Gypsy Greens

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2526.3 miles, ADA Access, Walk-in Welcome
Hours Today: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm Open
1570 N National ave 105 , Chehalis, WA, 98532


Recreational Marijuana 21+

Operation Hours:

9:00 am - 9:00 pm
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
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10:00 am - 6:00 pm

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I love this place. The people are always nice and sweet. They are usually very busy but they bust there ass to get everyone in and out. They have a very good selection out of all the places I have been to. Wish there was one closer to us in mossyrock.

Great selection!

Love this store and location. Would like to see more of the same strains come in more regularly. It's hard once one runs out to go get it again...besides that..great product and very friendly staff. I always feel welcome when I walk in!!! :)..Jillian♡♡

I took a look at a lot of the reviews. I think the only reason why people give it one star is because they are bums. Here are the reasons why I give five stars. Every time I go in, they are busy, which is fine. They give a military discount. So my fellow vets, take advantage of that. They have always thanked me for my service, which is always nice. The place is clean, employees are professional, and prices are great.

Very informative and helpful with your needs.

Been comein in since the first day they opened i love the people here n the selection is way better than old tobys or any of the shops in rochester these fags giving bad reviews are just idiots fuck you retards go back to buyin your shit homegrown pot.

Love gypsy greens, great atmosphere great prices wonderful staff!

Best shop in this area.

Convenient is key.

We've been going here for a couple months and have had great service, product and the prices are good. Close to home is a good thing too.

This place is the best shop! Puts the others to shame. Employees are always very friendly and they always have a nice selection of herbs. This is the best place to purchase weed at the best prices.

Huge selection easy to find what I'm looking for. A professional store with the best service hands down. I now only go to gypsy greens after work

Loved this place! Super nice people and atmosphere, and great selection also! Will definitely be going back!

Wow after reading all of these comments, i am completely shocked. I have been going in to this store since they opened, all different times and have dealt with all employees including thr owner. Not one time ever have i been treated rudly by any if them. I feel they are the best priced and best quality out of any dispensary i have ever been to from Rochester to Longview. Keep up the good work ladies and gentleman. I have and will continue to be a loyal customer.

Dude I used the Karma jar for $2 gave back $5. You guys had it out with mass money in it yesterday and I only needed $1. I was told no because people are taking advantage of it. If it was meant for tips then says so instead of collecting and pissing off faithful customers. I sent you guys lots of business and only used once. Maybe you should take names down so you don't get us all confused with one another .

Service is good bud is good, but you need to know what to look for. It's your own fault if you end up with garb. You can see the bud, so you should know damn well. Prices are descent but the wax Wednesday is a sham. Marked up product they say is 5$ less... ppfff. But I still go when I'm in need

Y'all are on crack if ya think these guys are rude or try to sell you stuff you don't want...these guys are the best and most informed in this area and carry so many different kinds of flower or concentrate. You wanna get ripped off or misinformed go to the other shop in Chehalis and review that experience.

awesome selection

Never, ever again. Wouldn't let me exchange a faulty cartridge for one that worked, and I WAS a regular- averaged about a hundred a week( it really adds up quick) but they say they don't care. I will take my $ elsewhere and bad mouth the shit out of them FOREVER!!!

I went in on my birthday 12-01, and was treated very rudely. Talking to friends instead of helping me. When she did help me she lied to me about the product available trying to avoid selling me what I knew I really wanted. She told me, "You don't have enough money for that!" I told her I came in only looking for a dime sack till I saw that you had that. This was the worst experience I have had in a cannabis store. Gypsy Greens couldn't handle the competition in Seattle where customer service is part of the expirence. I hope they open a cannabis store in Centralia to give us more options without ppl making me feel homeless when I am far from.

Wow, reading these Reviews makes a person really think, are these people that rude? Regardless you are to be nice to your clients/customers 'period'...I worked retail for years like 16 years.. . .beings I have only visited once..the gal was friendly enough . .The products smells and looks good, harsh taste, raspy...It is what it is. .

I smoke a ton of weed, have been for over twenty years. However, that's largely irrelevant to my review. I can go in to this place and buy a bag of weed without worrying whether or not a cop saw me, and walk out with the weed and a receipt for buying it. That's awesome enough to me. On top of that, the people there who sell me my weed are all pretty laid back and helpful.

Rude owners employees are rude. Went in last week and the employee behind the counter was high ass hell .

These people are so nice, prices are very good...cartridges range from 20. to 35. 00 and any problems they are more than happy to help! I now down go anyplace else

bad Owners husband was parked on the blind corner of their driveway, so I made the decision to speed around him so I didn't crash into him.(since he was getting something out of his trunk). Got inside the store, waited 5 min in line, he came inside went to the very opposite end of the store and started talking over everybody "You shouldn't be speeding in the parking lot." in a condescending manner. I replied "Yea, I made a split second decision that probably saved your life." He took it the wrong way kept going on about the same bullshit, expecting me to apologize about the situation. Which ended up with him getting in my face with him saying "Do you still want to buy weed here" (X3). I just turned my back away from him thinking he would just walk He kept goin on, trying to provoke me into a fight I am assuming. He eventually walked outside. The whole time I was in the store I was polite, never raised my voice ,stood in the same spot and didn't have threatening tone or body language. (As a Buddhist naturally I am a very calm person).Then one of the hippie femi-nazi employees had the audacity to say "That's not cool man my kids play in that parking lot". I was like...what?! ...waited a couple seconds then walked out of there. Haven't been back there since.

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