Hero OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 22%

Hero OG is one of the finest hybrid strains you can possibly get your hands on. Little is known about the strain and its heritage but some claim it to be linked to the Petrolia Headstash. Keeping this in mind, it is no surprise that it has an amazing 22% THC content. On the other hand, the buds are quite dense and large with good trichome coverage. It is a treat nonetheless but dealing with the nuggets is not as easy as it may seem since they are quite sticky. As for the taste and smell, they are not as extraordinary as you would have hoped but then again it is fruity and smooth. The strain offers a cerebral as well as a body buzz that will have you exhibiting symptoms of couch-lock in no time. If you have been having a tiring day, it is the perfect strain to medicate with due to its uplifting characteristics. You will feel relaxed, calm, euphoric and extremely happy but you need to be careful about the number of hits you take as it can knock you out for the rest of the night in no time. The strain is quite popular for its medical applications and can be used to treat nausea, chronic pains and mood disorders.
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I did not get couch lock but one morning I was moody, nauseas and had a stress headache. A few pulls on the vape cart later, I was normal again. This is definitely an uplifting strain, pain reliever, destresser and gives a general sense of calm. I’d like to feel the couch lock. Maybe I will tonight? The smoke flavor is a lot like strawberry cough but without the cough part. It’s one of the quickest strains too. As for a come down, it’s easy and barely noticeable. I just wish I got the couch lock

Agreed. New favorite go to strain. Dry herb vape, medicinal dispensary. Suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD. After trialing numerous different strains I finally came to Hero. With dry vaping effects can be felt in about 10-15 mins. Draws were full of aroma and flavor which was flowery/citrusy if that's even a word. Light body buzz felt to come on with body relaxation and overall feeling of ease. Very nice sensation. Felt mentally very clear which was nice however uplifted, introspective, deep in nice thoughtful mindset. Slight laughs with uplifted feeling. Munchies start about 1 hour in, EVERYTHING tased better, even water if you can believe that, texture of food was even appreciated. Later trended to a completely relaxed and cerebral state, perfectly comfortable where I was, deeply interested in the details of things I'd seen such as colors, etc. Wanted to get into a good book or documentary or binge watch "The Office" and enjoy the flow of relaxation. Total sensation lasted maybe 2.5-3 hours. This is exactly what I was looking for from alternative medicine. I wanted to be able to finally relax, sense of real meaningful relaxation but not be overwhelmed mentally or feel as if i was in a fog. The mental or cerebral feeling was uplifting, euphoric, empathetic and objective but light and clear. There was no stress, no fear, no anxiety or paranoia. Additionally there were no flashbacks, no anger, no depression.

New favorite strain. Nice taste, full bit not overwhelming body tingle fades to a deep buzz while mental clarity is retained. Uplifting, euphoric sensation that relaxes you but doesn’t compromise you mentally or physically. Just the right amount of clarity, euphoria and relaxation. Going to be my go to night time strain.

One of the best strains Out there. Dense, sticky, fruity smelling buds that hit like a champ. You will cough then enjoy a beautiful high. It can make you relax or get you doing things, whatever your mindset.

Very nice, relaxing strain. Got 4 nice sized pre-rolls on sale for $25 and I'm definitely going to be a repeat user of this strain. Helped my anxiety, insomnia, and chronic pain conditions. Take it slow, a little goes a long way.

Good pain relief and helps me sleep.

Good Indica effects. I like calm. This friendly strain, Hero, fills the bill.

Nice smooth but too calm

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