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2012.7 miles, Medical, Storefront
Hours Today: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Open
2625 Canyon Ferry , Helena, MT, 59602

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10:00 am - 6:00 pm
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Walked into the Sanders Street shop. Announce I was a first time buyer. Asked for any sales or discount. Budtender shows me the top shelf and tells me it's $20.00 an eight. I asked about veteran's discount. Budtender says, "Oh yeah." I asked for a half ounce. That'd be $80.00 plus veteran's discount. I figured what the heck I might as well get a $5.00 blunt. $85.00 with the discount of 20% should be around $17.00 discount. I asked what my bill was and the budtender quoted me $84. So much for the veterans discount. Oh and the $5.00 blunt ... seen fatter penises on roosters! The weed is dated 10-19-20. Dry and brittle filled with long stems. What tipped it all off was w2hen he gave me my change he told me, "Sorry we don't have any way to give receipts. Our machine is broken." Well my fine slovenly smelly budtender ... you know with those rip off practices that shop will eventually fold like a card table. And you will be complicit ... I hope you and your family enjoy the $17.00 veterans discount you ripped me off for. Ya coulda had my business but instead you'll always be a putz and a ripoff of a dispensary. This dispensary will steal your money! Avoid at all cost.

Family business by young and very talented entrepreneurs. I am very satisfied with the strains. They are sticky, full of terps and good quality smoke all the way around. The shatter and oils are superb and probably the best in the county if not the state. They sale edibles made on property fresh and delicious. The customer service is excellent and they make you feel like family. The budtenders are very knowledgeable and can guide you to the perfect strain. Prices are competitive.

I was a long time patient of Montana buds/Helena buds because they were one of the few places in town. Back in the day their quality was much higher than what I've seen as of recent. I went in the on Christmas day because they were the only guys open and bought some of their sale strain at $20 an eighth and it was riddled with seeds and stems. I can go to other places in town and pay $20 to $25 an eighth all day and it is beautiful stuff. Everything is way too expensive at Helena buds and they don't offer enough indica strains cuz quite frankly the papaya is not that great.

Where yer always made feel welcome, even if yer a stranger. Friendly folks, great atmosphere and wide variety of stock to choose from. I’ve checked around and I wouldn’t go anywhere else....check it out!

Excellent Service, Strands and treats. Just A Good overall Atmosphere....luv, luv, luv......cant Say Enogh.....

Very helpful and great products! (I miss Wade though)

Good guy, good weed, good prices.

Great service, great staff, most of all great proudcts.

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