Shiskaquine Marijuana Strain

Ruderalis Dominant Hybrid

THC: 1%, CBD: 15%

Shiskaquine is a super rare ruderalis dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the classic high CBD Harlequin and the delicious Shiskaberry strains. This bud hails from the infamous Emerald Triangle and is a favorite of breeders thanks to its autoflowering nature. Thanks to the Ruderalis heritage, this bud has small piecey nugs that typically are forest green with dark leaves and thin orange hairs coated with tiny amber crystal trichomes. Shiskaquine takes on the characteristics of its Harlequin parent, pulling in an insanely high CBD level of 12-15% on average with a minimal THC level that tops out at about 1%. That being said, the Shiskaquine high is pretty mellow in nature, with primarily cerebral effects that are relaxing and uplifting in nature. The high comes on slow with a steady build of happy focus and energy that won't really be felt unless you take a lot at once. This will slowly melt into physical and mental relaxation that leaves you completely at ease although not sleepy or sedated. Thanks to these mild effects and its super high CBD level, Shiskaquine is s aid to be perfect for treating a wide variety of conditions including anxiety, nausea, and symptoms from spinal injuries. This bud has a light woody herbal flavor and smell with hints of skunky berry as the nugs are broken apart and burned.
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I find this one so relaxing, and I think there is already so much THC in my system that it really does not matter for the high, I need the CBD for the pain and to stay focused.

I have been smoking Shiskaquine for 2 months now, and has helped with pain in my joints and muscle pains. Very comparable to a mild muscle relaxer, with no adverse side effects like other strains more so strong with THC, less CBD. My go-to each day. Daily 30yr old male Non smoker before legalization in state Avid smoker of CBD oil, and the use of CBD for health benefits. Thank you

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