Platinum Fire OG Marijuana Strain

The sour, diesel-like aroma of this pure indica powerhouse (0:100 sativa/indica ratio) hints at a Sour Diesel ancestor, but the exact genetics of Platinum Fire OG are unclear. There isn't much public data on the level of THC in this strain, but it's rumored to be a very potent choice. It produces a deeply relaxing and sleepy body buzz that can be used to fight a wide range of health problems: migraine headaches, mood disorders, chronic pain, nerve pain, insomnia, anxiety, depression, and tumors, among others. But there are few public reports on how much CBD can be found in this strain, so patients shouldn't rely on it as the sole treatment for seizures or other conditions that can be alleviated with CBD. Dry mouth is the most commonly reported side effect with Platinum Fire OG, but dry eyes, dizziness, and paranoia are also possible. The flavor and smell of this intense medical tool have distinct notes of sour diesel fuel, while the bud is multicolored with dark green leaves and bright red hairs. This intense medical tool can be found throughout the American West, but even there it's only moderately popular.
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Great great great couch lock high

This strain is incredible when used as an edible but be careful as half of your day may be spent is part of a cushion on your couch. Blessings.

So far very happy with this. Got me giggly and relaxed but capable. Tastes is very sweet like the smell. It's pretty amazing. If I had to guess I would say indica based on the relaxed feeling, and pain relief. I posted 2 pics. Very nice red hairs and plenty of kief. If you get the chance, I'd recommend checking it out.

Wow!! Just tried it right now!! I’m blown away!?!?!!! Right now I don’t want to get up!! I feel sluggish and spacey. However, I’m not unable to get up and do things , I just don’t want to! Hahahahaha

This strain is one of my hands down favorites. The effects are pretty powerful and come on fast, with a relaxing calm that seems to permeate through your entire being. I always start to sink into wherever I'm sitting almost immediately after toking and soon get sleepy and really spacey. This bud is my go-to for extra pain relief when I need to fall asleep at night quickly. A+

One of the best

platinum fire og is the platnum og cut crossed to the fire og.

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