Utah Marijuana Information & FAQ

01. What is the Utah CBD Program?
Under HB 105 and effective July 1st, ,2014 amendments to the Utah Code relating to hemp were made. The highlight provisions included: permits the Department of Agriculture and a department-certified higher education 20 institution to grow industrial hemp for the purpose of agricultural or academic 21 research; 22 . exempts an individual with intractable epilepsy who uses or possesses hemp extract, 23 and complies with other requirements, from the penalties related to possession or 24 use of the hemp extract under the Controlled Substances Act; 25 . exempts an individual who possesses hemp extract and administers the hemp 26 extract to a minor with intractable epilepsy from the penalties related to 27 administering the hemp extract to a minor under the Controlled Substances Act; 28 . requires the Department of Health to issue a hemp extract registration card to an 29 individual who meets certain requirements; 30 . requires a neurologist signing a statement that an individual or minor could benefit 31 from treatment with hemp extract to keep a record of the neurologist's evaluation 32 and transmit the record to the Department of Health;
02. How do I acquire a Hemp Extract Registry Card?
Utah requires patients to register for a Hemp Extract Card through their registry. Their application form provides directions which include providing written certification from a Neurologist and proof of identity and residency.
03. What are the qualifying conditions under the Utah CBD law?
Intractable epilepsy is the only qualifying condition under Utah's CBD law.

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