Escobar Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 14%

With a combination of indica and sativa effects, this potent strain has a THC content of 14.71% and a CBD level of 0.23%. The strain is overwhelming and intensely strong, making you cough initially until you adjust to the harshness of the toke. With a pungent aroma reminiscent to diesel and a berry sweet flavor, you won't be able to resist this delicious and indulgent strain. The strain initially has a calming effect on the neck and then flows through the rest of the body, giving you a buzz long enough to help you concentrate. Escobar will give you a heady feeling at first, making you euphoric. It offers mental relief and reduces stress and anxiety. It helps cure nausea, pain and inflammation. Escobar can also treat arthritis, Tourettes Syndrome, PMS, migraines, seizures and insomnia effectively. The effects of the strain last for about 90 minutes making it an ideal choice for an afternoon smoke. The buds of the Escobar plant have blue and purple hues with dense trichomes scattered on the flowers. Veteran smokers will enjoy this potent buzz immensely.
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As a person with a rather complicated brain (intractable migraine, depression, ptsd, neuropathy, damaged vagus nerve), this strain works with all my stuff. i can't deny or confirm its help for migraine but it has pulled me out of a couple bad ptsd places and i often find myself in an actual good mood. A GOOD MOOD! This is something like a miracle.

Very good strain for everything.

the best are the Visuals from the Edibles are some of the best. it does take any pins away and after puts you in to a sleep that is the Little part of Heaven you are waiting for

It’s is very good gas. I didn’t like the extra anxiety from the sativa. This would be more for pre workouts or outdoor activities.

Just pick up some Pablo Escobar and its a slow up but for my first time im satisfied

Got this from OC CA. Even the most experienced toker will feel it for a good 5 hours. Wouldn't recommend it for a fast-paced environment, such as sales or retail. after about 4 hours it will make you crash. Excellent evening smoke.

Great strain! Definitely recommend

A good strain. Great buzz.

Great buzz.. I'll enjoy this again

Real nice high. You can still function but at the aame time feel painless and lightweight!

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