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1962.9 miles, Renewals, Credit Cards
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5401 Lomas Blvd NE , Albuquerque, NM, 87710

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9:00 am - 5:00 pm
9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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awesome service thank you

I think the owner Ed is a Meth head, they are unscrupulous and money hungry con artist.

Do u delivery to Alamogordo? How much is the fee?

Zia Health was awesome! Very kind and knowledge about the medicine, they were very helpful to me, thank you ED and Pat!

Good place I got my inital first card and my renewal there. No problems what so ever.

Friendly and helpful staff took care of everything. I interacted with several people here, all of whom were professional and able to answer any questions. Appointment scheduling was easy, and I left having learned a lot and feeling confident about my choices going forward.

I can not recommend this so called clinic. I arrived at my appointment with my medical records to get my card for the first time. When I called I was quoted $150 for a new card, but when I went in for my appointment they were gonna charge $250 for a PTSD diagnosis because they said my medical records were not enough. When I told them that I didn't want to continue with the appointment because I didn't need them to diagnose me because I've already been diagnosed by my psychiatrist and I had records for the last two years, they became upset. When I asked them for my records back, they gave me a hard time. I then made an appointment with a different clinic and got my card with the same records I gave to Zia at a cheaper price. Don't trust them. They try to con you for more money. The clinic looks outdated, and some of the employees are unfriendly. They don't show compassion and only want your money.

These are not reputable doctors. First place I went to for my medical card and worst place in town. Before my appointment, the person before me came out of the Dr.s office into the waiting room and tells his friend how easy it was to get the card and he did what he read on google...Makes one wonder if the certify anyone. After my appointment I was charged $75 more than two other people I talked to 3 weeks later and each of them had been charged different rates.

Excellent in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT! Pat, Julie, and Emily are the absolute best. This is coming from a Combat Veteran who fought in Iraq and suffers from extreme PTSD (Depression, Anxiety, Sleep Issues, and much more), pain, and horrible headaches. I am proud to have made sacrifices knowing there are people like those three out there who legitimately care about helping their patients. Keep up the excellent work! You have my repeat business.

Good service, but I recently found out that by going to nmhealth. There are forms that can be printed, and filled out by your Dr. Then you send the form to the state, and receive your card for FREE!!!

Have to agree with ML's review. Zia is the best place to get a cannabis card. They're always helpful (yeah, especially julie!) and friendly. Good people, good docs, good prices.

Helpful, friendly, competitive doctor's fees. I've gotten my card through them for years without any issues. Patrick is really knowledgeable about cannabis and Julie is super helpful and friendly when it comes to explaining the program and helping with enrollment.

horrible service, they do not go out of their way to help people. very compassionate. Save your money and go somewhere else. They charge out the roof too!

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