Cotton Candy Kush Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 12% - 22%

Cotton Candy Kush is a popular marijuana strain and has varieties of Indica. It has a soft and fluffy appearance with an intense aroma that resembles jasmine, lavender and berries, and has a very sweet taste. It has a THC level of 12.02 percent. It is a hybrid between the Power Plant and lavender, and is derived from Blueberry and Afghani seeds. After about eight weeks, it develops a pinkish hue. Its flowers are odiferous and have a generous production of resins. The plant is green in colour but its undersides are of a lighter tone. Cotton Candy Kush has great euphoric effects that are similar to those experienced when you were little and used to visit a big candy store. This strain relaxes, soothes and manages all the pain and stress being felt. It is excellent for controlling anxiety and nausea patients also resort to it as an effective solution for their queasiness. It is a strong sedative, which is why you are bound to feel sleepy minutes after consuming it. In addition to the above, you should be ready to feel a little strange as you will find things quite amusing after its usage and you will probably have some fits of laughter. Cotton Candy Kush has a flowering time of approximately 50 days and its seeds get a crystallized form when mature.
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This strain has an amazing Indica high that I really like that must be much closer to the 22% THC than the 12% THC but the taste of this bud is way to floral for me. It almost tastes like chemicals or something and this is after trying the strain numerous times so it wasn't just a one off. Some may like the flavor but I really don't like it. I like skunky citrus diesel tasting weed. This stuff is very floral...too much for me

This strain is the truth. A must have.

Look: Popcorn buds for the most part and a little bit of shake at the bottom of my ounce's bag. Bright light green color with orange hairs drenched in thick frosty full-headed mature trichomes. The trim job and the texture of the buds are perfect - not too moist, neither too dry. Aroma: Deeply sweet floral blueberry perfume along with that strong blueish lavender scent that punches your nostrils! Add some spices underneath and you got it! It smells so good that I would literally sink my nose into the jar all day long! Taste: What you smell is what you get! The aroma translates directly into the taste and it's delightful! A pleasant sweet berry lavender hangs in the air way after your first toke. You can detect some skunkiness, but in a good way. High: Actually, there's two different phenotypes on the market. The first which is more Indica dominant and the latter is a more balanced hybrid which stands more towards the Sativa side. I got the last one. Relaxing, euphoric, creative and giggly. You can get some unfocused bliss during the high, but you stay alert and clear-headed for the most part. Do not smoke it before bed, it caused me some jittery insomnia that might you end up staring your ceiling for a while! Really potent. Gets you rid of any anxious depressive thoughts and any kind of aches/pains promptly. I do recommend! Acquired from RocketChronic

Excellent strain, I smoke it, I have really bad anxiety, and I am constantly stressed, this helps a lot, it doesn't make pain go away though, but it helps it die down.

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