Black Frost Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

Black Frost is an Indica dominant hybrid. It is a highly potent hybrid that is also one of the prettiest flowers available. Black Frost marijuana strain is a cross between Purple Odyssey and Blackberry Kush and it comprises of thick, big purple and bright dark green colored flower tops that are flocked with trichomes. It carries a distinct dark purple/blackberry look with abundant crystals on it. Blackberry Kush, one of the ancestors of Black Frost, has already been quite popular and acknowledged because of the combination of Afghani and DJ Short's Blueberry and the fact that its nugs have a weight, density and color similar to that on an indica. Black Frost carries a slightly skunky smell and does smell similar to a hash plant, spicy-sweet fruit and loam even when it is ground. This specific marijuana strain carries a somewhat sweet taste and it smokes light, strong and sweet thus making it a perfect evening indica for connoisseurs. It does carry a pretty instant high and produces a body buzz that alleviates pain. Black Forest's high is not as intense as that of other strains and it leaves the head clearer for the day. Back and neck pain, anxiety, stress and insomnia are relieved by the use of this strain. It does not possess high THC levels, is mellow but still provides analgesic effects at the nighttime.
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Tastes nice but of nothing distinctive, gives a relaxed body stone, great for a quiet night in. A light stone on the mind leaving it clear and at ease

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