District of Columbia Marijuana Information & FAQ

01. What medical conditions will qualify a patient for medical marijuana?
The approved medical conditions for the District of Columbia's medical marijuana program include: HIV, AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, sever muscle spasms, multiple sclerosis. Patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or using azidothymidine or protease inhibitors also can qualify.
02. What documentation do I need from the recommending physician to provide with my application?
Qualifying patients can complete an application form which requires proof of residency and submit it along with a formal physician recommendation.
03. Who can write a medical marijuana certification for a patient?
A physician who is licensed in the District of Columbia to practice medicine or osteopathy can write a recommendation. Their license must be in good standing and have a bona-fide physician-patient relationship with the patient including having a responsibility for their ongoing treatment and care.
04. How much will it cost to apply for a registry identification card?
The application fee is $100 or $25 if the applicant is a recipient of Medicaid or DC Alliance or if applicant has other documentation showing the total gross income is equal to or less than 200% of federal poverty level.
05. Can minors register in the program?
Yes, minors can register in the program. Parent or legal guardian must also provide information and authorization.
06. What is the possession limit?
The possession limit is 2 ounces.
07. Is registration optional or mandatory?
Registration is mandatory for the legal protections outlined in the program since acquisition of medical marijuana is only allowed through licensed dispensaries.
08. Does the state honor other states' registries?
No, DC has no reciprocity agreements with other states.
09. Can I choose any dispensary or do I have to designate a specific one?
Applicants must designate a dispensary at the time of application. Patients can change to a new dispensary by filling out a change form.
10. Can a physician revoke a patient's written certification?
Yes, a physician is required to notify the Department of Health within 14 days after notifying a patient that they no longer have a qualified condition or treatment.
11. How do I renew my card?
Cards are valid for one year and qualified patients can re-apply through the normal application process with updated physician medical recommendations.
12. What happens if I lose my card?
The Department of Health recommends you contact them within 24 hours (202) 442-5955 and submit the registration card replacement form along with a $90 fee.
13. How does the state law work with federal laws?
It is important to recognize that these state marijuana laws do not change the fact that using marijuana continues to be an offense under Federal law.
14. How can I become a designated caregiver?
A caregiver must be designated by a qualifying patient and register with the Department of Health by filling out an application and a criminal background check form. A caregiver is limited to serve as a caregiver for only one qualifying patient and must be at least 18. There is a $100 fee to become a caregiver.
15. If I am a designated caregiver, can I grow marijuana?
No, only licensed cultivation centers can grow marijuana in D.C.
16. Can I be both a qualifying patient and a designated caregiver?
There are no restrictions for caregivers from being able to also register as a qualifying patient outlined, however, possession limits per person still apply.
17. How do dispensaries, collectives and cooperatives work?
The District of Columbia has a dispensary program. Patients are required to select their dispensary of choice during the application process and may only visit that dispensary for their medical marijuana needs. Dispensaries must be licensed and meet the criteria outlined in the regulations.
18. How many dispensaries, collectives and cooperatives are allowed?
The limit of no more than 5 dispensaries is outlined, but the Mayor may increase the number to as many as 8 to ensure there is adequate access.
19. Who can cultivate marijuana?
Only licensed cultivation centers can grow marijuana in DC.
20. What rules apply to cultivation facilities?
Cultivation centers must apply and be approved to grow medical marijuana. Several additional requirements from zoning to security and others are necessary and are outlined on the application form.

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