The Phoenix Certification Clinics

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2290.2 miles, Certifications, Renewals, ADA, Credit Cards
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5150 N 16th Street Suite B-250 , Phoenix, AZ, 85016

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Went in for a renewal last week, and I already got my card. Front office Jazmen and Dr. Prince are amazing. For those who are regulars, their North Phoenix office is at 7th Ave now inside of the medical suites. Very clean and looks like something out of the future. I recommend them ten times over.

Quality clinic and fast service. Wish the hot doctor wasn’t married. She’s the best in the industry.

Love this clinic, went to the 19th ave location. The doctors are really nice and personable and don't treat you like a druggie. Smh at the post before mine. I am pretty sure we went to the same clinic in glendale with the dogs running around. I don't even remember the name, but they need to be reported, not sure how that's sanitary. I'll only ever go the phoenix certifications now. It's really clean, and the front office staff doesn't have chronic eye rolling syndrome. I'll be reupping my card again at the Union Hills location.

I am so glad I gave this another shot. Last year I had one hell of a nightmare trying to get my card. The first clinic that I went to off of Glendale was running an illegal dispensary and super shady, but I thought that came with the territory. What did I know? It was my first time. I finish up with what I assumed was a legitimate doctor, and 2 months later... no card. I call repeatedly until finally learn that the phone is disconnected. I'm out $300 and have no card! A co-worker recommended The Phoenix Clinics. She told me that they are professional and legit. I went to their North Phoenix location, and what do you know...a clean and professional doctor's office. No dogs running around or baby crib and kid toys in the corner. No pizza boxes on the floor. I wish I was exaggerating, but these are all things that I had seen at the shady office last year. I felt like I was at the Four Seasons compared to my sh*tty experience last year. GO HERE. These guys are the real deal.

I'm a natural skeptic, so I had my doubts at first--but boy was I wrong! The staff was super professional, the doctor very informed, and the process was incredibly quick and easy. Within only a day or two after my visit, I had an email awaiting in my inbox that confirmed that my application had been filed by the state. Will definitely be recommending them to my friends and returning next year. -JB

Folks here are pretty nice and they made the process easy. I can't wait to get my card in the mail.

I got my card renewed here. This is my 2nd time with the clinic, and I saw the same doctor. I brought my mom this time to try to convince her to get her card, and she ended up also getting her card the next week.

I went to the Union Hills location and was very impressed by the professionalism and knowledge of the staff.

Used this clinic at Union hills location. I was very satisfied with the service last year. However, an emergency took me out of town for ten days, and during that time my card expired. I had my own updated medical records when I had to go out of town but had not gotten paperwork submitted so returned to the clinic with expired card to get new application done. Last year my office wait was brief and I was quite pleased to have my card in hand eight days later. This year however, my wait was an hour and twenty minutes. Got there about eleven and so did everyone else, as they are open eleven to one. Go at twelve thirty if you use them. I am now going into three weeks with no card and no meds!! Called the place for an update. Could not get when they actually submitted my form or when to expect it!! Poss three to four weeks!! I was informed they DO NOT submitt the forms when you pay, but actually can hold on to them for a while before they get around to submitting them! Thanks a bunch Phoenix certification clinics. I won't be back next should have staff submitting forms at the end of each day when you take our money!!!!!

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