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Specializes in internal medicine.

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Im having trouble with the phone number 203-261-1727 saying its disconnected. Is Dr. Major still practicing?

Dr. Major is very good and very responsive to my medical needs. I couldn't find relief in any other way for my immunodepressed condition and my life has seemed to do nothing but get worse and worse over the last year. I have a terrible esophageal issue and never ending flare ups of UC . I can't take corticosteroids or nsaids to relieve pain from liver issues. I am praying that this will help and she has made this possible for me. She is very knowledgeable and has assisted with another family member with cancer. The MMJ program is certainly something that helps and I encourage anybody who can't find treatment that helps your condition to contact her if you qualify. If you don't know about this, you could always contact her office to see if there may be something they recommend. The program accepts specific medical conditions, but they do vary in a way , so you could very well be eligible for the program in ways related to those conditions. A call to Dr Major and release of medical records to verify there may be eligibility for you will get you signed up and ready to be accepted within 1 day by the state. If the state isn't overwhelmed, you could get your temporary card in as little as 10 days to 3 weeks.

VETERANS BEWARE!!!!!! Had to give one star. I’m a 100% service connected Veteran. This Doc has no idea of PTSD. & how it affects people. She immediately triggered me & repeatedly kept doing so to the point of she offered my money back. Then I got a little pissed so she threatened to call 911 on me. This German woman has no right to service Veterans seeking help. She’s very fortunate that she hasn’t triggered the wrong person

Dr. Major is my second medical marijuana doctor and she does everything my first doctor did. Reviews documentation, asks questions and signs off on my card. Her fee is reasonable and we are fortunate to have a medical marijuana doctor like her in our area. OK, so she doesn't have the greatest bedside manner but so what.

no one is trying to ban cigarettes grace, only where you can light up without infringing on other peoples rights to there choice of lifestyle. i cant smoke medical marijuana in resturants, or while walking down the street in public. if you need cigarettes to get through the day or at the end of your day im happy for you, why cant you be happy for me?

Only go here if you want to become a pothead burnout. This crap is being given much too freely and all you Punkass Liberal/Socialist kids who think this is the way to go need to educate yourself. Think about it. They want to legalize this shit but ban cigarettes. They want you all to burnout in the brain and that way they will have more control. This so called doctor needs to re-think who she's passing this out to. As far as I'm concerned she's nothing but a pusher.

I love Dr. Major. I am not an employee I have serious medical conditions and it was suggested by my pain doctor to try medical marijuana. It has changed my life. I took with me a 12" stack of medical records from that year, and the other items I was asked to bring. She was kind and compassionate and, personally I think she is very brave. She doesn't diagnose, she confirms that you truly qualify. YOU MUST BRING YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS. I don't see adolescent homeboys in the dispensary. see very sick people who have opted for cannibis instead of narcotics, many of whom are clearly undergoing chemo or have to be lifted out of a medical van. I thank God for Dr. Major - and those of you who give negative reviews - first go to school and learn to spell. Then follow protocol. If you don't have dr. records for one of the approved conditions, you won't get a card. The State determines the fees and the dispensaries give discounts to offset renewal fees. Thank you Dr. Major for your steadfast dedication to helping those of us who are truly in need.

3 years strong as Dr.Majors patient. Very happy, and i understand why you all seem so angry, i had to provide actual medical records, she doesn’t just prescribe the cards to anyone.

I am patient seeking care from Dr. Major. I am a previous patient of hers. However all the websites list her old phone number and now it is a personal cell phone or someone else. Could someone kindly post her new phone number please. I need a renewal.

my name is keith, i reached out to the office of dr major late september 2017. and saw her mid october. im 54 and have been properly diagnosed as having severe ptsd. after seeing standerdised medical proffessionals who dont care what you have gone through, and just use you as a test subjuct for big pharma, i was in a nightmare until i heard of medical marijuana. ive experienced things no one should, expecially at such a tender age.and had to carry this with me through my entire life.along with to many great loses and traumatic experiences in life .may god bless you dr major.

Dr. Major is wonderful. She helped me through the process and it was a great experience. I'm not really understanding the bad reviews..She took my blood pressure fine lol...sounds like a crazy ex employee or lover, who knows..

this doctor is the worst of them all!, she's an unprofessional woman with no standards at all. As someone that used to work closely with her iv seen her do various things, like REUSE the pee cups for everyone of her primary care patients. I have also seen her take false vital signs. she has a broken blood pressure cuff and pretends to take the patients blood pressure. i have also heard her talk about other people from different cultures calling them niggers and rag heads and broke. she's running her office as if was an illegal joint , i don't know why this woman is still providing care for patients when she clearly has said in her own words "they can die or look for another doctor" i feel so bad for the people who still have to see her for regular checkups. PEOPLE open your eyes!! this woman is not fit to care for other human beings . no one deserves to be treated the way she has treated all of her patients! Also she certifies people for medical marijuana and there are times where she writes a down a condition that the patient does not have. Usually this happens if the person is a close friend or relative.

Dr. Major is a fantastic doctor. I could only assume that the bad ratings are people that were denied because of blatantly lying and/or not having a legit diagnoses in there paperwork when they were there. Great doctor and i wish i could give her 10 stars lol. Some people are so spiteful. Don't listen to the bad reviews. These people are whiney children. As another post said, shame on them...

