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Dr. Corey Jaquez is one of the handful of doctors who actively dedicates time to accept patients spedically for medical marijuana consultations.


Dr. Corey Jaquez is one of the handful of doctors who actively dedicates time to accept patients spedically for medical marijuana consultations.

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8:30 am - 8:00 pm
8:30 am - 8:00 pm
8:30 am - 8:00 pm
8:30 am - 8:00 pm
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I’ve been going here about four years and my wife about five years. This practice has gone from a being decent to awful. The office staff is abominable. The final straw for me was having my blood pressure meds renewal messed up again. Called to try and have my medical records transferred to another doctor so I can get my meds and stop having to jump through hoops with this office every time I need an appointment or a BP med. After having Ellen and Norma tell me I they WILL NOT transfer my medical records to another doctor after they informed me I’m “unprofessional”. That’s because I’m a patient not your business associate, and while you think it’s funny to cause patients distress I don’t find it funny and I don’t find it funny that you will not refill my meds and you will not send my records to a doctor so they can provide me the medical care I need. STAY AWAY FROM HERE, if you need a cannabis card there’s a place on Weston St in Hartford that was wonderfully helpful after they heard what I experienced as a patient at West Hartford Medical Center. I honestly can say today was a wake up moment, as a patient I deserve to be able to seek medical care without giving up my dignity. West Hartford Medical Center needs to realize it too.

first your treated like a human being not a drug addict. your greeted by friendly people, it takes minutes,your needs are handled in a respectful manner by Dr Jaquez .A Dr who cares!! I'm very comfortable with him and his office staff try them!!!

Free consultation for medical marijuana, quick and easy! I called in for info on process and wass immediately offered an appointment for next day! At time of appoinment all I needed was proof of my diagnosis, my license and $175.00. I signed a couple forms and completed a questionaire and was called to meet the doctor. The doctor was friendly, understanding and very knowledgeable of state regulations.

not taking anymore state husky D patients, Whoever answered phone RUDE

So, if Dr. Corey is a woman, who is the nice young male doctor we've seen? I've seen him 3 years now. He's always great. The staff is always courteous and professional. I've never waited any longer than at any other doctors offices. I'm glad he's spending the time to listen to his patients rather than rushing them along. See for yourself.

He was perfectly fine and attentive during the whole appointment. He is happy when I bring him updated forms on my latest back fusion. I want to keep my chart in line with my qualifying condition(s). I have waited about 20 minutes the most. The information is sent to DCP & ARROW has access, in about an hour, after I leave. They do not sit on their hands. Dr Jaquez is a male and he is very professional and caring. Stop with all the false, negative rhetoric. This program has allowed me to wean off of high doses of narcotics, in a human way. I am so grateful for this program and this physician.

Did my initial appt here and I saw a "doctor" which I am concerned about because everyone says the doctor there is a female and I saw a male and no one looked at my documents just took my money put my info in and sent me on my way. I knew nothing of what to do next and found out at the dispensary what to do for the state stuff. I waited over and hour then got rebooked for another day came back and had this happen. Then they tell me the doctor only works now one day or two a week. I went to renew this year and called a month prior to expiring and they made my appt and the doctor never showed up. They conciently Did have any appts until after I expired and now I switched to a Glastonbury doctor who took me right away to help me out in this situation. It was crazy. I would never go back there again. You get what you pay for. And I paid for having a lapsed card for two month because of them and the state is behind. But it would have been long if the other doctor didn't help me and take me right away!

Dr Jaquez was reassuring and kind. He listened intently and is clearly in the business of helping patients find what is best for their health. Were he closer to where I live he would be my primary.

Very kind and understanding. Just make sure you actually have a condition that fits the criteria. Highly recommend seeing Dr. Jaquez!

The negative reviews are very confusing. I was treated respectful over the phone when I set my appt. & as well when I showed up for my appt. Dr. Jaquez was extremely dedicated to helping others in need & DOES NOT look down on you for needing help to get better from whatever your affliction is!!! I can only speak to my experience BUT I Highly Recommend Seeing Dr. Jaquez!!!

I am not writing a review. I just want to point out that Dr Corey is a WOMAN. If you are reading reviews about the doctor as a man, you are reading lies posted by someone that is paid to do that.

I dont know whats up with the bad reviews. Dr Corey is fantastic and the receptionists were great too. Obviously if you are a drunk or drug addict they prob wont help you out ( im a recently recovering addict and he was happy to hear it helped me with my withdrawal symptoms)...but if you go in with your records and dont act a asshole, everything will go smooth. And whoever wrote the review that called dr corey a she and said they wouldnt help you cuz you drink...well you are prob a real cunt with a my shit dont stink attitude and instead of just turning you away they should have taken you out back and beat that shitty attitude out of you

Great repoire with patients.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen. Since I have been using medicinal marijuana I have stopped taking 12 medications. I feel great! I can actually function again.

I went here tge doctor did not treat me nice even lied and said I was here once when came three times. She said I drink occasionally when I said I drink only on my birthday . She is jacques janice corey. She would not fill out my medical disability leaving me unable to work then told me I didnt need to come back after report ing her. She accused me of being on drugs but she giving out marijuana. Did not fill out my physical thetaphy forms either so I can get better

Thank goodness for Dr. Jaquez. Smilow Cancer Center docs do not help register patients for mmj, even though cancer is one of the "allowable" diseases and guess what? It really works in so many ways, especially for neuropathy, anxiety and nausea. Smilow told me in 2014 that they're not registering patients for mmj b/c at the time no dispensaries were open. What's their excuse now?

My third renewal for my MMJ card. Won't go anyplace else. Good people, nice doctor.

Got an appt in a little over a week. Doc was knowledgeable and very sympathetic about my illness. Just waiting for my temp card to be e-mailed, (takes abt a week). Would highly recommend!

his OFFICE has changed. its a shame his staff will be the reason he loses patients because he is a good doctor.

Compassionate and caring Doctor - highly recommended!

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!! The receptionist was atrocious and led me no where with no help.

Been waiting an hour and a half even though I had an appointment. Still waiting.. the nurse said they deliberately triple book appointments because half the people don't show up. It looks like everyone showed up so maybe they are just greedy.

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