Mr. Moxey's Mints - Peppermint
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My wife suffers from a degenerative bone disorder that results in substantial spinal pain. She's found that a Mr. Moxie mint taken about an hour before bedtime helps her fall asleep and seep through the night. To be honest, it doesn't work every night, but it does so often that she uses it regularly. The opiods that were perscribed for the very same condition were somewhat less effective, and resulted in constipation and other negative side effects, including mental dullness through the following day. Those things don't happen with the herbal pastilles. Only four stars because the little plastic envelopes each pastille is packaged in are difficult to open with arthritic hands. (Enjoy youth, kiddies, and work on emotional fortitude becaue aging is challenging).

I love this product! This is my go to when I want to feel slightly enhanced but still functional. They definitely are a chill pill and perfect to take for a day on the beach or even work. 5mg is great for everyday use. It kicks in faster if I take it on an empty stomach, or slightly fasted. I once had it after an 8am breakfast feast and it didn't kick in until 5pm.

I refer to these as "chill pills." One lozenge allowed to dissolve under the tongue will deliver just the right amount of a calming affect for anxiety and a mellow light body buzz which is a perfect place to be in bed playing around with your sweety. A double dose for the occasional cannabis enjoyer will possibly have you examining your hands as though you had just discovered you had hands. As with most edibles, allow about an hour or so for the peak experience to kick in, and in the meantime, enjoy your minty fresh breath...

I love the taste. A great way to end the day. 5m serving is a good starting point for an occasional user like me.

It's an awesome mint and one of them is a nice buzz. Love them.

I LOVE this product. I have extreme nausea and the peppermint mixed with the thc does the job. Wonderful product although cost high.