Templar Strain


THC: 4%

Templar, AKA "Knights of the Templar," is a 100% pure indica strain created by the Denver Patients Group. It's a potent cross between the infamous Chem 4 X King's Kush strains that boasts an intense 22-25% THC level on average. This dank bud will ease you into a relaxed, sedated state with an overwhelming sense of calm and well-being. Be ready to feel an overpowering couch-lock and to drift off into the best sleep of your life! Because of its high potency and intense sedative effects, Templar is perfect for patients who suffer from sleep disorders, including insomnia and night terrors. When you're on this medication, you'll be so relaxed and in such a deep sleep that it'll take a lot to wake you! Templar has a skunky, kush taste with a smell of diesel and rubber. Due to its pungent taste and aroma, and its high potency, Templar is not recommended for new users and should be only used in small doses. The Templar nug is a fuzzy olive green with minty green patches, fiery red hairs, and a fine layer of delicious crystals.
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Had this strain a couple weeks back. It definitely lives up to the description given on this site!!!!

One the Best Strains that I have had so far! And is one of my personal favorites.

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