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CBD Punch
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From its Purple Punch lineage, CBD Punch has a unique terpene profile - aromas of grape candy, blueberry muffins, and tart Kool-Aid. The AC/DC parent (high CBD), gives this strain it's powerful anti-inflammatory properties along with enhanced mental clarity and focus. CBD Punch is truly an exciting CBD strain that has been effective for those looking to treat chronic pain, anxiety, headaches, seizures, and stress.

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I've been a smoker for 45 years, so naturally, lean heavily towards sativa. My mom's considering medical marijuana, but past experience has convinced her that she doesn't like the 'high' part of it. So I picked this up for her, and had to try it myself. I once had a coffee can full of home grown. You know, the kind that's all leaf and never even came close to flowering. So me and my roommate did smoke said homegrown, and he succinctly described it in this way: 'It gets you high while you're smoking it'. There you go! A stoner has no use for this strain.