Alaskan Thunder Bolt Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 14%

This is a semi-strong Indica which shows its effects right after an individual exhales it. It is also regarded as Matanuska Thunder due to its origins as it was cultivated in the Matanuska Valley, Alaska. The buds of this marijuana strain are both unique and intriguing and carry some exquisite colors. It is comprised of shades of light green and dark green with vibrant orange hairs and is completely covered with crystals. Alaskan Thunder Bolt is a high potency strain and its effects are felt right after the first exhale. Individuals consuming this strain will experience a high that is body sedated but is highly cerebral as well and leaves a person in a state of happiness and sheer bliss. With its high THC levels (14.65 percent), it is a socially-friendly strain that has euphoric yet relaxing effects and is truly uplifting. Alaskan Thunder Bolt is great strain for alleviating depression, stress and anxiety and is also considered a savior in the department of excessive nausea and stomach pain. Overall, Alaskan Thunder Bolt is a strain with a high THC content. Its smell and taste may not be preferred by some individuals but it is a strain that provides with an insane buzz and is certainly a unique one.
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