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Dr. Anzalone has been completely professional and appropriate with his consultative services. I can't even fathom some of the comments here - they are foolish and ridiculous. This doctor is responsible, follows the guidelines of the program, and has always provided helpful information in regard the program as well as my condition.

How did a family get destroyed? The doctor prescribed what he thought was appropriate, it is ultimately up to the patient.

No way, this is a real doctor. After one short appointment, Dr. Anzalone prescribed my alcoholic spouse cannabis for back pain. Thanks for helping to destroy our family, taking people's hard-earned CASH and assisting people with further addictions. Way to go.

I stopped going to this office because i was asked to meet in the lobby of a hotel and told they only accept cash. Felt like a drug deal not a dr's visit. I'd keep going if they had an actual office.

THE BAD REVIEWS SEEN BELOW ARE ALL FAKE AND PUBLISHED BY ONE OF DR. ANZALONE'S DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE'S AFTER THEY WERE FIRED FROM HIS PRACTICE FOR THEFT. THIS DISGRUNTLED EMPLOYEE HAS OBVIOUSLY BEEN POSTING HERE UNDER MULTIPLE FREE ACCOUNTS IN AN EFFORT TO SLANDER THE DOCTOR. Dr. A. is a fantastic doctor who offers great care and does anything he can to accommodate his patients. He is absolutely still in business, in fact his practice is larger than ever and expanding into new areas of NJ. Visit his website at njgreenmd dot com for more information.

I think the staff and the physician work extremely hard to help patients . The doctor does not overcharge . In fact he undercharges compared to other mds. The practice makes visits informative and pleasant for pts and in fact has recently had one of the dispensaries reps at one location talking about the program in general terms . His website is extremely informative and simple to use . One can make an appointment quite easily on the site . The dr takes the time and maintains a professional stature At all times and enjoys seeing and helping pts . Unfortunately there are those who don't understand his philosophy or the basic technology . The staff and the doctor are always taking a proactive role in the improvement of the program and this includes getting good technology and staff in place . For those who have posted negative comments never have they been so wrong about a hard and decent human being !

He doesn't even deserve 1 star. This man took my money and his "office manager" who apparently lives in another state is beyond useless. The only person who seemed to have their shit together was the young lady who isn't there anymore. Short dark hair. If someone reads this and knows of her whereabouts or contact info please respond! I think her name was Amanda? Where are my documents?! Where is my card!? I can't even call the state because I need some reference number that is on my statement and none of Dr. Anthony "Crook" Anzalone's staff could provide. SHUT THIS MAN DOWN NOW! Shame on him for taking advantage of people who are terminally ill. Shame on him for stealing money from disabled veterans who fought for people like this.. I should have known better than to meet a "Doctor" at a hotel that isn't the correct address on his paperwork and documents.

Stay away from this crook

This man has continued to over charge my credit card and i have spoke to him and his staff on several occasions about this issue. The young lady Amber is always so nice and sweet when i speak to her. She has included me in the several emails to the dotter and his incompetent office manager (who doesn't even live in new jersey) in resolving this issue. I do not have the money to continue to be double charged. this man is a crook, a phony. When i found out he let his staff go, i was saddened. Dylan was rough around the edges but always got the job done, i will miss the both of them! Mr. Williams is a nasty man who seems to always be in la la land and not very attentive to the patients. I sure do miss Dylan & Amber. His loss, im switching my doctor since i can't get in contact with anyone from the office. I will get a lawyer to get my money refunded back to me! Did he get shut down? GOOD! Greedy gets what greedy deserves. -J.L

I can agree with the last two comments that this doctor & his practice are nothing but an attempt to take patients hard earned money all the while violating every HIPPA law imaginable. I too recently had money withdrawn without my permission &/or knowledge only to learn that my money went into this doctors pocket & they never submitted my paperwork so now my certification is expired & I am expected to find a new doctor and pay all the $$$ again. This doctor is a criminal plain & simple. SHUT HIM DOWN PLEASE, he brings nothing but shame to an industry that is supposed to help people. He just helps himself to his patients wallets. Deplorable

I was in there this past week and this guy Mike who i guess runs the practice was yelling at an employee in front of patients. Very un professional. They also overcharged me and the place seems corrupt where you meet in a board room. No privacy and anyone can hear my conversation. This felt very awkward and it was not like a typical Dr office where it was at a hotel instead? So odd and also the doctor was no where to be found but they renewed my script anyway very bizarre. This is one of the worst practices I've been to ever. STAY AWAY! Nothing like it used to be they are going down hill.

I like dr. and his staff is very unprofessional if they don't like what you have to say they cop an attitude with you and are very nasty with you stay away if you're from South Jersey there's a doctor right and Galloway New Jersey... I've been a patient almost two years with his doctor and they decided to go into my checking account and take my money for my renewal without my permission or my knowledge when I had never paid that way before and since they were called out on it they've been very nasty stay away go to Galloway instead

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