1 CBD) tastes burnt when I take two moderate sips in a row.

Love it and it helps when I am stressed

I used this pen and man did it kick in. It made me have a nice relaxed and sensational high witch I was looking for.

I use the 5x mostly sativa, but also 1 to 1 blend high in CBD

Love the Rempen! One drag and I am good to go on the 3x. I have tried the indica blend, 1:1, and Leroy - all super duper!!! cartridges last a long time!

I love the 1:1 cartridge! Overall the rempen is so convenient!

I like using the Cbd 1to1 if I feel like i'm too high the point of anxiety. Clears my mind and really settles me down. Great for social anxiety, and public speaking. The tangerine haze is perfect for on the go, a little goes a long way. Buddha's sister is very relaxing.