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Dr. Burnham is a authorized physician with the State of Connecticut to prescribe medicinal marijuana to people that have at least one of the 11 debilitating illnesses that qualify for this program.


Dr. Burnham is a authorized physician with the State of Connecticut to prescribe medicinal marijuana to people that have at least one of the 11 debilitating illnesses that qualify for this program.

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If I could give -5stars I would because that's what this "doctor" deserves. He has no business in the medical marijuana industry period. Please go anywhere else unless you want to be lied to, manipulated, taken advantage of, ripped off, hung up on, and denied copies of your own medical records from the past almost 4yrs you've been a patient with him. Save yourself the trauma and please find a more reputable physician. Any dispensary in CT will be happy to give you a list of many lovely providers.

Had the same experience as all the other 1 star reviews. Told me I shouldn't color my hair or wear my makeup like I do. No privacy in his office. Commented on my meds saying I didn't need to be on them all even though I just met him. He's also really nutty he repeats himself and rambles. Just a gross place and person. I left the office crying. The only positive thing was his dogs in his office. Looking into filing a complaint where necessary asap. Look into West Hartford Medical Center. I haven't been there yet but they charge a lot less. $175 first time and $150 renewal.

I had a horrible experience with this doctor. He has no concept of confidentiality or basic manners. He interrogated me about personal health information right next to the open window to the lobby with other patients standing right there. He is very aggressive and accusatory when asking questions and that can be very triggering for someone with anxiety. It honestly felt like he was trying to force me into a traumatic episode just to give him more information. Left his office in tears and I will never be going back. This man should NOT have a license to practice ANYTHING in the medical field.

I just went for my renewal. He is getting worse and more forgetful, older than dirt - he constantly makes inappropriate comments, political, sexist and racist while reviewing my chart full of scribbles from over the years. He is not professional and lacks compassion, everything becomes a reason to make an offensive joke about why I qualify, and not based on my medical condition, like my ethnicity.... Not to mention, the office is filthy. Will be looking for someone else thankfully I discovered there are more options in my location for next years renewal.

I don’t know what these negative people are talking about. My experience was excellent. The doctor say for quite awhile with me explains the process and discussing how the MM program works and how it can help me. As a cancer patient I have used the products and it significantly helps me get through the roughest of times. You don’t have to smoke, there are many deliver systems for the products. Too many whiners here. I had a great experience. Yes it costs a lot but when you’re in pain you’re useless. The program for me in CT has been a God send.....thank you thank you thank you...

My spouse had a bogus PTSD diagnosis a few years ago and used that to get the card. Since then, he just pays to get the renewal without ever having to submit an updated medical diagnosis. The process is a joke. I believe medical marijuana is appropriate for those who truly need it, but the need should be verified annually.


I work for a medical marijuana doctor's office and I had a patient today who came in and told me that she saw this doctor. I have never been more appalled by a story from a patient. Upon talking to him, he proceeded to bombard her with racist and sexist questions and comments, blamed her assault on her, completely shamed her for trying to come off of opioids to the extent that she left his office sobbing. This man should have his license stripped from him. He is a sad, sorry excuse for a human being who should never practice medicine again so that he never has the chance to traumatize anyone ever again. Do not see him.

Dr Bruce was very helpful and caring.The office people are extremely nice. I was nervous and the staff and Dr made me feel at ease

I went to this doctor for my renewal. My initial was with another doctor who had no knowledge and didn't care about y I was there. Dr burnham took the time to explain things and was caring. I had questions and he had answers. So I would rather pay a little extra and get a good doctor that actually knows what he's talking about verses the other who could care less. You get what you pay for! And by far this is the best service I have had yet!

Professional, courteous, and caring.

This doctors office is basically milking this process for every dime they can possibly squeeze out of their patients..my father found his partner dead in the living room he definitely qualifys for and needs this this card. The fact that they require their patients to basically stand on their head to get this while paying over 500$ after all the "nessecary" (according to them) appts...is quite rediculious.

Before you make an appointment, check other sources for medical marijuana. Dr. Burnham rambles...repeats himself...and seems to expect the patient to have previous knowledge of the various ways to take medical marijuana. $250. CASH...for twenty minutes. Doesn't offer a receipt...something is off about the whole experience. When I asked questions about the different types of taking this, he gave a "handout"...a copy of other patients notes that were hard to read and again...if you had no experience...makes no sense. Also, didn't return my phone call and didn't answer my email either, prior to the appointment day. He said his website was not updated...really...and he just accepts this? A quick way for him to make a lot of CASH taking advantage of people in pain.The plastic surgery office seems like a "Front" to me.

Best doctor I have ever experienced. Professional, knowledgeable and surpasses any expectation of care in this field !! Not only am I a returning patient but I would also highly recommend Dr. Burnham and his staff.

Dr. Burnham was great!! The best doctor I had ever seen. He made everything for me and was very helpful. He has a great spirit and wants to help.

Dr Burnham is great. Quick meeting with him and everything is good to go. He is very professional and walks you through the whole process.

Staff not very friendly, I had called to make the appointment, and she told me it would cost $250. All the other Drs in the area are charging $175 or $200. When I asked why it wasn't the $175 as posted on their site, she stated that was the cost for retuning clients. Needless to say, I'm calling other Drs, I've found in the area.

Very caring doctor! Small office, and they do their best to accommodate timing, but keep in mind the symbiotic relationship!

Great, smart, so caring. Felt comfortable, kind Dr Burnham thankyou.


Dr. Burnham left for lunch shortly after I arrived for my scheduled appointment -- he even said hello to me as he walked by. He's the only doctor in the office, so I was obviously there to see him. I was even less impressed with the staff. But I needed the card and got it. Would love to use someone else next time.

Dr. Burnham was a kind and helpful doctor. My experience in his office was good and went smoothly. He confirmed my diagnosis and approved my license.


I had my initial consult with Dr. Burnham. His office staff was friendly and helpful. The office was like any other doctors office. The patients I waited with were your average working professionals. He went through my medical history and reviewed my documentation to confirm I have 1 of the 11 approved diagnosis for CT's medical marijuana program. He also explained the benefits and risk, along with the rules for the program. He was kind and caring throughout the appointment and also confident that this medicine is going to help my medical condition.

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