Galaxy Marijuana Strain

Indica Dominant Hybrid Strain Indica Dominant Hybrid 70% Indica / 30% Sativa

THC: 17% - 22%, CBD: 3%

The return of this strain of marijuana has come as a surprise for many. Galaxy is a hybrid of Northern Light and Afghani. It is an indica dominant marijuana strain and is extremely productive with dense buds comprised of resins. Primarily, the buds are large and full of crystals. The branches of Galaxy are fast growing; however they tend to thin out as they need to hold the weight of the buds. Same is the case with Wembley, hence it is recommended that the branches are held tight so they do not break. Typically, Galaxy grows 110-130cm in height and its flowers blossom fully in a time period of 55-60 days. Galaxy is usually harvested in September. Galaxy carries a sweet but strong original taste with hints of pine. This variety of marijuana strain has an odor of forest and pine with strong characteristics of skunk. With a THC content of 17-22 percent and a CBD level of 2.8 percent, Galaxy provides with a very strong and lasting effect. From a medicinal perspective, Galaxy is used for insomnia, pain relief, anorexia, chemotherapy and anxiety. Since Galaxy leads to immediate and intense effects, it is increasingly used for patients dealing with anxiety.
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great strain unless you over smoke it witch is easy with how strong it is. it puts you in another galaxy and your movement feels like there's an after image that's trying to pull you back to where you were and it also made my whole head feel like it turned into one eye. no full on hallucinations its more of a feeling and memory thing. not fun. but when you smoke a little at a time its really good

Keep a bud of this strain for "In case of emergency for stress". Galaxy or Galaxy Mints is a body high that will slow down the brain and relieve the pain. Yet for many, an alternative for pain pills with luckily some of the best Landrace Indica genes. I wish I could get a clone or seed!

Definitely my go to buds. Actually does what it’s meant to for me which is help me with anxiety n not just get me high asf.

Ummm dank as fuck perfect amount of euphoria with the relaxation effects of a flexeril

This weed is killer. One of the best Indicas. Passed a bowl with 3 others and we were all blazed.

Just chopping this girl...very vigorous grower and provides with lots of dense buds super full of trichomes. The smoke definitely has the pine smell and it does last for quite a you the munchies. Perfect for netflix and chill. I would grow and smoke again. I'll post a pic

Bomb shit.. just grabbed some from Denver.. heavy indica couch lock feeling. Great for insomnia. Btw, the pictures provided look nothing like the real deal.

Mine is the 1stpic. Mostly purple. A fellow hussler threw it to me.. I threw him some OR bud.. Bubba Blaze x Topdawg and a lil Stardawg. We're not competitors. He lives too far away. He'd never tried mine, I'd never tried his.I cannot find jus "Galaxy".. I'll cbecc HighTimes, HERB & Leafly too.

I got the Oil Styx Co2 spring of this. A fairly good sized dab and you are in heaven. No edge, just a blissful easy feeling. Not sure on the comedown yet since I'm writing this while floating away to the next galaxy I'm going to speculate that it's a bit of a nose dive. We shal see......

One of the best smokes ever

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