Pakistan Valley Kush Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 21%, CBD: 2%

As the name suggests, Pakistan Valley Kush is from the Hindu Kush Mountain in Northern Pakistan. It is easily recognizable due to its tough, branched outer shell and the unique smell as well as high potency. The Pakistan Valley Kush has dark green and leafy buds covered in crystals. It boasts a THC level of 21.2% and has high CBD levels as well. The strain is an effective medical drug and has most of the positive effects associated with indica dominant marijuana. The user's body starts buzzing after the first few inhales and then a calming state descends upon them. It makes smokers lazy and prone to sleep therefore no physical activity should be indulged in while using this drug. Pakistan Valley Kush provides relief from all kinds of headaches including migraines. It is also used by patients to treat mild as well as chronic pain. Due to its sleep inducing characteristic, the strain is also used by insomniacs. Patients with tumors also report reduced symptoms after smoking Pakistan Valley Kush. The Kush tastes sweet and fruity, which is a pleasant treat for marijuana appreciators. The aroma that emanates from it when lit up is also very sweet-smelling and pleasant.
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This is a 100% Pakistani Kush landrace, there is little to no sativa in it. Great for insomnia. The smoke is very similar to Hindu Kush, being a Kush sub-species itself.

My # 1 for a long time until I tried Sunset Magic from NSM. What I had was NOT 50/50 but a 100% pure INDICA. I suffer from Severe degenerative arthritis abs have had several neck abs back surgeries. PVK takes care of my pain abs induced sleep. For PAIN and or sleep this is a great strain.

I had the honor of trying this strain as well from Osage Creek in Arkansas. Unlike the other report, my buds were nothing but flower...very nice looking buds, and the smoke is relaxing and sedating. Killer job Osage! I would recommend this strain if you suffer any chronic pain or if you are an insomniac. Neither stand a chance against PVK! Recommend this strain 100%

Pretty good stuff here. The taste was good but not quite strong enough or I would have given it 5 Stars... I do wish it had been grown by someone other than Osage here in AR cause as usual it was a little too leafy, but I'm glad I finally got to try this Landrace strain.

GREAT Strain for chronic pain and insomnia! Indica at its best! Not your choice for a “toke and enjoy until bed “ strain. This is SERIOUSLY sedating. Like a pain pill in sedation but a great happy and relaxed euphoria as you quickly drift into a sound sleep! Insomnia will be in your past! I have chronic pain and this is great for that. Strictly a bedtime strain! And beware of the potency. 4 draws from my bubbler put me in dreamland on my first time with PVK. A true winner for me!

It is by far the best thc loaded gun.

This is by far my biggest producer (as you can see in that outdoor pic I posted). She grows large banana type buds and seems to be very resistant to powder mildew, and insect pests, thrips, mites etc. In the jar fully cured she smells very fruity. The smoke is top notch and will not disappoint.

Even though it's evenly balanced, this nug has some pretty heavy indica effects. It's very calming and slightly sedative, but still leaves you active and up in case you need to get anything done. It's really nice for insomnia, too, and helps me fall asleep whenever I'm having a late night.

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