Purple Rain Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 19%

Purple Rain is a type of Indica strain and is in the form of little buds that have chunky growth and are covered with plenty of hair. It is deep purple in colour and looks like a huge purple moss. In addition to having a pleasant appearance, it has a likeable odour as well. It smells like a big jar of berries and this scent instantly refreshes you. Unfortunately, Purple Rain does not have a very nice taste. It does not taste completely bad, but the taste is certainly not as pleasant as its lovely fragrance. It has a THC level of 19 percent. It is generally used for treating different types of pain and is quite good at this job. Patients who use Purple Rain for relieving their chronic pains do get relief from it once they smoke this strain. However, it is not great to be used as a relaxant. It does not give a very strong buzz, but if it suits you then you will certainly calm down after using it. Purple Rain is also used for stimulating hunger, so people desiring to increase their appetite for gaining weight can use this strain as well. Its buzz length is not very long; after an hour, you will feel its effects vanishing away.
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Nice strain. Immediate high all over you as the sesh continues. Smell has a fruity/pungent tone to it. The taste wasn't as horrible as the description made it sound but it was real earthy/pine taste with just a hint of some fruity combo to level it out some. Enjoyed this strain quite a bit

I love this stuff! Beautiful aroma and very relaxing. I am a seasoned smoker who rarely finds a "good" one... but this is definitely a "good one!!"

Great body high, eases pain, relievs stress, makes you happy, big time munchies. I have back spasms so bad they show up on X-Ray. I am also Bipolar. This strain both eases my back up and keeps my mood stabilized and puts me in a good mood. Definitely a hybrid. Only bad part. (Not that bad) It is a harsh toke, even for a seasoned smoker. And it is BEAUTIFUL. GREAT Aroma!

This is a beautiful strain. a little trippy and calming. I sometimes have a deep feeling of unease and Purple Rain really calms me down.

I was very impressed by the Purple Rain! I am not a chronic smoker so this was/is just perfect for me and especially for the pain my left ankle/foot. The doctors had me on massive amounts of oxycodone which has led me down a very dark road of addiction to opiates. Purple Rain made me feel very comfortable and had no problems thinking as well, because I usually get very paranoid on some kush but not at all with this blend.

This strain really helped me with my anxiety and depression, as well as my insomnia. It changed my life.

Its pretty good

It's not all that bad but I prefer the kush strains most of all

It's awesome I love it the best sleep aid for me

Very awesome to grow, turns out great and huge buds. Recommended for outdoor growing, but smokes great.

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