Arkansas Marijuana Information & FAQ

The passage of Issue 6 has created new responsibilities for the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH). These responsibilities include rule making, issuance of Registry Identification Cards, tracking of dispensed marijuana and other operations. ADH currently does not have an established infrastructure for this type of program. It will take several months to secure funding, promulgate regulations, hire staff and implement contracts. Under this amendment, qualifying patients and designated caregivers can apply to receive Registry Identification Cards from ADH. ADH is required to maintain a database for dispensaries to verify the amount dispensed to card holders. ADH will have other responsibilities, including regulating labeling and testing standards, establishing reasonable fees, considering public petitions to add additional medical conditions to the list of qualifying conditions, and submitting annual reports to the Legislature. Over the next few weeks, ADH will develop an expected timeline for this process and will post it to this website. Additionally, ADH will update this website when Registry Identification Cards are available. If you have questions, you can direct them to We have also set-up an informational call-line, to be updated periodically, that can be reached at 501-661-2367.