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863.7 miles, Certifications, Renewals, Credit Cards
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Would I be able to walk in an have the doctor get all the paperwork done for me so I could get my card?. Im having so many problems an need help figuring this out. I was told by a patient of yours that you guys do all the paperwork , photos and Ect, an then all I do is pay the $150 fee and then I would get my medical card. Is that true? Please email me at Pinsonl24@yahoo. With information please I beg you. I live in Midlothian IL but if you would like to contact me, my cell number is 910 265 7456. Please I need help. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Sincerely, Laura Pinson

Terrible service, takes no responsibility for their own mistakes, and lies to customers.

Great Experience. Patience and an expectation that this process was going to take a minute or two I went ahead and kept my appointment which was late but that was okay. The Doctor was very polite and professional, courteous and listened to my history which was long and tiring I'm sure. In summation; God Bless this Doctor for offering the amount of time it took to certify me for my card.

Closed out of business. No information to patients who had appointments. Very unprofessional.

Come on people. If you have ever talked with Dr. And you are any judge of person. You know these people aren't in this to get rich. If all Dr cared about was money and to scam people he wouldn't be helping people get med. Cards. On the other hand their phones are messed up. I also find it impossible to get ahold of this office. If people want to give DR's poor reviews they should sit down and try to think about how much mainstream medicine charges and most of the time doesn't help along with the tribulations of trying multiple meds and side effects. I am thankful for Dr .Schneider and all the care he has given me. Outstanding Dr.

Great Experience! They do need to answer the phone more often but other than that I had a great experience from the first visit to the fourth visit and expect my future visits will be just the same. Dr. was very Knowledgeable, Director was well informed and answered all my questions and spent as much time as I needed with me until i was happy. I have received my Card and have finally got the medicine that actually works! As I can not take pain meds and have had to suffer for the last 31 years. NOT ANYMORE because of Dr. Schneider! THANK YOU!

I paid the fee for the first visit. I have called NUMEROUS times and left messages. Nobody has ever called me back. I saw them in 2014 and its 2016. Scam

Any positive reviews are likely fake...they have some punk 16 year old kid answering the phone and at the front desk...I'm pretty open minded but the professionalism was just not there...I had an appointment and 90 minutes later I still hadn't been called. I would go somewhere else 100% don't think you'll be the lucky one who has a good experience...if you don't believe consider why the reviews are either 5 star or 1 star...nothing in between ;)

My son has cancer and needs to get certified for medical alternatives...but it's very hard to get thru to anyone at this clinic...we have been trying for a week now. Nobody answers the phone and their mailbox is always full. Press 0 for operator and still nobody answers. They don't accept insurance and he basically doesn't have any money......between a rock and a hard place....I'm will to help him with this, but I just read that he needs three appts before they will accept him....so if I'm correct, that means $240 and three trips to Chicago area...just to begin...without even getting anything to help him....and how can we set up appts if nobody answers the phone??? Clu

They don't know how to answer a phone call or check their messages. Sure, they are nice people and very helpful, but the fact that I can't get ahold of anyone to make a renewal is rediculous

I have had nothing but professionalism with the Dr., or any of the staff there. They've been informative, polite, knowledgeable, and have made the experience much more tolerable than I expected it to be. Jeff C. Satterwhite

After they get that money they won't give a shit about answering your number and making an appointment. They r crooks!

Friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. Availability is limited when scheduling, but otherwise I very highly recommend the team here. They were able to take all the confusion out of the process and work with my specialist to validate my medical history. They went through the entire process of getting me approved and licensed with the state. Can't go wrong with these folks! :)

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