To the posters that had poor ratings, shame on you. Dr. Major has always been available and kind. I have PTSD, I worked in WTC2 on 9/11. I don't expect her to try and diagnose or treat it, that why I go to therapy. On my first visit I showed up with documentation from both my Family Dr. as well as my therapist so there was no doubt to weather or not I was trying to scam a card. She was satisfied and approved my application. Every year since, when I call for a renewal appt. I always ask is there anything I need to bring. So far her staff has been wonderful. I can't say enough good things about this process. Thank you Dr. Major!

Dr. Judith Major has been my family doctor since she started her practice in town in the mid 90s. She has always been thorough and very knowledgeable when it comes to my family's medical care. I have a lot a respect for her because she came to this country and made a name for herself within the medical field. I've been to doctors who brush me off because they have scheduled too many patients for the day and have to get moving, like an assembly line, but not Dr. Major. She has frequently followed up with a phone call when caring for any of my family members. She even calls us to schedule our annual flu shots. When I read the complaints, I can't help but think that the individuals making those complaints are bitter because the reason for their appointment is not necessarily seeking medical care, but the prescription they feel entitled to. My family goes to Dr. Major for medical care, so I will rate Dr. Major with exceeding expectations. M&RL Family

i have a legitimate beef with the system .. i have ptsd yet can't afford a card let alone have someone hear my case!!!!

Dr.Major is a fraud most should know just google her name. She will give you a medical card just to make money off of you, she doesn't ask the correct medical questions and most good reviews written by her is by her staff. Her staff knows that this whole operation is a scam and they are in on it. If you want a responsible caring doctor Dr.Major is opposite just a money hungry crooked doctor. This is just the truth.

Doctor Major...will prescribe if you have the condition needed...However, it has people respond to medications that determine most prescriptions. She will not tell you how what your response might be. Bad medicine. She does the effectiveness. She is very brave for doing this and realizing the real medical potential of this plant. We will be moving into more Bio Meds in the future...for a variety of conditions. Medical Cannabis seems to offer the most hope for the most ailments....

My name is henry Brown and I haven't been able to get a quick appt like person stain don't worry just get your money and letter from doctors and we will fit you in no problem and from the reviews I've read I would give it a five star they do what they can and shouldn't matter about money it's fees that would be charged anyways when you go to doctors in last five years or more I've seen enough doctors specialist plenty of them and they get a lot more than what she gets they work and get paid for it and she is trying to help people from what I see

It depends what you are looking for in am MMJ doctor. If you just want to get in and get out without learning how to maximize your cannabis experience, go to Dr. Major. She would certify a monkey if it had money. So that is great because everyone can benefit from cannabis. However, if you want to learn as much as possible about how to customize your cannabis experience, I would go to Canna care in Hartford. It's less rushed and you walk away feeling less cheated out of $200.

Dr. Major was very compassionate. Staff was a little busy, but very professional. I suspect that most of the bad reviews are from people who didn't get a card. Two "must do's"...bring your fee, and bring your papers. They tell you up front, so not like they are springing it on you. Oh, and actually have a qualifying condition...she's not your drug dealer. She changed my life for the better. My condition was debilitating, now I almost forget I have one. Thank you, Dr. Major. (Oh, and for the idiots mocking her accent...at one time your own family/ancestors were immigrants and probably spoke much like her. Personally, I think it's very easy to listen to. You don't need weed...go buy yourself a clue instead.)

The staff is unbelievably kind and helpful. I had many questions and they were all answered with caring and compassion. I had an interesting visit with Dr. Major, not bad just different then most doctors. I think what most of these negative comments are about is that she is not from this country, you can tell by her accent, and therefore does not act like most American doctors act. Yes, like many of the negative comments she cut me off a few times, but I think its more to make sure that she is providing all of the proper info in a timely manner to see the next patient in time so that they are not kept waiting. I think some people need a reminder that the world doesn't revolve around you. People going to see doctors like this need help and most have waited too long to get or be able to receive it. Dr. Major was kind and helpful and even assisted me when I had an issue and her staff is the best I've ever seen! Don't judge a book by its cover, sometimes negative reviews are more about what the person is going through and how they "expect a doctor to treat them" than the doctor. I would highly recommend Dr. Major and her office. They were efficient, helpful and kind.

Dr. Major is just great. I didn't have to wait too long to be seen and the staff is very friendly. Just make sure you bring extra medical documentation to support your qualifying condition. She accepted my lab results but expressed that she prefers to have the extra documentation. She is very kind and pleasant to work with. I would definitely recommend her to others.

ibe been with Dr.Major for 3yrs this year & i wanna thank the Dr.& Staff for their compassionate care& time they spend talking & listening to you. Shes a GREAT Doctor i Love her !! Shes changed my life , Thank You Dr.Major😆 Patricia F.

The Dr. Was just so nice and she couldn't believe how many injuries I have because I am so young. She's a Sweetheart and a Great Dr.- Her staff are also amazing & they really are good at their jobs! The whole experience was extremely Pleasant👍🌞😀💐🍀🍁🌻🌹 -Kyla

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