Platinum Trainwreck Marijuana Strain

Hybrid Strain Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 16%, CBD: 1%

The cerebral high from this sativa-heavy hybrid (sativa/indica ration unknown) is energized and euphoric, with sharp mental focus and clear thinking. Nobody seems to know how Platinum Trainwreck – aka Platinum Wreck – came to be, but it's reputed to be quite strong. Available THC numbers are no higher than 16%, but reliable figures are scarce, so this strain could be substantially more potent than that. CBD makes up no more than 1% of Platinum Trainwreck, which means the strain isn't a good bet for treating conditions that require CBD preparations. But the alleged THC content makes this a great choice for treating anxiety, depression, ADHD, and chronic pain. The smell has sweet and sour notes of apple and lemon, while the flavor has similar hints of apple. The appearance of the bud reflects the name, with light green leaves, amber hairs, and a silver sheen of resinous trichomes. Platinum Trainwreck has few widely reported adverse effects, but patients should expect the usual: dry mouth, dry eyes, and possible paranoia. This strain is a unique regional specialty found almost exclusively on Arizona's medical marijuana market.
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I thought it was an enjoyable strain. Yeah the head high is a little crazy but that is why i liked it. My bud I bought from the dispensary was tested at 19%. Mind bending high mostly sativa, but still get a little relaxation. Overall I like this strain alot, maybe not the most medical but none the less, a strain that stands out.

This is my "go to" strain!! Thank God that my local dispensary sells this as their shake!! I use this for my Cannabis Oil, too....I use this for daytime and it helps my pain as well as keeping me focused.....Love it!!

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