LSD OG Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 24%

With strong psychoactive effects and THC levels topping 24%, LSD OG earns its place alongside the real thing. This is a potent indica-dominant hybrid, though the exact ratio of sativa to indica is hard to come by. The indica genes produce deep-body relaxation and stress relief, together with creative, giggly cerebral effects and even occasional psychedelic effects. LSD OG is best used as treatment for depression, chronic pain, and stress. CBD levels may be higher than average, though it's hard to know for sure. But they likely aren't high enough to recommend this as a front-line treatment for seizures. This strain smells and tastes like lemons, with an additional menthol flavor. Side effects aren't widely reported, probably because this strain isn't sold in many places, but dry mouth and dry eyes are likely the most common. LSD OG is very popular among those who have tried it, but they're few in number. Look for it on the West Coast and possibly in Colorado, but don't expect to find it on the American black market anytime soon. If you do, make sure to try it.
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Top shelf... smoked a few hits on zig zag cone and im High AF..abt to go partna only had a lil bit of dis I had to snatch a lot of it

Great initial head rush and overall easy going, no worries, be happy with a snap to it. Free your mind.

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