Blueberry Garlic Marijuana Strain

Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 16%

Blueberry Garlic is an indica-heavy hybrid that was likely created by crossing a Blueberry strain with Garlic Bud, both indicas. The exact ratio of sativa to indica is unknown, however. It's known to be highly potent, though THC levels register around 16%, less than most top-shelf strains. CBD is much lower, only about 0.5%. The indica genes create a calming body buzz with strong couch-lock effects. It induces sleepiness, so it's ideal for insomniacs. Blueberry Garlic can also be used to treat chronic pain, anxiety, and tumors. Both the taste and smell carry both sweet and spicy characteristics. The dried bud has a speckled green-and-brown appearance with a light dusting of trichomes providing a fuzzy look. Dry mouth is probably the most common side effect, though data on the subject is scarce. Bloodshot eyes and paranoia may also be possible. Blueberry Garlic isn't terribly popular with marijuana users anywhere in the United States, so it could be considerably harder to find than most strains, even on legal medical markets in the American West. The effects are worth the experience, if only once.
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My mind and body seem to be synchronizing well off of one corner hit off a bowl. Love it.

Not as heavy fluffy good taste burns good in joint

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