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NM Brief Relief deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for all the lives they have helped to save and all the loved ones lives were affected in positive ways because of the help there loved one received from NM Brief Relief and staff. David Valdez set the standard on how patients should be treated and continues to do so. THANK YOU BRIEF RELIEF

Being in the industry for the past 10years (both sides customer and retailer) David (the owner) is not only a very compassionate man but really cares and goes above and beyond to help those in need. Running any business is hard and having a heart isn't always the best but NM Brief Relief has everything you want and need in this complex new industry.

I have been on the medical cannabis program for 6 years now and have used various consultants and I honestly got to say that the people there at Brief Relief are not only very nice and helpful but are really knowledgeable about like everything. Full of information and compassion I have found the place I will continue to go to for my renewal and referrals for family and friends. Keep up the good work people. Oh and they have also been around since 2010, Got to be doing something right to be around all those years...

This was by far the best place in the entire state. The owner David was friendly and extremely knowledgeable. He also has staff there i overheard with other people and they were answering every single question with unbelievable know how! I got my Medical Card with Davids help when the other 5 places i tried in ABQ. and others i called in Santa Fe said they were unable to help me. I don't know but David was able to help me immediately and i got my card within a few weeks. I was also offered a free orientation class at NM Brief Relief to help me understand the program and ask any questions i might have. I got to tell you every medical facility should be like NM Brief Relief. Thanks David and may God Bless You

I arranged to pay half up front and the rest when the card came. Because NM Brief Relief ran the card more than once over the phone, $68.50 was taken out more than once. I called several times to get this money put back in my account, contsantly being reassured it would be soon. It took 2 weeks for me to get my $, but because NMBR was paid, my calls were ignored. Once my card came, I mailed them the balance of $68.50 and called stating I was mailing a check. Now, they have no record of anything i paid, either first or last payment. Thank god I had my receipt from my original visit. It’s not my fault they can’t keep proper records, but it’s not my job to do thier job, twice...Since all the proof has been sent, all has gone silent on their end. I have made an offer that they can make an apology anytime, but nothing. A reputable company would want to make this right and but NMBR has made NO EFFORT to correct this with me. I still have no idea if they’ve acknowledged their mistakes and if I plan to have my credit ruined. What I do know is that I don’t want my personal medical records in the hands of people who can’t keep track of my financial records.

We were so excited for a new medical store to be opening in our area so we went in to check it out. I loved it so much that i recommended the store to everyone including my husband and elderly people that were in need of some of the products that are held in store. My husband and I had just got our growing and productions license, so we were stoked to get involved with trying new products and things to get started producing our own. We had bought a T-Rex for our wax NOT WORTH IT!!!. Not only did I buy something that didn't work but I couldn't get my money back for it not even an hour after buying it. I could see if it was the oil, rubs, drinks and planting products, but it was something that could be reused again. NOT IMPRESSED WITH STORE AT ALL NOW. Way to high in prices found cheaper. rip off rip off rip off. Sorry I loved it at first but after $162 not refunded back I'm highly upset.

I am fed up. I paid David $75 and i lost count of the phone calls he won't return. He was supposed to give me a bid within a week. It's been months. I am going somewhere else. This place doesn't even warrant a star but it won't post without it.

One stop shop for aquiring your medical cannabis card. NM Brief Relief goes above and beyond to help people and have discounts for Low Income and Verterans and also payment plans for those that need it. They also help get your personal growers license and help purchase and set up of your personal grow room. Oh, and also help you through the growing process.

Most helpful and kind cannabis consultants around

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