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This is the most unprofessional medical facility in the greater Chicago area. My niece was denied her shot records even Though our insurance provider Was billed. This is very unprofessional keeping me niece out of school without providing a legit reason why.... I will be contacting the medical board and letting them know that Dr. Alexandre to be stripped of her medical license immediately

Dr. Alexandre and her staff are professional and thorough. My experiences have been efficient and conducted in a timely manner. The clinic is clean and convenient with good parking. I would highly recommend this clinic. Happy patient! Cindy

Too bad medical center. Very bad experience.

No compassion here so far. Unprofessionaly handled twice in a row. Now in 3rd attemp to get the required documents sent in from this office. Below is the reaponse from IDPH after my 2nd visit because they messed up the 1st time. Had to pay twice due to to much time passing and now outside of states time limitations. Good afternoon, We received the information we needed from you, however we have not received an updated physician certification form from your doctor. This is the only part of your application that is still missing. The form is attached, please give the form to your physician and ask them to fill it out and mail into the Department. Thanks, Next step formal complaints to IDPH.

Months ago I first went here brought all the required documents. Waited for some sort of info, more than 3 months later I received a letter from the state showing they never received my medical records. I then go for a follow up visit. They looked over the paper work from the state and stated they sent the documents and not sure why the state says they haven't received them. After my follow up visit I was assured they have everything in order finally and everything should be fine. I then had to pay for other items required by the state (for the 2nd time) just to meet the states requirements due to the passed due time frame. This time I waited 2 months as the state has a 90 day time frame. Reached out to IDPH and again I have been told this time they have not received the physicians forms ( the only piece missing AGAIN) My wife called trying to get this resolved and so far has not gotten anywhere with this. Stay tuned for more reviews. So far ? VERY VERY unprofessionally handled. People are nice just apparently not thorough. Working in healthcare for 16yrs this type of situation should never happen. I will now be updating this every step of the way so others do not have to go through the pain this is causing me. Hope this saves someone else from having to go through the same issues I am currently. Stay tuned.

This Doctor is a compulsive liar... Do not trust her with your life or children .... Very rude and only about how many patients she can c in a day ... Doesn't care and belittles even her staff... Deffinetly a Dr. Jeckyl ...

Walked into Roya medical out of convenience to myself and would recommend Dr. Alexandre. the staff was very kind and Dr. took the time to examine and diagnosis me.

I was referred to this clinic by a very good friend. I was very surprised at the wonderful treatment I have received as the staff is always friendly, courteous and very professional. I would highly recommend Dr. Alexandre because she has made me feel at ease and has answered all of my questions in such a way that I could understand, I am very pleased with her services.

My wife recently had knee surgery over the holidays. Everyone at Roya has been very empathetic of her needs and her recovery. I've never been to a clinic quite like this before and we would highly recommend anyone going through this type of recovery to visit them for your needs. Great job Roya! 👍👍👍

I have been to this clinic several times when I have been in great pain. The staff is always very helpful and courteous. The doctor has a magical touch because I feel so much better after seeing her. I recommend her services highly.

Dr.Alexandre is great. She is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated. Her staff is courteous and I like her philosphy on medicine.She is always available,and goes out of her way to problem solve. I would highly recommend Dr. Alexandre to anyone.

Great experience...close to the highway and they made the process, very easy....they do a great job of managing my other health concerns as well....

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