Inferno OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 18% - 26%, CBD: 3%

Inferno OG is a hybrid strain that produces an astounding 23% THC content. The strain is produced by crossing Afghan Haze and Gage Green. What is interesting is that it is one of the very few strain with an incredible 3% CBD levels. However, it is worth noting that the strain is not recommended for new first time cannabis users. The buds are quite dense and dark green in color with light green hairs seeping through the surface. As for the taste and aroma, it is a blend of fuel and pepper with a unique sweet evergreen scent. The effects of the strain are both energizing and uplifting at the same time. The high is cerebral and does not offer that much of a body buzz which is to be expected of such a strain. Its effects are primarily psychoactive but allow patients suffering from chronic pains and aches to get some relief. But then again, it is just as effective at treating several other medical conditions including loss of appetite, insomnia and even nausea. Considering its effects and properties, the strain is highly recommended for nighttime use.
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Meh. Idk. it felt very sativa heavy to me. I felt very alert and awake. I also dabbed with Inferno OG crumble concentrate. (86% thc)

Was just gifted with a gram of this strain for the first time as some sort of dispensary promotion. It's turned out to be a very nice surprise. Laboratory assay in Nevada is among the best anywhere. There's a full two page lab report on every product available upon request that is exhaustive, but the products themselves get a short form of this. This gram was produced by NOR Flower. Harvested 11-13-2018, analysis performed on 212-11-2018. THC - 31.18%; CBD 0.06%; CBN 0.02% Top three terpenes as follows: beta Myrcene 10.5 mg.g; beta Caryophyllene 3.8 mg.g; alpha Humulene 1.2 mg.g As it was free, I expected the oldest, stalest, driest, half-potency remnants from the vault. Not so. Fresh, perfectly cured. The flavors were as described above, with perhaps a little pepper on the back of the tongue. Noticeable pine edge common to several indicas. First hit was quite smooth. A little expansive, but nothing uncomfortable. The first effect was fast and not to be ignored, even for heavier smokers. Contrary to the description above, there was a pronounced descending heaviness that reminded me of the last Temple Ball I smoked. Like a wave from top of head downward. The psychoactive effects noted above did indeed manifest, but with somewhat more subtlety than the physical effects. Will smoke again as available. Would recommend to friends looking for this buzz.

Great strain,very strong! :-)

Some choice dank I'd buy this again... I think you'll like it too...👍✌

All I can say is oh my God

Very relaxing bud. Enjoyed it very much.

Wow this has a strong flavor - so pungent and spicy with a heavy fuel aftertaste. After tasting it, I can see where the name came from. It's like fire on your tongue!

Very strong pungent taste.. lemony strong diesel taste.. quick acting.. couch - lock definitely.. cerebral wise just focused body wise really relaxing I believe I feel the cbd 4.4 Starts

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