Cali Dream Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

Cali Dream is also known as California Dream. It is a grade A+++ strain that has Mexican and Afghani genetics. This Indica dominant strain has an Indica/ Sativa content of 70/30 percent. The content of Indica tends to increase to even 90 percent in certain varieties of Cali Dream. It has quite large and hairy nugs that have a fresh green color and are heavily coated with crystals and resins. It is an extremely potent strain and has 98 percent potency. It has a very powerful yet calming high that makes you feel extremely creative which is why it is a good idea to smoke Cali Dream before starting any creative project. Often users begin feeling quite dreamy after using it as well. It has a pungent and skunk-y aroma, but its taste is very pleasant. Its sweet taste is a good blend of citrus, minty and fruity flavors that make this strain a very pleasant one to smoke. Cali Dream is excellent for treating different kinds of inflammation as well as chronic pains. Arthritis patients can easily find relief from their aches after smoking it. It is quite safe to smoke, but can make your mouth dry.
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This is a very comforting strain. Good paring for yoga.

Very nice and tasty. Defiantly a fav.

Great great great

California Dream is hella nice and smooth.

I gotta say that this has got to be my new favorite as of now.

Amazing shatter from this strain.. It's a new top favorite

GREAT yielder strong resilient sturdy plant . Its a great cloner just be CAREFUL with the NITROGEN this strain DON'T like alot in grow or bloom. Did I mention it's a cloning machine! Loaded with crystals and frosty as hell especially the last two weeks of bloom. I would say this strain had the most trichomes I've ever seen on any strain I've grown ,and I've grown alot of strains within the last 10 yrs. look as if it were covered in snow no joke!! I would definitely recommend this strain to anyone!

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