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I’m so grateful for this man!

I literally just turned 18 today and got my medical marijuana card from him! Idk why so many “boomer” parents are so afraid of dope. It’s better than selling one’s body or joining the military or something.

The Doc was friendly and reliable. THanks.

Just found out that this dr. Provides teen with a medical mariguana card with out a parents consent or pediatric evaluation so teen can get addicted and depend on the drug my son is a victim of this doctor I try to google so I can report this and looks like their is no page or link where i can do this, but i will find out how and will make sure they revoke his license. This doctor is not helping people only destroying young kids futures

Goat Doctor. Got my medical marijuana card from him yesterday morning. Was able to purchase weed the same day just by showing the local dispensary his recommendation. Nothing bad to say about him.

This "Doctor" is a exploitative man who has authorized someone i know and love, who clearly has developed an ADDICTION to marijuana and has a history of panic and anxiety that, prior to using weed, was handling it well and organically. Now completely dependent on Marijuana for functioning every day has also begun drinking low percentage concentration of alcohol as well, in spite of never liking the taste of it before using marijuana with the frequency that is up to daily now. This doctor is an irresponsible man who, despite his training, has decided to cash in his chips and sell out for easy money in spite of the fact that he could be destroying this young man (and no doubt many others) life This is heartbreaking DOCTOR !!! DO YOU CARE THAT WITH A SWIPE OF A PEN YOU ARE IN LARGE PART COLLUDING IN TAKING SOMEONE DOWN WHO HAD PROMISE YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF THIS IS NOT OVER BY THE WAY

Never forget the atrocities that the Jihadis inflicted upon us on this day. #neverforget #twintowers #9/11

I got a card from him even though I don’t smoke that much. I got it for the COVID-19 because I looked it up and cannabis helps with the symptoms. I also get anxiety when taking tests and weed helps. Easy process of getting a card. Doctor is very professional. I got approved over the phone. I went to the dispensary and got pre-rolls and carts the same day. I don’t know why anyone would say bad things about this man.

I would recommend Dr. Francis to my friends if they wanted medical marijuana cards. I got an mmjc for the first time (I just turned 18) from him last week and it was so easy.

Such a good doctor. Treated my pain (inside and out) with marijuana. When I told him that my foot hurt, he told me to smoke weed. When it still hurt, he told me to smoke some more. It worked. He is such a genius.

Getting my medical marijuana card was easy thanks to Dr. Dambrosio. He called me and it was a quick call. He just asked me a few simple questions and approved my recommendation in about 5 minutes. Definitely going to call him back next year to get a new card

Dr. D’Ambrosio is a good guy. I don’t know why all these boomer parents are so against their 18 year old children smoking marijuana. It’s not even bad for you, especially considering what I used to do way back when I was a child. My phone call with Dr. D’Ambrosio was fast and my request for a medical marijuana recommendation and card was approved almost immediately.

I went to NuggMd to get my card and I was signed up to talk with this doctor. The meeting was super easy and relaxed. He didn’t ask me about any of my “reasons” for getting a card. To be completely honest, I made up my reasons (anxiety, depression, etc...) for needing marijuana. I just wanna smoke weed all day every day!

I have had chronic insomnia for my whole life after becoming a social worker. The sheer amount of kids with such sad backstories honestly keeps me up all night. Thanks to Dr. D, I am able to smoke weed to get some relief from my mental pain. The world needs more honest and caring doctors like him!

Got my medical marijuana card from Dr. D today. So pumped to use it. Happy 4th!

Fk u for prescribing without meeting anybody. Hope you rot in your own waste.

Dr. D’Ambrosio was a easy guy to talk to. My appointment with him in regards to my desire to get medicated was fast and easy. He did not ask any questions (such as previous doctor recommendations or past prescribed medications). I will definitely recommend him to my friends and family members who turn 18 soon.

I loved the whole experience of getting a medical marijuana card. I got the card as soon as I turned 18. No appointment necessary. I created my account and selected the symptoms I had to get a medical marijuana card. Then I waited about 5 minutes for him to call me and all he asked was if I thought medical marijuana would help me. I said yes and he gave me a recommendation on the spot. It was great. I then used this recommendation to buy marijuana the same day. My parents and I then proceeded to smoke some sour diesel together. Best birthday present ever!

I recently got a marijuana card to help me deal with my anxiety, which is especially flaring up during these trying times. The appointment and call through NuggMD was quick. As soon as I scheduled my appointment, the doctor called me and confirmed my registration and gave me his recommendation for a marijuana card. After I got the recommendation, I could immediately go to any dispensary. No card was needed. I will surely go back to him next year when the card expires!

I just received my MMJC in the mail today! I am so grateful to have a doctor like Dr DAmbrosio. The conversation was easy and quick. Basically no questions asked besides “do you live with your parents and if so, are they ok with this?” Lmao

Francis D'Ambrosio is a straight up gangsta! He hooked me up with a medical marijuana recommendation less than a minute after I first spoke to him. Gangsta is truly the best marijuana doctor in the game!!!!!

My experience with Frank has been nothing but positive! It was so easy to get a medical marijuana card. If you read the other reviews, you’d notice how they are either 5 stars or 1 star. Those who rated Frank 5 stars are people who wanted to get medical marijuana cards. Those who rated Frank 1 star are those who think marijuana is evil and are pissed that he gave their adult child a medical marijuana card. So when reading the reviews, the average star rating is irrelevant. The only thing that is important is knowing who you are: someone who wants medical marijuana (5 stars), or someone who thinks marijuana should be illegal (1 star).

If it were not for Doctor Frank, I would have never gotten a cure for my insomnia. Before I got a medical marijuana card, I would have a tough time sleeping. I would be lying in bed awake from 5 minutes to 5 hours! Since I got the card, I get a peaceful night of sleep every night.

I believe in medical marijuana. I believe that some people really do benefit from it, and that it is a much better alternative to using other prescription drugs. However that being said there is an undeniable link between the use of marijuana and increased symptoms of mental illness. Now this doesn't happen for everyone and I understand that. However if you've been diagnosed with a mental disorder and medicate yourself with marijuana you are statistically much more likely to suffer from its use than to gain from it. This doctor has shown little interest in what's doing right for the patient. I encourage you to do your research on the kind of man and doctor he is before you give him any money. Even if you don't have a mental illness I hope from this review you might realize that Dr. Francis isn't in the least concerned with what happens to you or how you might be negatively affected. He doesn't look into your medical history, he doesn't explain how your current medications might interact, as far as i'm concerned this man isn't a doctor. People like him don't deserve to call themselves that. If you give him money, just realize your helping a man who has done a lot of bad in his career.

Doctor Frank is the man! He hooked me up with a medical marijuana recommendation and card ASAP. Best weed doctor in the country.

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