Lucid Oil Cartridge
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full Spectrum (Hybrid)
Monkey Grass Farms
Oil Cartridge. A honey-like product 100% free of residual solvents and synthetic cutting agents, Lucid uses a proprietary process of distillation and refinement. It contains only natural cannabinoids and terpenes which provide a clear-headed high. Available in natural, apple berry, strawberry lemonade, fresh mint and orange ginger.

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  • .5 gram
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Their shit makes me cough way too much and don't work. GARBAGE

My brother David has been dgx with ALS for a little more than a year. He showed signs of it for close to three years and no Doctor was able to figure out what was wrong, until my sister whom he had been living with kept trying to bring him to each doctor ---- finally found a doctor who recognized almost immediately that he had ALS. He has been taking medication that was made available to him only through a medical grant funding from those who have donated to the continuing research for a possible cure. He has slowed down in the progression, but without side affects. My hopes and prayers are that, you can also contact the Doctor for possible cure if you have ALS or any relative suffering for same disease here is their email healthmedlab AT gmail DOT com

Unbeatable as progressive as Wa State

Bad taste.. Giving me a head ache and I vape a lo,t this is bad!!

best carts on the market. Need these is CA!

These things don't last very long at all.

Bought a Lucid oils pre-filled cartridge, used for a week, and it completely clogged while still mostly full. Not going to try this brand again.